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®FeraDroid Engine | Powerful Android device optimizer from the category - all in one.

Rep: (805)
version: 4.12

Last update of the program in the header:17.07.2019

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For the operation of the program requires root user rights.

Short description:
Powerful Android all-in-one device optimizer to improve performance and save energy without harming anything.
Before asking a question, see the sections "Android OS FAQ"and"Glossary", read the topic header, as well as use the search on the topic
FeraDroid Engine (in the FDE chart) is a kind of enhancement for everything on devices on the Android platform. No settings and other headaches. Just set and forget - all parameters are selected individually to your "hardware" automatically. Settings are carefully balanced — improving performance without sacrificing power consumption and improving power consumption without sacrificing performance. Maximum compatible with the widest range of devices and OS versions.
System requirements
Supported CPU architectures:
  • ARMv7 (armeabi-v7a) (32bit)
  • ARMv8 (arm64-v8a) (64bit)
  • x64bit (x86_64)
Supported Android OS versions:
  • OS 2.3 and newer
Supported ROOT methods:
  • Magisk (not system)
  • SuperSU(system and non-system)
  • Other methods that support startupinit.d

Mini FAQ
Will my old "dinosaur" / top "monster" go? Does it make sense to put FDE if I have a powerful device that is already quite productive?
  • There's a meaning. FDE is not only about performance, but also about energy saving. I think you will not give up additional energy savings without sacrificing performance. FDE automatically detects what hardware is installed in the device and selects the appropriate parameters.
Will it work with “such-and-such” in another pair of tweakers?
  • Extremely NOT recommended. Unexpected problems / conflicts will arise.
Are there any FDE settings?
  • There are no settings - they are automatically selected for each device. This mod from the category of "set and forget."
Can I use FDE on a custom kernel?
  • Can. From the custom kernel will be even more good.
Why does FDE install any application?
  • This application, called "ShowMessage" is necessary to display toast notifications about the operation of FDE. The application is microscopic (~ 8Kb), does not use any permissions, does not hang in the background - you can be calm.
I have root, but no recovery. How can I install? I have root not from the list of supported and no supportinit.d. Is it possible to install? The installation was successful, but after loading the OS, there is no notification or vibration. How to be?
  • Try to just restart the device. Wait a couple of minutes, maybe everything will work, but a little later. Also check for a file. /sdcard/fde.txt - it will also signal that everything worked fine. If there is no vibration, but the log is there and it says “everything is successful”, then there is no reason to worry - some devices do not support vibration through a script. If nothing helped - В®FeraDroid Engine (Post feravolt # 86595618)
Do I need a busybox?
  • For the operation of FDE, the built-in busybox is used. But busybox in the system will not be superfluous.
Are project treble firmware supported?
  • Are supported.
I asked, everything is OK, but there is no application icon.
  • This is not an Android application and it does not have an interface yet.
Can I install FDE immediately after installing the firmware?
  • It is not recommended to do this. After installing the firmware, it is better to reboot, wait for the first launch, and then go back into recovery and install FDE.
I started, but there is a problem.
  • FDE is in active development. Please describe the problem in detail, indicating the device model, firmware / kernel version, root method and recovery version. Logging is also welcome. I am an FDE developer and will try to help you with this topic.
Technical Details
FDE - the most versatile Android OS optimizer. Capturing a variety of aspects of configuring the OS and the Linux kernel. At the same time, FDE is the most cross-platform. This means that there are no different hacks, hardcodes, other third-party libraries and configuration files. Everything is done by means of the OS and the Linux kernel. FDE adjusts many parameters based on the technical configuration of the device and applies the optimal settings based on factors such as CPU (architecture, frequency, number of cores), RAM, ROM (type, size), OS version, etc. The output is that each device is configured individually.

A new method of work FDE is used - all components necessary for work are loaded into the working memory and work from there. System partitions change only once when installing FDE. This provides increased speed (the most bad RAM has i / o speed ~ 500Mb / s), reduced power consumption (i / o internal memory is not used for FDE components), security (system partitions in read-only mode). Also, there is no start-up synchronization after the OS boot - it is adequately understood when the system actually started and does not apply the settings during the OS boot. Additionally, the internal memory of the device is checked for errors and the TRIM command is executed every time the OS starts. Automatically determines the best FDE autorun method.
A generic list of what FDE configures:
Please note that some features may not apply - depending on the software / hardware of your device. Most of the functions used will be listed in the fde.txt log.

