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Windows 10 | 10.6 "| Intel Cherry Trail x5-Z8300 1.8Ghz | 2Gb | GPS / Bluetooth
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CPU: Intel Atom Z8300 4-D cores, max. 1.8 GHz frequency

Graphics processor: Intel HD Graphics Gen 8
Operating system: Windows 10

RAM memory: 2Gb (DDR 3)
Memory ROM: 32 / 64Gb (supports memory cards up to 128Gb)

10.6 inches, capacitive touch, IPS.
1366x768 pixels. Multi-Touch: Yes, up to 10 touch points.

front camera 2.0 MP
2.0 MP main camera (with autofocus)

Bluetooth: there is
Wi-Fi: there is, 802.11 b / g / n.
3G: no, only external modems

Battery: Built-in Li-Ion 8000 mAh

1 x micro USB connector
1 x Connector for Micro-SD memory card (TF Card Slot)
1 x Headphone Jack (Earphone Jack)
2 x USB connector
1 x keyboard dock connector
1 x micro HDMI connector

Colour: the black
Dimensions: 278x171x8,8mm
Weight: 524

1 x tablet
1 x charger
1 x USB cable
additional information
Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate - an updated version of the tablet on the new Intel processor running Windows 10.

The device is equipped with a 10.6-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels, an Intel Atom Z8300 chip, which includes 4 cores at 1.8 GHz and an Intel HD Graphics Gen 8 accelerator. The amount of installed RAM is 2 GB, the built-in memory is 32/64 GB It can be expanded with microSD cards up to 128GB.

The tablet is equipped with a 2 megapixel front camera and a 2 megapixel rear camera. The tablet has a wireless Wi-Fi module. Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI. The capacity of the battery is 8000 mAh. Works under Windows 10.
  • You can remove the Chuwi logo at the start. In the BIOS tab Boot ->Quiet Boot [Disabled]. At the start will be the AMI logo and the Windows icon(but it will be slower to load)
  • A disabled tablet charges faster (not in sleep mode)
  • Screenshot: while holding the power button, press the Volume + button
  • Task Manager: while holding the power button, press the Volume button
  • Callboot selection menu: when turned on, pressF7 on the connected keyboard
  • Instructions for installing the factory image of Windows 10

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boot flash drive"Macrium Reflect"to create backup: Chuwi Vi10 - Discussion (Post by serg2327 # 45289189)
It will be very useful to those who want to experiment with other systems on their little animal!

who needs drivers or firmware (factory image vin.10) contact* MMX-Dimitrov, He has everything, maybe later he will lay out everything in the topic!

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Some tips for those who just bought
! Reset breaks Windows!
Do you want to reset the newly purchased tablet? Most likely, as a result, you will get a non-working tablet and you will have to reinstall Windows.

A protective film is stuck on the screen.
In the came tablet on the screen 2 (!) Films. One thick protective and one thin with all sorts of descriptions. Gently pulling the label with the inscription "side2" can only tear off a thin one. And then you will have the screen immediately with a protective film. Inaccurately pulling you can tear off the protective. On closer examination, the presence of a film is clearly visible along the edge of the screen in the light.

It is recommended to check for major problems.
Does the screen flicker when charging.
Are there any cracks and damage to the case and the screen
Is there an adapter to a regular outlet in the kit, if not, you will have to buy it on the market

Photos of the entrails
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

As you can see, the magnets sit securely in the slots, in contrast to the revision to Ultimate. The battery is no longer on the connector, as it was before, but soldered to the board.

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Disclaimer: Everything that you do with your tablet, you do everything at your own peril and risk!

If you have broken Windows or for some reason you want to reinstall it yourself, then
you will need
  • !Keyboard, mouse, USB hub (or you’ll have to plug in either the keyboard or the mouse)!
  • 4GB or more USB flash drive
  • 32 bit Windows 10 image (64 bit didn’t try to install and does it make sense for 2GB of RAM?)
  • UltraISO or Rufus to burn an image to a USB flash drive
  • Packagedrivers (C165)

Next you need:
1. Burn a Windows image to a USB flash drive.
2. Unpack the driver on a USB flash drive in a separate folder
3. Turn off the tablet
3. Insert a USB flash drive into the tablet, USB hub with a keyboard and mouse
4. Turn on the tablet by holding the power button and volume +
5. In BIOS, select the "Save & Exit" menu using the keyboard cursor.
6. Select your flash drive using the keyboard cursor in the "Boot Override" section and press Enter
3. Install Windows on the tablet (when installing, remove all partitions, the installer will create all the necessary partitions)
4. Install the driver manually. We go into each driver folder and right-click on all files with the type "Information for installation" in turn
5. After installing all the driver files (during the installation, the tablet can reboot), you need to check that all devices have been installed successfully. To do this, open the device manager and wait until all the drivers are installed. If there are no devices left installed, then we click to update the driver and point to the driver folder (there is no driver for the accelerometer only).
6. Now let's make WiFi work: there is a file in the folder with the WiFi driver43430r0nvram, it needs to be copied to C: \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM32 \ DRIVERS with replacement. Reboot, check the operation of all devices. (visual instruction forWiFi setting)
7. In the folder with the drivers there is no driver for the accelerometer, but the driver is in the Windows driver database, manually pushing the driver update for an unknown device.
8. We use, if that does not work, write :)

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Saveddriverswith helpDouble drive
It will be necessary to test the recovery.

