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Windows Phone 7 Software Catalog

FS Client | Online cinema

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FS Client
Version: 1.37.4

Last update of the program in the header:02.08.2019

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Windows 10 only
(including Mobile and Xbox One)

LTSB and other cropped OS versions are not guaranteed to work!

ExFS and Filmix are blocked by RKN in the Russian Federation.
Go around locks or hope for fresh mirrors.
TheMovieDB works - you can enable it in Settings-Basic.
If you know about the mirror for a specific source that is not added to the application, write to the author in the LAN.

Important!Before asking a question
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| Screenshots
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Z| Description
Watch online or download movies and TV shows from various sources - filmix.net, zona.mobi, shikimori.org, seasonvar, moonwalk and others.
For the list of materials usedEx-fs, FilmixandThemoviedb.

Informal customer.
To the main features:

  • Sort and select by genres of films, TV shows, TV shows.
  • Search TV shows and movies by category.
  • Online viewing and download.
  • Select video quality.
  • Authorization through account.
  • Ratings and reviews.
  • Favorites and history.
  • Alternative file sources

Russian interface: Yes
Developer: ( Tirraon )

u| Useful information
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We kindly ask you to read the header, especially the entire one, before writing about any problems with the program, or about advertising.
I draw your attention to the fact that the topic should not be written "super prog, everything robs", etc.
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This is the only incentive for the developer to continue.

  1. A board with plans and a process of new features for the application ontrello.com

  2. Patch for installing the store in Windows LTSB

  3. In some cases, installation may be required.Media Feature Packor update drivers fromWindows Update

  4. If lag / crashes in full screen mode (there is no exact solution)

  5. Manual installation of the program.

  6. Instructions for the web installer for 1803 and higher

  7. Certificate installation

  8. How to run an application from the command line or find its .exe file?

  9. Can not update the application?

  10. Where is local favorites and history stored?

  11. List of hot keys in the video player

  12. Constant "Waiting" instead of downloading a file

  13. Why are some movies displayed on the files page, that they are blocked at the request of the copyright holders?

  14. "Send to device" does not work with an unknown error or decoding error + enable firewall permissions

  15. If the application does not fit into the TV screen on the Xbox (solution for Samsung, an alternative to adding frames around the application)

  16. If there are problems with playing video in the mode on top of all windows on insider assemblies

  17. AHK script for opening files in a third-party video player

  18. For those who want to put the subject on win10 ltsc x64 and do not want to install the microsoft store

  19. Overview from the channel TECHNOZON

$| Download
Version 1.37.4:
FS Client (Post Tirraon # 87591339)

Web installer with auto-update (Windows 1803+,more)

Microsoft Store:
Past Versions (All in one Post.)

Topics Curator ->Raine
For questions and suggestions for filling caps please contact ->QMS

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The notifications feature would be nice.
For example, a film came out, and I want to watch it, but I have to wait for quality, it would not be bad if you could mark it, and when a quality release appeared, you could not miss it.

Rep: (190)
* vcreatyv,
FS Client (Post Tirraon # 88130742)

Rep: (618)
* grey684
Yes, I already realized that the usual installer does not exist, well, what can you do)))
master barin :)

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