- Real artificial intelligence with machine learning, turbo-acceleration of the CPU and graphics accelerator, custom mode throttling graphics accelerator and many others.
- Activation of board frequency switching
- Activation of increase in board frequencies
- Activate sleep mode for CPU
- Activation of energy-saving idle mode for the CPU
- Optimize touch acceleration
- Activation of acceleration when the screen is turned on
- Optimize CPU synchronization
- Activate acceleration when you press the power button
- Optimize the acceleration of schedulers when entering
- Optimize input acceleration
- Fingerprint scanner acceleration activation
- Optimize CPU acceleration when connecting the kernel
- Optimize dynamic acceleration EAS
- Reduced display power
- Activation mode Simple GPU
- Optimization of multi-core CPU
- Kernel Wave Optimization
- Optimize touchscreen sensitivity
- Optimization of the frequencies of the graphics accelerator Vivante
- Optimization of the frequencies of the Adreno graphics accelerator
- Optimization of I / O graphics accelerator Adreno
- Adreno Idler Optimization
- Optimization of the graphics accelerator Mali
- Disable debugging of the Mali graphics accelerator
- Disable temperature limitation of the Mali graphics accelerator frequency
- Optimize Input Acceleration for Mali Graphics Accelerator
- Frame buffer optimization
- Disable various unnecessary logs
- Disable forced file synchronization
- Activation of dynamic file synchronization
- Disable various kernel debugging
- Optimization of network buffers
- Optimization of the network kernel stack
- Optimize TCP congestion controller
- Optimize the bandwidth of WiFi-packages
- Disable Doze settings reset
- Optimization of Doze and Light Doze parameters
- Optimization of system animation
- Clearing the cache section of garbage
- Cleaning the user partition from garbage
- Cleaning the internal memory of garbage
- Clear application cache when there is not enough free memory
- Memory optimization MMC
- Automatic I / O Scheduler Setup
- R / W speed optimization for all partitions
- I / O optimization for all partitions
- Optimization of the file system on all sections
- Optimization of kernel planners
- Activation of ARCH energy saving
- Disable kernel tracing
- Optimization of the entropy generator
- Optimization of the file system cache
- Optimized distribution of RAM by the kernel
- Deactivating the OOM killer in the core
- VM cache optimization
- Deactivate VM panic
- Deactivating VM dumps
- Optimize VM read / write speed
- Activation and optimization of VM memory compression
- Disable task dumps
- Optimize VM Memory Regions
- Optimize kernel parameters for file systems
- Disable checking hung tasks for the kernel
- Disable kernel panic
- Disable kernel monitoring
- EAS Optimization
- Disable scheduling parameters increase
- Activation of energy efficient kernel planners
- Optimization of schedulers for multi-core CPUs
- HMP Scheduler Optimization
- Activation of the ARM SWP function
- Activation of the dynamic frequency change of the CPU bus
- Deactivation of core dumps
- Optimization of ANY CPU Controller
- Optimization of Cgroups parameters
- Activating power-saving CPU queues
- Optimize CPU bandwidth
- Turn off LMK debugging
- Optimization of aggressiveness LMK
- Disable logic for fast processing of LMK
- Disable ALMK logic
- LMK OOM reaper logic activation
- UKSM / KSM activation and optimization
- zRAM optimization
- Optimize kernel settings without zRAM active
- Activation of process recovery logic
- Optimization of the OS boot process
- DalvikVM optimization
- Optimization of memory allocation DalvikVM
- Error checking on all sections
- Optimize multitasking
- Fix system services
- SafetyNET patch
- Update file system on all partitions (fstrim)
- Optimization of system processes
- SElinux fixes
- Disable unloading launcher from RAM
- Deactivating RIL dumps
- Optimization of energy saving application manager
- Disable various WiFi debugging
- Sqlite optimization (databases)
- Optimize image compression level
- Deactivation of media codec logs
- Activate hardware video playback
- ART optimization
- Optimization of multithreading DalvikVM
- Optimization of the JIT compiler DalvikVM
- Activate 4K video support in the YouTube app
- Optimize audio buffer
- Optimize wireless display
- Protection against network vulnerability CVE-2016-5696
- Protection against vulnerabilities Stagefright
- Disable debugging ANR / Dropbox
- Optimization of GPRS / EDGE connections
- Disable application switching delay
- Activate hardware rendering interface if necessary
- Activation Project-butter
- Activate triple buffering
- Reduced frame rendering delay
- Enable dynamic FPS support
- Other ..
About AI
As you can see from the name FDE.AI - hints at the presence of a real AI. The meaning of the AI ​​is that it will understand the usage scenarios and on this basis will adjust the various settings of the device in real time. The AI ​​is tied to the temperature of the device - so there will be no acceleration if the device overheats. The function is in development.
All AI actions are written to the log.fde.txt. Well, the main plus AI -no power consumption.

What is implemented:

RAM monitoring:
For all devices with 3GB RAM or less, the number of free RAM with a uniquely calculated response algorithm for each device is monitored. If the AI ​​understands that there is too little free RAM, and LMK does not cope with the work, the AI ​​will clear the RAM of the unused cache.