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Instructions for installing a factory image with WIN10
Necessary equipment and files

Preparing a flash drive
  • Using UltraISO, write a WINPE_x86_ntfs.iso image to the USB flash drive with the option "Hide Boot Partition: High-End Hiden"
    Attached Image

    This will create a hidden boot partition and a second partition in FAT 32 format.
  • Assign the label WINPE to the flash drive and unpack the downloaded archive on
  • Connect the USB flash drive to the tablet
  • Turn on the tablet and immediately press the F7 key to display the Boot Menu.
    Attached Image
  • Select the “Partition 1” menu of your flash drive and press ENTER.
    Attached Image

  • Installation takes place automatically and all information from the tablet is deleted.
  • At the end of the installation, the tablet will automatically be turned off
  • Pull the flash drive out of the tablet and turn on the tablet
  • Customize to your liking
  • Use
Attached Image

On average, the installation process takes about 10 minutes.

ps In the image there are 3 languages: USA and 2 Chinese. Configure by selecting USA and in the parameters select Russian. After loading the desktop in the language settings, click the language pack download button.

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Hello, the first time I bought a tablet (for work). I took it with the expectation that I would expand his memory with a Micro SD card, I bought a 128 GB card in advance (it works fine, through card readers, on the phone).
I got my new miracle, inserted a flash drive and ... rushed. He sees that the flash drive is stuck, but he refuses to work with it completely, is buggy, hangs, does not see its size, and cannot enter it. At the same time, the 4 gig flash drive sees excellent, the speed is 25-30 Mb / s, stable. A long fuss with the drivers did not lead to anything, I set it again automatically ... I went to dig in the BIOS, found the item (on the screen).
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Putting PCI Mode instead of ACPI Mode, I achieved the definition of a flash drive and even its sane work. BUT! The speed of 5-10 MB / s, which, frankly, is not enough. Even through the adapter gives out 20 stably. The exFAT file system cluster size is 512 kb. Can anyone know a solution to this problem?

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Take to the club :)
According to the previous post - almost the same problem with a 64GB card.
Only it was immediately determined for me, and even for a short time (two hours) it worked almost normally. Then plug. In PCI it is determined, but the contents of the folders are displayed once, then it is there, then the "folder is empty". In ACPI it can be determined, maybe not. Maybe after a couple of minutes hang the system, after which - only "Power" before shutting down. Through the adapter (even SD in the laptop) - the card is alive.
While I'm talking with the seller, the benefit is the term of protection allows.
By the way, the instruction claims 64GB support.
Another question - Makrium - this is an indispensable condition for a normal backup? Acronis does not roll? It's just that I almost immediately acne with Acronis, now I think ...

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describe the battery life: surfing, office

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describe the battery life: surfing, office

Watching video from YouTube - after 6 hours, 19% of the charge remains, connected to the network. By the time could not keep longer.

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Do any active styluses work on it? (not penny fat with a round tip)

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describe the battery life

A non-cycled battery does not hold a charge well, after 3–4 discharges / charges the situation is much better.

Another question - Makrium - this is an indispensable condition for a normal backup? Acronis does not roll?

Why not? This tablet is essentially a regular laptop without a keyboard.
Almost the same problem with a 64GB card.

My works with 64GB LD Micro SDHC 64G Class 10 card, I did not notice any problems. Can these tablets have a problem DC card controller? Try a smaller card if possible.

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Try a smaller card if possible.

16GB for several days is normal.
Chased the benchmark USB-3.0 flash drive. We have the lower port 3.0 - on large files the write speed is from ~ 15 to ~ 65MB / s, reading is ~ 125MB / s.
On the upper port, the same flash drive - reading ~ 30, writing - ~ 15
IMHO, you can in the cap ...

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Mine works with 64GB LD Micro SDHC 64G Class 10 card

SDH C or SD X C?

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It is SDHC

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MMX-Dimitrov @ 01/26/2016, 01:39*
It is SDHC

Of course, I am not a specialist in these matters, but, sort of,it doesn't happen...

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Those. Support for chuvi answered that SD class 10 may not be supported :(

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PROtein-BY @ 01/26/2016, 12:29*
10 class SD may not be supported

Again, I do not know, and the search does not help - and what, there are 64/128 cards of a lower class ???
And another question - is it written about the GPS in the header - is it only because there is such a point in BIOS, or is it really present and working for someone?

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amd797 @ 01.26.2016, 19:03*
And another question - about GPS

I also searched for a long time. Everywhere in the description stated, but in fact most likely means A-GPS. There is no compass, it shows the coordinates with great accuracy.
amd797 @ 01.26.2016, 08:30*
it seems like it doesn't happen ...

The Chinese :)
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BIOS update
I did not try to flash, I can not vouch for the consequences

There is a BIOS update to version 10F, which is in this updatenot known .
If anyone is impatient to upgrade, write what has changed and whether the tablet has not turned around.
BIOS C165_10F + manual

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To such an info it would be nice to have a tested instruction for unscrambling ...

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