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My Launcher run your apps | Menus for quick launch of programs.

Rep: (1522)
My Launcher run your apps
version: 1.2

Last update of the program in the header:15.01.2016

Tags: llllMenu

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Short description:
Launch your favorite programs.

A beautiful and customizable application to run your favorite programs.

Android required: 2.3.x and higher
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: Francesco pellone
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.frankygoes.mylauncher
Translated into "Great and Mighty" ;)

Download: version: 1.2
Attached fileMy launcher.apk(163.99 KB)

Past versions

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Rep: (149)
A kind of "start menu" from windows.
A very good application for those who do not like settings and several launcher desktops, their replacement, reinstallation, etc.
And who is annoyed by the application manager built into the existing launcher.
Allows you to adjust the appearance and sorting, create a list of only used applications.
Does nothing superfluous. does not hang in memory, does not creep into system settings, does not require permissions.
Absolutely safe and cannot become the source of any problems.
All this compares favorably with "very smart" counterparts.

I should like it very much for those who are reluctantly forced to exchange a regular phone for a smartphone, for the sake of additional features, but are not going to make a fetish out of it and spend extra time on their “development”. ;)
Also, it may well serve as part of the "optimization package" for various projects with minimizing the use of resources.

Rep: (575)
Does this program supplement the main shell on the phone or replace it?

Rep: (1522)
* i81, no, it does not replace anything - it’s like a quick access menu, well, or vice versa, you can put hidden programs ..

Rep: (575)
I tried.Draweroidthough old but better

Rep: (2106)
A good program, but not very functional.

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