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Windows Phone 7 Software Catalog

[WP8.1] Windows Insider | Ability to receive preliminary versions of OS updates.

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[WP 8.1] Windows Insider
Version: 2016.513.2016.0

Last update of the program in the header:12.03.2018

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The Windows Insider app gives registered members of the Insider program the opportunity to receive preliminary versions of OS updates on their phone directly from Microsoft. For more information about becoming a registered member of the Windows Insider Program, visithttp://insider.windows.com.

    The Windows Insider application for smartphones based on Windows Phone 8.1 provides the opportunity for registered users who have joined the Windows Insider Program to receive pre-release OS updates directly from Microsoft on their mobile device.

Homepage: https://www.microsoft.com/ru-ru/

Russian interface: Yes

Download: 2016.513.2016.0
Previous versions

Marketplace Web: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/

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Updated to 10ki, everything is in order!

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the guys downloaded the application installed, I go into it, I hammer in the email password and then black ekz renewal word and the dots run and so on and on, and if I go off again and then I write there are no updates for you. There are no updates in the phone settings either. phone 730 lumiya, thanks

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Check if it connects to the server, because I don’t have one.

Posted on 11/22/2016, 02:48:

On 8.1

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Does this application no longer exist ???

or ... how to install?

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I apologize if the flood ..
instead of this application, the store offers a "program participant", the description only says that it is windows insider. developer is our favorite MS corp
from the instructions: "8. Well, now turn on Wi-Fi, launch the Windows Insider application, select Fast Ring and reboot the device."
there is no fast ring there ... there again it is proposed to enter the account, indicate for what purpose I need to participate in this test case ...
found a direct link to windows insider, but it’s not working, the office removed the insider and replaced it with a “program participant” ???
4 in the morning, there was so little for now ...)))))
what will you tell?

PS downloaded the windows_insider.har file from the file hosting service, tried to install it through CustomWPSystem
Did not work out. I don’t know if it was possible ... but I haven’t found any other options yet (
I'm trying to update my Highscreen WinWin to 10, according to the instructions from the topic on 4PDA

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Is there this program for installation through WPPowerTools?

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Version 2016.513.2016.0:Attached fileWindows_Insider_v2016.513.2016.0.zip(1019.52 KB)

In the hat.

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