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Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F | Energy talk, tips and cost saving solutions
What are the backlight brightness settings you use?
Smart auto [ 2100 ] ** [72,97%]
Always 100% [ 36 ] ** [1,25%]
Less than 100% [ 102 ] ** [3,54%]
Always 50% [ 263 ] ** [9,14%]
Less than 50% [ 287 ] ** [9,97%]
Always at a minimum (10-15%) within a comfortable reading [ 89 ] ** [3,09%]
Is Always On always on?
Yes [ 1070 ] ** [37,18%]
Not [ 1412 ] ** [49,06%]
Only on working day, no overnight [ 393 ] ** [13,66%]
How much screen time with active and not very using a smartphone when adjusting the brightness of Smart Auto? (Scenario: Data transfer is enabled, either WIFI, synchronization, mobile 3G / 4G network, calls average ~ 20-40 minutes, 10-20ms, some music, simple games, reading books, web surfing (social networks, news, vedeo clips), occasionally (10-15% of charge) camera and navigation, Always On off.)
2-3h screen (3 days) "low" [ 314 ] ** [10,91%]
3-4ch screen (2 days) "moderate [ 607 ] ** [21,09%]
4-5h screens (1.5 days) "active" [ 699 ] ** [24,29%]
5-6 hours of screen (1 day) "active" [ 735 ] ** [25,54%]
6-7h screen (less than a day, about 17h) "active" [ 277 ] ** [9,62%]
7-8h screen (less than 15h) "very active" [ 213 ] ** [7,4%]
Do you use Extreme power saving mode?
Really helps out [ 819 ] ** [28,46%]
I do not see the point in it [ 2052 ] ** [71,3%]
Using a hybrid tray for SIM cards and a memory card
1 SIM card [ 660 ] ** [22,93%]
2 SIM cards [ 761 ] ** [26,44%]
1 SIM card + microSD [ 1454 ] ** [50,52%]
Do you use the fast charge feature?
Yes (with every recharge) [ 1436 ] ** [49,9%]
No (fears of fast battery aging) [ 643 ] ** [22,34%]
Occasionally (only the code urgently needs to charge the smartphone, something very important) [ 796 ] ** [27,66%]
Total votes: 2878

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Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S7
PictureSamsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F

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This topic discusses the autonomy / power consumption of the Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F)


If you post screenshots and photos, remove them under spoiler (mobile client manual)

It is advisable to write in expanded form (web surfing, synchronization with accounts and widgets (such as social networks), music, navigation, simple and complex games, camera, reading books, WiFi, level of illumination) about your autonomy, or watching some devouring applications or services with screenshots (quality of network coverage and wake-ups, that is, the most basic schedule, then separately screen, system, calls, surfing the web)

Test data autonomy from the resource GSMArena:
Attached Image
By the way, the author writes that in his native stock browser there are so many hours of the Internet, in Chrome, somewhere around plus an hour more than
Version of Androyd 6.0.1
Battery capacity 3000mAh Li-Ion
Personal experience:

Useful tips on power consumption:

A way to see the residual capacity of the battery (so as not to use any dubious AccuBattery) + Comment
Turn off unnecessary applications in Samsung, without Root
Description of the Samsung system applications
Energy Optimization Tips + Tips [2]
Installing Wakelock Detector without ROOT* The application monitors the processes in the Androyd system that consume the most battery resources.
Shutdown method, unused in Russia, frequencies of 3G and LTE.

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1 hour watching youtube eats about 10% (WiFy)

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http: //www.gsmarena.co...y_s7-review-1408p3.php
http: //www.gsmarena.co...edge-review-1409p3.php

Review S7 and S7 Edge from gsmarena

S7 (endurance rating -80h , 49h with always on)
3G talk time:22:57
Web browsing:9:34
Video playback:14:50

S7 Edge (endurance rating -98h , 67h with always on)
3G talk time:24:29
Web browsing:13:32
Video playback:20:08

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http: //www.anandtech.c...ung-galaxy-s7-review/2

Review from Anandtech. The results of autonomy are encouraging.

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Yesterday I read a lot of reviews of the device on English-language resources.
The version on Exinos lives a little longer than on Sanp 820. The difference is about 10% percent, but still there.