To keep the file system in shape, the AI ​​will execute fstrim commands for all partitions once or twice a day, depending on how you use the device.

ZRAM protection:
In the old kernels there is a bug when using zRAM - the device works well for about a day, then it starts wildly because zRAM is filled to the limit, and the bug is that zRAM is not automatically released. AI will solve this problem by clearing zRAM. As a result, devices with a similar bug should not lag after prolonged use of zRAM.

GPU turbo:
For starters, the AI ​​will determine if the FDE GPU turbo can work on your device and write about it in the logfde.txt. The AI ​​will monitor the load on the video accelerator. If there is a high load for a long time, then the AI ​​will raise the accelerator frequency to the maximum. As soon as the load falls, the real-time stock values ​​are returned. All this will not make your games faster, but will make them.more stable, because the accelerator frequency controller will not have to jump in frequencies under high load, which ultimately should lead to a stable FPS index. In logic, there is no binding to the name of the application - the GPU load is measured directly, no matter what loads it (game, rendering, benchmark, etc.), thereby making the logic universal. FDE GPU turbo will not conflict with Huawei's similar logic.

CPU turbo:
For starters, the AI ​​will determine if the FDE CPU turbo can work on your device and write about it to the logfde.txt. The AI ​​will monitor the CPU load level. With a high load for a long time, the AI ​​will increase the responsiveness of the CPU and force the CPU frequency to keep above 'high speed freq.' (this is about half the maximum frequency of the CPU) for 30 seconds. In logic, there is no binding to the name of the application - the CPU load is measured directly, no matter what loads it (game, rendering, benchmark, etc.), thereby making the logic universal.

Machine learning:
At the moment machine learning (MO) will be used only if there is support for GPUturbo. MO will study how you use the device and adjust some system parameters in real time. For example, if you play a lot - AI will tune the system for better performance. If you just chat and watch the video - the AI ​​will tune the system for better power saving. If you often do both, the AI ​​will decide what to do, machine learning is done for this.

AI Logic Diagram
Attached Image

There will be more ..
Why optimize at all?
First of allso you are happy to use your device so that it works longer and faster. There is another reason - garbage. SHTA? Yes. Around the world, a global problem with the disposal of electronic waste and their toxic derivatives such as batteries, etc. I am not against progress - I am against the sales policy of corporations that rubbed innovations for us so that we spread money for it. I would say - well, okay, if it were not disastrous. For example, in fact, Africa has become a continent of toxic garbage, where it is taken by many countries, including "clean" Europe and the USA - it’s necessary to put old devices somewhere. It is cheaper for them to export toxic waste to other countries than to dispose of it properly. You may ask - how can the FDE help something here, what are you talking about? I hope that by installing FDE on your device, you will use it longer because of all the optimizations made. As a result, you will be satisfied with your device and will not often buy new ones, which may lead to a decrease in the amount of electronic waste. Thank.
Installation / Removal Instructions
ATTENTION! Backup your entire system before installing for your benefit.
An important condition is not to use various enhancements and other all-in-one tweaks with FDE. Those. better to put on a clean system, otherwise you can only make it worse. I warned.

When installing a new version, all previous versions of FDE are automatically removed. To enable the display of toast notifications, a micro application called “ShowMessage” will be automatically installed - it does not use any access rights and if you don’t like these notifications, you can delete this application. You may have to workmanually disable selinux. For those who have the latest SuperSU or Magisk this action is not required.

  • Download the latest version archive and flash it in custom recovery.oradd the module in Magisk Manager if you have a magisk root method.
  • After the OS starts, if everything works, a toast notification will appear, there will be a double vibration. A log file will also appear./sdcard/fde.txt.
  • If you have a Magisk - remove the module through the Magisk Manager.
  • If non-magisk - flash in custom recovery this archive .
FDE video

Android required: 2.3 and higher
Russian interface: Not
Developer: feravolt
XDA-developers | Git
Support the project (section "about yourself")


Past versions

Post has been editedferavolt - 17.07.19, 16:02
Reason for editing: New version 4.12

Rep: (2704)
xdept.u5 @ 03/30/19, 17:34*
all sabzhi associated with this statement, as the types of water written, with no apparent visible proofs
If someone really needs, you can personally check. At the expense of performance, you need to understand what it is, when the interconnection is to make the above stated CPU / GPU, it is clear that it will not work, but in some specific places and at the right time, we can raise it and do it so that it does not go down, as on the drain . I, for example, the performance with the head, more interested in energy efficiency ...

