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The catalog of the Android section - Firmware>Google


Темы по Developer Preview-версиям Android download

Google nexus one(HTC Passion

Google nexus s(Samsung GT-I9020 / 9023

Google Nexus S 4G(Samsung SPH-D720

Google galaxy nexus(Samsung GT-I9250

Google Galaxy Nexus 4G(Samsung SCH-I515, SPH-L700

Google nexus 4(LG E960, Mako

Google nexus 5(LG D820 / 821, Hammerhead

Google Nexus 5X(LG H790 / 791, Bullhead

Google Nexus 6(Motorola XT1100 / 1103, Shamu

Google Nexus 6P(Huawei H1511 / 1512, Angler

Google nexus 7(Asus Pad ME370T

Google Nexus 7 3G(Asus Pad ME370TG

Google Nexus 7 (2013)(Asus Pad ME571K

Google Nexus 7 LTE (2013)(Asus Pad ME571KL

Google nexus 9(HTC Volantis

Google Nexus 9 LTE(HTC Volantisg

Google nexus 10(Samsung GT-P8110

Google pixel(Sailfish

Google Pixel C(dragon

Google Pixel XL(Marlin

Google pixel 2(Walleye

Google Pixel 2 XL(Taimen

Google pixel 3(Blueline

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