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Programs and dials for hoursSamsung gear and Galaxy Watch - Discussion
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This topic is dedicated to programs and dials for hours Samsung Gear and Galaxy Watch.

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* AN12 In WatchMaket

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* dinatron not toвШє
Here above option, the most it, but download fails

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* AN12 Try as the name implies that at nashol then this is it

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* AN12 , So now I have it. Smart standing WatchMaket clock Assistent.Vse forumah.Vse have to be put directly from the program with a smart and no unnecessary movements with a computer.

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* dinatron similar but not the same

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* AN12 I sent the first search screen in the program, there is only a part, and there are many of them.

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* AN12, hold on Attached (1.47 MB)
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Once the dial.
I made it for myself, so it's simple, free pedometer and heart rate. In one color. If someone liked to write in PM, strip off coupon.


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Good day to all!
Recently acquired galaxy watch, tell me please urgent program to navigate purely on the clock, and in conjunction with the phone! Who than uses? What will be better and really work? On your phone use Google maps, there's an app that will broadcast the route for hours without any problems?

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Updatedfast. Added new version

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* rostifaner , Russian is, but without it looks bad:? D

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* rostifaner
And why on the screen and kilometers and miles? Miles better instead of something else to bring. And yes, funny happened. The edit?

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Now in store:
http: //
Bashkin Happy Halloween Watch
http: //

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AAAAEEEE @ 27.10.19, 11:34*
I looked. Watch "Commander" with boots, vodka, bear earflaps ... over the Russian army just kidding, type of joke humor, or thought on going have? However, about the thoughts just doubt. Personal opinion - disgusting it polupochtenny author.

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Hello to all ! the people's program of background theme purchased and installed on the phone and chesah. click menu to change the image and do not che ... why does not happen, there is a solution? Napravte or where to look.

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* pahand
English only, if necessary, can add
* Lost_Angel

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Forfans Gravity Falls dial (I had already spread so thought not to miss in the market):

Search for Bill dr8
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Shows only the time, picking up font as close as possible.

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Guys who uses themes from Facer, two questions arose about the always on display. The first - when you turn on this mode, the brightness hardly decreases and the theme remains the same as it was, does not change at all, just freezes. How can I fix it? Only once did I have a normal screen went blank and replaced by the theme, but after waking up everything was as before. And the second question: when AOD update the display in Facer happening once a minute, is it possible to make a constant update of the display in time?

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People, anybody met with this error when installing the dials?
Previously everything worked.
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* Lost_Angel I can assume that during transmission Block hours.
If avtoblokirovanie enabled, it is necessary at the time of file transfer your watch to keep.

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