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> YOU - Task Manager, Calendar, Chats and Management | [dev] Task manager, events (calendar), reminders, instant messenger
11.03.16, 22:27
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YOU - Менеджер Задач, Календарь, Чаты и Управление download

version: 1.3.1
Last update of the program in the header:18.03.2017

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Short description:
YOU is the ideal tool for organizing work and personal time.
The application will increase your efficiency, help you work in a more organized team, delegate tasks and plan events, and also communicate on work and personal issues in one application.
The YOU app is an organizer, business and task diary for a modern business person living in a stream of events who simply needs convenient day planning.

If you are a business owner or project manager, YOU will help you to plan and manage your projects with your personal life, organize a well-coordinated team work and not forget about your personal affairs.

An innovative approach to the calendar interface makes it more convenient and practical to plan and control your time. If the classic calendar does not meet your needs, then the new look and approach to working with the calendar, applied in YOU, will be the ideal solution.

YOU will help to arrive on time for a business or friendly meeting. The application will prompt the optimal departure time and display the arrival status (arrived, will be on time, will be late, etc.) of other participants of the meeting.

Use the built-in instant messenger with the secret chat function. Quickly contact colleagues, family or friends, discuss urgent issues and secret matters. Use the Secret Chat feature to keep your correspondence confidential. The “Auto Delete” function erases chat forever.

All sections of the application are tightly integrated with each other, which allows you to streamline the workflow and build a more effective communication of your team.


In the YOU app you can:

- create tasks and merge them into lists and projects;
- create a separate chat for each task;
- delegate tasks to colleagues and friends;
- set deadlines;
- monitor the implementation;
- add observers.


Schedule events and organize meetings with other YOU users. By creating a meeting with partners or inviting friends for a holiday, you can specify the exact geographical location and track the arrival time of all participants in the event.

The innovativeness of the YOU calendar consists in a more convenient display of free and busy time, both for the day and for the month.

For each event in the calendar, you can create your own separate chat, which will greatly simplify the discussion of the upcoming event or its results.

YOU is ideal for planning both working and personal life.


Create reminders for yourself and other users. You can create a reminder directly from a task, event or chat message.

A unique possibility of reminders YOU is the function of assigning reminders to other users.

In YOU, there are reminders both in time and by geographic location - you will receive a reminder of planned activities if you find yourself near the right place.


YOU Messenger allows you to quickly connect with colleagues, family or friends, using one multi-functional application.

Integration of the messenger with other sections of the application allows you to quickly and conveniently create a task, meeting or reminder without leaving the chat.

Use the “Secret Chat” function, with a unique interface that provides additional protection that will not allow identifying the participants in the dialogue in case of access by third parties to the chat, since When creating a chat, a unique name and avatar are assigned.

YOU is a revolutionary new format of interaction and communication that will help the business owner and project manager to combine project planning and management with personal life, to organize a coordinated team work and personal affairs.

Meet YOU for more details on the website:http://www.you-application.com/

Note: our application uses GPS for geolocation reminders to work correctly. Keep in mind that prolonged use of GPS in the background can reduce battery life.

Russian interface: Yes

Developer: You Global LTD
Homepage: http://www.you.uk.net/
iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/you-for-iphone/id1000561968

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12.04.16, 20:50
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The program has been updated to version 1.02.05.

What's New in Version 1.02.05
- Improved application stability
- In the messenger web links are clickable
- Various improvements in usability
- Improvements to the work of the reminders section

Also, the application is now available via a short link.http://onelink.to/youapp
depending on the device used, either the site or the corresponding application store will open

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29.05.16, 21:09

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I put it, tested it a bit ... I liked the interface (although I will have to get used to it a bit).
Unfortunately, there is no version for the iPad and there are small shoals in the interface (the “Add” button does not cross over to some other interface elements).
18.03.17, 16:20

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Topic updated, new version added:1.3.1
The program has changed the design and functionality. All information can be found in the topic header.
29.03.18, 02:59

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Guys, what, this program is no longer contained in the App Store?
03.06.18, 05:44

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* Senator, I downloaded the application, for Android, but I can not register. Connection error. Or this application no longer works, because the latest update was in 2017?

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