In general, the situation is somewhat ambiguous. I simply compare with Note 3. Here he has the same battery (if not less, because it has already been worn out). The processor is twice as thick and three years older. The screen is certainly lower resolution, but larger in area, and experience is old technology. But he chrome on the Internet eats less than 10% per hour. Yes, and with a mixed load easily full-time active screen withstands. And then there is a new flagship more. Just how is this possible?

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Dear colleagues. I have already put this question in the main topic, but ultimately it’s about energy consumption. The problem is this: I can not find so-called. The "standard power saving widget" from Google, which, I know a little, was the only way to turn the GPS on and off with one click.
This is very annoying, because I constantly use the navigator, but the rest of the time I would like the place to be determined by the network. And Samsung offers "all or nothing": either all the stuffing with GPS or no place at all.
And I would like the place to be always defined, and I could choose - with or without GPS, with one click, without having to climb every time on the menu. What do you advise? Thank you in advance.

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Does Doze work on S7? What about the discharge in idle / night?

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Added approximate data on autonomy

Show, please, where added. It is interesting to read.

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tolikroq mentioned about 10% per hour viewing on YouTube. Today, not too lazy, drove his S6. The result is one to one.

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The question is probably on the topic of energy consumption:
Before in Samsung there was a function, how long will the backlight of the touch keys be turned on
left and right of the HOME key.
Now I can not find this function and really do not like that they are constantly extinguished.
Is there a solution?

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Bosman. Try installing Galaxy Button Lights from the market.

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How is S7 compared to S6 battery life? Does anyone have experience with both devices?

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* SheВ®iF,
In the overwhelming majority of reviews 7, a little tenacious 6, first of all it for the version on Exinosa. It does not pull on a breakthrough, but it must endure a good load of days.
Today, a lot of people will get (maybe I), by Monday there will be results. At least I will change the current in different modes, it very accurately shows how the device lives and lives in this or that mode. If only the software on 6.0.1 and with the new device worked correctly.

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Dhanvantari @ 03/18/16, 16:52*
In the survey added

The survey is certainly good, but more statistics are not enough. Now from the baldies they will write and it will not be reliable. More like Temka energy saving c7 simple. So that there is no data from the AJs (the batteries are different).
I think there where about SIM cards, you need to add a sim + sim + memory card. (Collective farm version). I’m collecting the statistics myself, and in a week you can "interrogate."

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* elektrokot777,
So it's clear that the case for not Edge is in red font "bla bla ... Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F)", since I myself am interested in simple, but so far I have not risked taking it. I would add more, but more than 6 polls are impossible. About the "experiment with a tray" later, as there are none.

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so clear thing for no edge in red font

Yes, of course, but if only you knew our daltonics hopping
About the "experiment with a tray" later, as there are none.
I read, like there is (we can Edge). But on any will be the people. The topic is already run in a series of A thorough.
I will collectively farm myself on Sunday. Chichas no time, and the work is delicate, painstaking. But a file, already dunk.

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I bought the device today, the edge ... before it was 6, I can safely say that it lives 30 - 35% better than 6 ... .... from 17 00 to the present, 40% of the charge remains, despite the fact that from 17 00 you can say it especially from the hands I do not release ... screen 3.30 calls for exactly 1 hour. Camera ... player, video from YouTube through 3g and Wi-Fi ... active hours are on the screen. In general, with strong loads, I think the day will endure love, there really is no problem with autonomy at last))) oh yes, at the beginning, 6-8 percent lost 2 times on the antituu))
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Today I bought a phone, I charged it, I was digging in the evening, I set it up for myself and ate three quarters in a few hours, now there are 25% of everything left, I did not install and launch multimedia and games at all! Screen 2h 50m and only wifi connection
Attached Image
Attached Image

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1 hour watching youtube eats about 10% (WiFy)

Well, for clarity you would have written the brightness of the screen at least.

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First night Clock off, 3g, gps. I did not set my own, the stock did not disconnect.
Attached Image
Attached Image

Seems not bad. But when you start to use, percentages melt before your eyes. After s5, with a battery for 3500 (enhanced) is very annoying.

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Well, then I will reset my statistics for statistics.
Attached Image
Attached Image

Brightness on the machine.
Ps It turns out so far a small day of work, with 5 hours of active screen. It works for me.

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