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4Good S450m 4G - Discussion | Smartphone, 4.5 "
Skills Lochen phone
What color phone Lochen
the black [ 376 ] ** [58,48%]
yellow [ 267 ] ** [41,52%]
Total Votes: 643

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Discussion4Good S450m 4G
Picture4Good S450m 4G
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I'm thinking to buy this device. Just surprised that this device is 5.1. Slows down or not, that is the question.

Rep: (5)
What is critical brake is not noticed.

Rep: (4)
There were times that we had to juggle the battery?

Rep: (5)
kstar098 @ 19.02.2016, 23:03*
There were times that we had to juggle the battery?

Not yet :)

Rep: (5)
* welzoh
Lock SIM cards can be removed?

Rep: (85)
* plover ,
I think yes, you can.
Such as in a sprint mts 4g
MTS Smart Sprint 4G - Discussion (Post deathkent1 # 43337009)
I have not tried it myself yet

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VKontakte official group 4good people write that they have in the first slot working nebilaynovskie Sims! today at lunch Zayed beeline himself try

Rep: (5)
Dr Schmurge @ 20.02.2016, 11:55*
VKontakte official group 4good people write that they have in the first slot working nebilaynovskie Sims! today at lunch Zayed beeline himself try

Yes, the same heard, but I just do not work. Firmware'd unlocked iPhones SIM cards.

Rep: (5)
* zuekkk,
apparently there are two parties phones, one is locked, others will not, and in the salons of Beeline sellers themselves are not able to distinguish between them))) someone is lucky, some do not

Rep: (5)
welzoh @ 20.02.2016, 08:38*
I think yes, you can.
Such as in a sprint mts 4g

Yes, machines are very similar. If you do not help in the Beeline, the evening will test this method.

Rep: (0)
Bought this unit not Lochen! immediately I asked for the unlock code, but it is not needed, just tried to shoehorn the Beeline sim card MTS - works!

P.S. In a strange way Ruth is obtained in this machine ... used to have flashtool use.

Rep: (2)
Hello, with 16 of the same owner of this device for 4 days seems positive, critical brakes did not notice the way the device is not locked, 1 slot MTS 3g works quietly in the second megaphone. Question to the owners like you with the battery business are (of course understand that the 1600 achievements are not expecting but still) at noticed a rather strange work, such as this morning removed the charge as he started it to eat, so that in 20 minutes minus 4 % and is in standby and operation mode, constant conditions, and actually dare to reboot another how things are with communication module business, ie stably holds whether the network again at noticed an interesting feature of the phone is 3g shows a maximum, it is not changing the position could hardly catches 2d) on the table)))

Rep: (48)
That Tiomka appeared,
also today I acquired

the camera is 2 megapixels? photo size of 1920 by 2560 ....

Rep: (85)
* vbogdanov80 ,
Look in the camera settings

Posted on 02/20/2016, 11:47:

Is there anyone who can rekaveri collect?

Rep: (85)
Internet works with both SIM cards

Rep: (5)
welzoh @ 20.02.2016, 14:09*
Internet works with both SIM cards

Maybe it depends on the color :) I yellow.

Rep: (85)
too yellow
Attached Image

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Rep: (20)
In his hand is heavy, as the first Huawei Honor.
Includes: charging, USB cable, box, instructions, advertising stickers. No headphones (hooray!).
Charging 5V 0.5A. I have a blue doctor gives 4.87V 0.51A.
Use microSIM. Pull without auxiliary tools difficult - mingled plastic.
Screen really IPS. Top looks like glass. Oleophobic coating is not - is spoiled. Frames 5mm wide.
WiFi supports ranges of 2.4 and 5GHz. USB OTG is not supported.
Buttons drawn and without illumination.
The back cover of the cheap slippery plastic. Housing is not crispy. Supply hole in the cover offset from the connector on 0.3mm. Trifle, and unpleasant.
Two speakers - Elementary and speakerphone.
Accelerometer works. proximity sensor works. The light sensor is not working. No compass. Indicator There are no events.
In Antutu gaining 22950. The inventive camera 2560 * 1920 and 1920 * 1088. What really should not look.
Android 5.1 (64bit) ART.
Root receivedKingrootno company, as already mentioned above (not Kingo Root).
Third-party applications can easily be removed from the system.

GPS works. GLONASS and BAIDU sees.
In inzhenerki disabled extra bands. Recommendrun engineering menuoleg.svs

My copy Yellow - is locked. The communication module MOLY.LR9.W1444.MD.LWTG.MP.V16, 2016/01/11 15:59 Assembling 4Good_S540m_4G_L_160123_V.10.

I could not remove yandex.launcherI deleted after it. He recovered himself. Unfortunately, the score of the game in the drum can not be restored.

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Log in inzhenerku * # * # 3646633 # * # *

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Rep: (369)
plux61 @ 20.02.2016, 12:42*
Top looks like glass.

Yes neeee, plastic golimy on my copy .. nail .. Knock At its core - x64 to stifle 6735 .. Frisians did not notice the schedule and work out even heavy, the camera only in the fact of its existence, has no value, but given the price range of kosher - accepted. On ofsayte different proshivki- this appart not.)) Well, as a variant wait, maybe add .. Price Is ..

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