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Garmin Connect в„ў Mobile
Version: 4.17.1

Last update of the program in the header:19.04.2019

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Short description:
Garmin Connect is an application that allows you to associate your smartphone with your Garmin device and send notifications between them.

Detailed description:
The latest version of the Garmin Connect Mobile app will help you better focus on your goals for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. The application is easy to find and view all the necessary data. In addition, it is possible to download data from compatible sports watches or devices to share them on our social network. Thanks to this, you can compare times or take part in weekly competitions by the number of steps or run with friends. You can also use supported BluetoothВ® connectivity options (if you have a compatible smartphone) to get information about current weather conditions, forecasts, voice notifications of calls and text messages, and other functions directly on your Garmin fitness app.


Platform: Android
Screen: Rectangular
Russian interface: Yes
Developer: Garmin
Developer Website: https://www.garmin.com/locale.html
App Store Page: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.garmin.android.apps.connectmobile&hl=en

You can always download the latest version.HERE

Version: 4.17.1
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now you can simply manage any player that is running on the phone

Thank you, yes, I myself came to this yesterday too

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Good day. Faced with such a problem: when the phone screen is active, the incoming call is instantly (about 0.5 beeps, approximately) transmitted to the clock, i.e. The clock starts to notify about the call very quickly. When the phone screen is turned off (the phone is locked), the watch notifies you of a call somewhere on the 3-4th dial tone on the handset.
It was not always like this ... at first everything was fine and it worked quickly. Then I "played" with the permissions of the Harmin Connect application on the phone and such parsley began. Now all the solutions are exhibited in full. I tried on 2 different hours - the situation is the same. Where to dig and what to do?

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A new version4.15: Attached filecom.garmin.android.apps.connectmobile.4550.apk (77.73 MB)

What's new:
Garmin Connect is constantly working to improve the quality of work and helps you improve results. We release new features and app updates every month. This version includes bug fixes to optimize device performance, as well as features to support new Garmin devices.

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* alex.ku123 He is. He used to a certain time. For a long time I could not understand where the voice in the middle of the music comes from. And then it came))

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Dear users of GC v.4.15.1. Do not put it. It is buggy. Put it, there were problems with synchronization. I removed this version and put 4.15 from 02/11/2019 and everything became normal.

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CeUl @ 02.25.19, 21:16*
Dear users of GC v.4.15.1. Do not put it. It is buggy. Put it, there were problems with synchronization ...

What's wrong with her? What is the bug? What kind of device? What is not synchronized with what?

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* Lisyara , SGN4 device. Does not synchronize GC with GF3. For several hours I could not throw off these workouts in the GC. Just stupidly turns the wheel of synchronization, and the process stands still. After the reboot and (or) the clock and (or) device, the process moved forward a bit and hung up again. But before the end I could not wait, because battery dropped almost to zero

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CeUl @ 02.26.19, 5:33*
... For several hours I could not throw off these workouts in the GC. Just stupidly turns the wheel of synchronization, and the process stands still ...

Rarely, but such situations occur not only with the clock, but also with the bike computer. I solved the problem a couple of times by uninstalling GARMIN Connect from the phone, global cleaning to remove all temporary files and cache, rebooting and installing new software on the phone.
Once I had to re-configure the profile, but it was worth it.
I believe that this situation occurs due to the untimely update of the working version of Android, inconsistency of the shell and GARMINovskogo software, as well as software wrist gadget. Someone for someone in life does not have time. Over time, everything is normalself . In the process of tight and daily communication with products and software from Garmin for more than 2 years I am convinced of this constantly

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Previously I used Google Fit to track my physical activity, various Android applications for training, etc. are also easily synchronized with it.
I recently purchased a Garmin 5 Plus watch, direct synchronization between Google Fit and Garmin Connect (neither there nor back).
I read on foreign forums that they say Google is sorry to pay Garmin for $ 5000 keys.
Who and how to solve this problem?

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* mini6519 , Google Fit syncs with MyFitnessPal, which, in turn, syncs with GARMIN Connect.

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* mini6519 I am using SyncMyTracks. At first I used the free version, then I got tired of putting out all the pens each time and bought a 200 ruble version. And now I do not know grief.

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CeUl @ 9.03.19, 12:19*
... I am using SyncMyTracks ...

I support completely! I have been using this software for 2 years already (since the purchase of the GARMIN cycle computer). Only with the help of this program it was possible to bring together all the information from different tracker programs: Strava, Endomondo, Runtastic Mountain Bike and concentrate all the workouts in GARMIN Connect.

All the internal capabilities of the listed softwares do not always offer export or import of classes readable by other software. SyncMyTracks coped with this "with a bang"

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A new March version of GC (4.16) has been released. It seems like they fixed errors with synchronization with GF3. But some kind of problem with the files appeared. Maybe of course she was before, but I did not notice, because I did not need, and maybe not.
In general, when attaching a graphic file from the phone’s memory, the structure of the phone and, accordingly, the location of the files are also not visible and there is no way to find and attach them.

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By the way, does anyone know what the tsiferka means down on the avatar of users? Someone 5, 4, and I have 3. Screen attached.

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* Ceul perhaps the number of sports you do, well, or assessment of the level of training

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* Luc1an , Not. Neither the first nor the second version is not confirmed: I have 4 kinds of sports, and some of my friends have the number “5” below, although their level of readiness is an order of magnitude lower than mine. There is something else. But I do not understand

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CeUl @ 03/10/19, 10:48*
... Does anyone know what the ticker means below on the avatar of users?

Since the introduction of GARMIN chips with badges, levels have appeared. Each badge has its own points for certain achievements, for which the user receives these same badges. A good self-motivation, although it looks like it's all a game.
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Badge Examples
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Problems with synchronization. There is a Garmin Fenix ​​2, Xiaomi Redmi note 4 (Android 6.0, Bluetooth 4.1). The pairing takes place immediately, but the clock is not in the program, although it synchronizes in the PC version via cable without any problems. It seems to have met information that you need a bluetooth not lower than 4.4 for synchronization, but there is no such phone at hand to check.

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Good day!
I have a problem with Connect, I can not enter the user settings in the device.
The application crashes on every attempt.

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Garmin Connect v4.17.1
It began with the previous version. Cleared the cache, completely reinstalled, even reset the clock, nothing helped.
Such nonsense on both devices and on Vivoactiv3 and on Vivosmart HR.

If someone came across and was able to solve, then tell me how

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* suhodr
need application logs. Please write to [email protected]

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