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DD-WRT - free alternative firmware for wireless routers

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Latest version:See the official FTP
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Difference DD-WRT firmware from factory
First, it is worth noting that DD-WRT firmware is an operating system based on the Linux kernel. Even with the default settings it has a very wide functionality, much wider than in the factory firmware. Built-in components such as FTP server, Samba, WOL and more. Through the Web interface, detailed statistics and load on the channels of the local, wireless network and the Internet are available, as well as the load on the processor and the memory of the router.

If you configure the router to install additional packages, you can turn your router into a home media server. A connected hard drive with a torrent client installed, broadcasting ITPV via HTTP, for viewing via wi-fi. If you have a TV with DLNA standard support, you can connect the TV to the router and watch IPTV, as well as watch movies from your hard drive.
13 languages ​​(including Russian)
802.1x (EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) encapsulation over LANs)
Access Restrictions
Adhoc mode
Client Isolation Mode
Client Mode (supports multiple connected clients)
Client Mode WPA
DHCP Forwarder (udhcp)
DHCP Server (udhcp or Dnsmasq)
DNS forwarder (Dnsmasq)
Dynamic DNS (DynDNS, easyDNS, FreeDNS, No-IP, TZO, ZoneEdit, custom, and others)
Hotspot Portal (Sputnik Agent, Chillispot)
IPv6 Support
MMC / SD Card Support (hardware modification required)
NTP client in a client-server basis
Ntop remote statistic
OpenVPN Client & Server (only in -vpn build of the firmware)
Port triggering
Port Forwarding (max. 30 entries)
PPTP VPN Server & Client
QoS Bandwidth Management (Optimize for Gaming and Services / Netmask / MAC / Ethernet Port Priority)
QoS L7 Packet Classifier (l7-filter)
RFlow / MACupd
Routing: Static entries and Gateway, BGP, OSPF & RIP2 via (BIRD)
Samba FS Automount
Syslog to remote server
Rx / Tx Antenna (Select or Auto)
Uptime / Processor Utilization
Site survey
SSH server & client (dropbear)
Startup, Firewall, and Shutdown scripts (startup script)
Static DHCP Assignment
Style (Changeable GUI; v.23)
Supports New Devices (WRT54G V3, V3.1, V4, V5 and WRT54GS V2.1, V3, V4)
Telnet server & client
Transmit Power Adjustment (0-251mW, default is 28mW, 100mW is safe)
Wake On Lan client (WOL)
WDS Connection Watchdog
WDS Repeater Mode
Wireless MAC Addresses Cloning
Wireless MAC filter
WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia QoS) or Wireless Multimedia Extensions (WME)
WPA over WDS
Xbox Kaid (Kai Engine)
Web Interface Screenshots
List of supported devices
How to flash (install) DD-WRT

factory-to-ddwrt.bin - file for installing DD-WRT from under the router's native firmware.

webflash.bin - file for updating from already installed DD-WRT.

For some models, only one file is available for all operations.

Forthe originalDD-WRT installations:

In the address bar of the browser we typehttp://,depends on the router, enter the data for authorization and update the filefactory-to-ddwrt.bin through the standard update menu in your router.
After some time, the router will reboot, after which you will see the updated interface (DD-WRT's address is by default). On the main page when you first start you need to specify the username and password for administration.
Firmware dd-wrt installed, you can proceed to configure. (It is also recommended to do a reset to the factory settings after the firmware and before the setting)

If you have problems with the inability to log into the DD-WRT admin panel after the firmware, go to the network connections on your computer and make sure that the IP addresses are issued correctly: ip: 192.168.1.xxx (the last digit may vary) mask: gateway: If the addresses are different, then the easiest option is to restart the network card (on and off, then the network will again ask for addresses via dhcp), if this does not help, enter manually, for example ip, mask: gateway: 192.168. 1.1 and try again logging in to the browser at
Going to the web interface of the router, the tab "Settings" - "Basic Settings" - find this item:
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Must be "DHCP server", if not, put.
The fact is that if there is a "redirection" your router will redirect the provider's IP address to your computer, that is, it will work as a switch.

ForupdatesDD-WRT already installed:

In the DD-WRT menu, select “Administration” - in the submenu, select the “Firmware upgrade” item. Click on the button “select file” and specify the firmwarewebflash.bin which was downloaded earlier. Click on the “Upgrade” button, the software update process will begin.

Options for rolling back to stock (native) firmware
Important!If you do not know how to return the stock on your router or do it for the first time, before performing any operations with the router, it is better to ask in this topic or topic visited by your router.Not all methods are universal., each router needs its own approach.

AT: How to properly flash the router?
  • Do not flash the router via WiFi; connect it to your computer with a network cable;
  • Before and after the firmware, make a hardware reset of the router (for example, "30/30/30");
  • Disable firewalls, antiviruses and ad blockers on your computer;
AT: What is "Reset 30/30/30"?
ABOUT: Press the reset button and hold it. After 30 seconds, turn off the power without releasing the Reset button. After another 30 seconds, release the Reset, turn on the power, wait until any other light on the router lights up except for the power supply, or the PC does not see the router, again we hold the Reset. Wait another 30 seconds and release the reset.

AT: How to view the system log?
ABOUT: You must first enable the syslogd service in the Services tab. (The field with the server name can be left blank.) And follow the link, The page can be accessed only through the address bar.
If you don’t open the System Log page, then you have an old firmware version, and the log messages are written to the file / var / log / messages, which can be viewed with the commands cat, tail, more, less, etc.

AT: How to connect telnet to the router with DD-WRT?
ABOUT: Open a session in telnet client with the address of the router (by default and the standard port (23). When prompted for a username (login), enter the standard root name - even if you changed the username to log in to the web interface. And when prompted for a password, enter the password you set for the web interface.

AT: How to load into the router not one script, but two?
ABOUT: Put the & sign at the end of the first script and load the second one. If you later need to load the third one, put the & sign at the end of the second script, etc.

AT: The Russian language does not work. Why?
ABOUT: Most likely the problem is in the firmware, the Russian works again in all releases of 2016. Also in the old stable versions.

Q: "retracker.local" stopped working, what to do?
ABOUT: It is necessary to turn off "No DNS Rebind" in the section "Services" - "Services" - "DNSMasq".

Q: Can I enable HTTPS?
ABOUT: You can, but to use it you need a special browser. Also, if you uncheck HTTP and leave only HTTPS, then you will most likely have to do a reset, since you will not access the Web GUI through a regular browser. (If you uncheck both checkboxes, you won’t go to the web interface at all)

Q: Does Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) work?
ABOUT: Yes, but you need to enable it manually, in the section "NAT / QoS" - "UPnP"

Q: I climbed in the settings and now I have a low rate of return or reception, why?
ABOUT: Most likely you have enabled "QoS", check if it is, then disable it.

Q: I set the TX Power to 20, but shows 16 dBm, why? I know for sure that the router can work on this power!
ABOUT: Perhaps the power is limited, because of the region you selected in the WiFi settings.Change to another, for example "US".

Q: TX Power has set 20 (or 21), the region is needed, but the router shows 19 dBm, why?
ABOUT: Maximum power can be obtained only on channel 6.

Q: How to set up a router in repeater mode?
ABOUT: Instruction

Q: How to reassign a burned out WAN port to a LAN?
ABOUT: We read here .

Q: How to get the maximum WiFi speed on routers with N mode
ABOUT: We read here .

Q: It is written on the official website that I lose the warranty when installing DD-WRT. This is true?
ABOUT: Theoretically, yes, but you can flash the stock, and most routers will be out of the box.

Q: I need a built-in OpenVpn, is it in this firmware?
ABOUT: Yes, but only in firmware for routers with more than 4 mb. of memory. (You can find out how much flash memory in your router model, for example, in WikiDevi )

Q: I need the router to automatically turn on and off WIFI on a schedule, DD-WRT can it?
ABOUT: Yes that's instruction

Q: DD-WRT does not allow the provider’s local resources (personal account, etc.), what to do?
ABOUT: You just need to remove one tick. instruction

Q: How to change the TTL value on the router?
ABOUT: Here is instruction

Q: How to enable multicast on DD-WRT?
ABOUT: Instruction

Q: How to make the router work as a switch, but with wifi?
ABOUT: Instruction

Q: How to make the router automatically restart at the right time?
ABOUT: Instruction

Q: If you don’t see the neighboring computers on the router’s local network (for example, on Samba)
ABOUT: Instruction

Q: I switched the language to Russian and in some places (for example, on the tab of the MAC filter of a wireless network) there are cracks.
ABOUT: Yes, this is a bug; it is very easy to overcome - by forcibly switching the page encoding in the browser to UTF-8
(for example for chrome there is an encoding menu plugin)instructionAlso, this bug is missing in the version of r27086 and earlier.

Q: How to activate the firmware on Ubiquiti routers.
ABOUT: No Only buy a license for dd-wrt on the official site. There are no working key generators.

Q: My provider has local sites in the .local zone, having trouble accessing them. How to be ?.
ABOUT: Here is instruction

Q: I need to block a site on my home network, for example, youtube. How to do it?
ABOUT: Here is instruction

Q: I heard that using dd-wrt, you can somehow access Pandora, HBO Now, Spotify, Amazon Video and Netflix outside the US without using vpn. How?
ABOUT: Here is instruction

Q: I need to get internet via wifi and distribute it as usual, that is, connect the router with a "client". Can this be done?
ABOUT: Yes that's instruction
useful links
Download DD-WRT

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PACHON82 @ 12.14.16, 02:20*
help set up Qos for the WOT game,

What is there to help, everything is simple there, set the speed of your Internet connection, then set the ports that the game uses and priority for them. And to find out these very ports is for you in Wargaming tech support.
There is stillsuchthe way i tried works. But there you also need to specify the ports.

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I set the speed of my Internet (incoming 5 Mbit, outgoing 500 Kbit), when Qos is turned on, the speed drops to almost 0. The connection scheme is as follows: the adsl modem is configured in bridge mode and connected to a wifi router tp link wr, 841n on which a pppoe connection is raised. Maybe the problem is adsl?
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Understood with speed, but now the router does not accept some ports. For example udp 32800 ~ 32900

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For example udp 32800 ~ 32900

compare with what you have
Administration tab
Attached Image

but now the router does not accept some ports

everything takes
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Attached Image

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Yes, everything accepts))) It is necessary to add each port one by one, and I tried to add several at once. And after that, some of the ports were not added to the priorities of the services.

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Hello. router netgear vrr 2200. internet beeline. Not so long ago, I installed DD-WRT firmware due to constant breaks on the standard one. somehow set up shorter and everything was normal, I didn’t seem to try to go to the sites of the Beeline, there was no need for something like that. Yesterday the loot on the account ended financial lock and here it began. Beeline services do not enter at all, neither trust payment nor replenishment from the card. went to replenish the account from the terminal. The Internet has earned as before perfectly, but it doesn’t visit any sites on Beeline. accordingly, I can’t even see the balance at all, I can’t write anything, the server is not found and that’s it. I think you can connect the wire directly to your computer and it will go, but I would like to understand if it was like that for someone or somehow you can solve the problem. Beeline does not go at all to any of. website. thank you in advance.

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* zoo_park
If it doesn’t go to local resources, just uncheck these checkboxes on the Services tab (in principle, just uncheck "Disable DNS Rebind"), click the "Apply" button and reboot the router
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* stp101, Thank you, everything went wrong)

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Hello! There is a big problem that torments me for half a month. D-Link 860L A1 router, with the latest DD-WRT. And here is the problem:
  • The first hour and a half the router works fine, the Internet is.
    Attached Image

  • Then, at the top, the button with the “power on” logo starts to turn yellow, and the Internet from 20 MB / s turns into the Internet with a ping of 2-4 and a receive / upload of 20 KB / s.
  • The Internet is cut only via Wi-Fi, it goes through the cable to the hospital as before.

Only the reboot helps, which saves for this hour and a half. What can be done about this?

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Vova Bolshakov @ 12.16.16, 16:59*
What can you do about it?

For example, switch the jack on the cable.

Rep: (180)
* stp101 , and where can I get the log from the router to look at why it all starts?

Rep: (530)
Vova Bolshakov @ 12.16.16, 17:58*
and where can I get the log from the router

Everything is written in the header, in the FAQ section

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Something I just can’t google for any worthwhile and understandable instructions for dd-wrt on solving the problem of automatically circumventing our state censorship at the router level. The goal is to redirect traffic to certain resources through an ovpn server, ideally with automatic updating of the list of these resources from the antizapret database, or at least with manual list formation. Does anyone have a thread of experience? By router os (Mikrotik) I found many popular instructions (and even set up a test in a simplified mode), but something was dull under dd-wrt ...

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DIR-825 rev.b firmware 12-15-2016-r30949 normal flight.

Rep: (530)
* sSeRegA14,
A new build was released, I will also test it later on tplinki and unsubscribe. :)
There are no problems with wr740n and 841n yet.
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Attached Image

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Need firmware for tl-wa7210n, works at 2.4 GHz, but only for tl-wa7510n, works at 5 GHz. The difference is only in the frequency of work. Tell me, is it suitable or not?

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Regarding changelog, in the near future I can’t do it, the session and exams began, there is very little free time.

* casio2602
Not , I strongly do not recommend even trying, if there is no way to restore the router in case of damage to the boot partition, I did not look at their hardware characteristics, but since one supports 5 GHz, and the second does not, this already says a lot. For devices with 5 GHz, firmware usually weighs more.

Yes, there are cases, for example, my old d-link dir-615 k1, it was possible to upload firmware from Asus to it, but WiFi did not work then, although the characteristics are identical. But this is a VERY rare case when the router generally worked with firmware designed for another router.

Rep: (530)
A small instruction on how to change the TTL value to DD-WRT
Everything is quite simple, you need to add this line through the web interface tab "Administration" - "Commands" and click on the button "Save firewall"
iptables -t mangle -A POSTROUTING -j TTL --ttl-set 65
--ttl-set65 this is the TTL value, change as you need
Attached Image

Now how to check that the TTL is fixed, just ping on the router (that is, just write it to the same place where the previous command was written and click the "Run commands" button).
Attached Image
Attached Image

As you can see, the TTL value has changed after applying the command

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* stp101,
What besides "Disable DNS Rebind" break routing on the provider's internal resources? why am I saying in addition, without disconnecting this item, the router does not even raise the l2tp connection (or rather, it raises, gets the ip address and the connection drops right there), after disconnecting, the Internet works fine, but the provider’s internal resources are dead, while registering a static route through telnet for forwarding of everything directed to the subnet (the provider uses this group of private addresses for internal routing) to the address of the next transition (taken from ipconfig information on Windows with direct cable connection), did not help

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* yhnyhn11,
I think that the trick is that vpn is also superimposed on top of the LAN (L2TP), you need to do packet forwarding. (I can be mistaken of course, I did not often deal with l2tp)
Google says so:
iptables -A FORWARD -s -j ACCEPT
iptables -A FORWARD -d -j ACCEPT
iptables -I POSTROUTING -t nat -o $ (nvram get wan_iface) -d -j MASQUERADE
This is to register in the firewall.
Should work.
and everything connected with dnsmasq for the test turn off.
look at the ifconfig router and what interface there has these same 10 .... addresses, and enter it so that iptables -I POSTROUTING -t nat -ointerface (nvram get wan_iface) -d -j MASQUERADE
No more thoughts so far.

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