Posted 03/30/2019 at 6:46 PM:

April72 @ 03.30.19, 17:35*
firmware developers for a specific device to such things can not think of?
Can, and the meaning ??! Like all OSs, by default, it works, it’s configured so - you don’t please everyone at once; the same notifications, the screen, you yourself have to set up individually, etc. It's like with Windows - you need a lot of settings for yourself, if you want it.

Rep: (14)
PalychRv @ 03.30.19, 22:42*
If someone really needs, you can personally check.
when you have 8xx, 7xx, 6xx series of snaps, no verification is required above the autonomy ears with performance
PalychRv @ 03.30.19, 22:42*
I, for example, the performance with the head, more interested in energy efficiency ...
tritely solved by installing a custom kernel and setting it up for yourself (Kernel Auditor, etc), but do not want to customize take one that is already run-in
I do not discourage anyone from installing this module (I am not a hayter, before I write an opinion, I read the floor of a branch), I just need to approach everything wisely
It is very interesting to look at the implementation of AI, the idea is good, but you should not rely on it 100% for obvious reasons

Post has been editedxdept.u5 - 30.03.19, 18:52

Rep: (2704)
when you have 8xx, 7xx, 6xx series of snaps, no verification is required above the autonomy ears with performance
tritely solved by installing a custom kernel and setting it up for yourself (Kernel Auditor, etc), but do not want to customize take something that is already run-in
All because you think only from your own - you have a small outlook.
As examples: I have Kirin, neither TWRP nor Custom Kernel; Many people learn how to set up a custom kernel correctly, the system needs a lot of time, testing, analysis and errors ... and this is a time that some people don’t have; and many people don’t go to the android setting and other jungle ... so they want to improve something, read ... but it’s not for them - how can I stand in the kitchen, or be there a tailor; and here once - installed and there is.
At the expense of economy and expediency - the author made and laid out in freedom of use, I do not force anyone to anything - I am interested, set and check, no way not. And let's say, I have an SOT on average 10 hours, if you win another 10%, and this is 1 hour battery life, without prejudice to the system, knowledge, settings, changes, etc., it is already excellent.
And yes, if we consider a sharpened ROM with a custom corrected kernel under it, then there is another question.

Rep: (21)
Version with caps. The sound is completely gone.

Rep: (10)
Installed fde with magick worked fine, but after updating the firmware, the phone goes into the redmi 5 plus bootlap even before the firmware is updated, the battery lives much longer
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Post has been editedn0rtLan - 31.03.19, 09:56

Rep: (2704)
* n0rtLan How did you determine what exactly because of the FDE ?! On the Magisk branch, they wrote that safety is a new bootlupit sometimes. Method of exclusion (disable modules)?
N0rtLan @ 03/31/19 9:54*
but after updating the firmware, the phone goes into the bootlap
And here is not entirely clear the sequence of installing Magisk and modules. Try to remove FDE, boot into the system, then set. Fde.

Post has been editedPalychRv - 31.03.19, 10:09
Reason for editing: added

Rep: (10)
* PalychRv , disconnected fde through the recovery, the body is loaded, with fde bootlup. I will try to disable safety and enable fde, but I think the body will start

Posted on 03/31/2019 10:07 AM:

PalychRv @ 03/31/19 9:58*
. Try to remove FDE, boot into the system, then set. Fde.
helped remove and install the module thanks for the advice

Post has been editedn0rtLan - 31.03.19, 10:13

Rep: (1038)
Honor 6 Everything turned out, after a reboot, when the system was fully loaded, 5 vibrations passed. Everything works, as long as no bugs have been previously detected, maybe they are not. The system is superSU. (FDE Latest Version).

Rep: (805)
What's new:
*** v3.10 ***
- Important bug fixes
- All code revised and updated (still no AI)
- Added log file "/sdcard/fde.txt" instead of "/sdcard/fde.done"
- Optimized FDE running time
- Added support for changing frequency mate. fees
- Smarter input-boost (updated)
- Smarter dynamic EAS setting (updated)
- Fixes for Android versions up to 5.0
- Updated network tweak
- Fixed Doze Tweak for Android 7.0+
- Improved Wifi optimization tweak
- Fixed system animations (only when you first start)
- Fixes tweaks cleaning system garbage
- Smarter I / O tweaks (updated)
- Added tweaks F2FS
- Updated FS tweak cache
- Fixed VM tweak bug
- Updated VM tweak cache
- Updated FS options for the kernel
- Smarter tweak optimization for multiple cores
- Smarter HMP Scheduler Tweaks (updated)
- Updated tweaks of CPU governors
- More clever EAS tweaks (updated)
- Updated CPU bandwidth tweak
- Added LMK aggressiveness tweak
- Updated process reclaim tweak
- Fixed tweaks optimize system processes
- Improved zRAM logic & optimization
- other stuff ...

Attached fileFDE.AI-v3.10-universal-20190401-signed.zip(3.51 MB)
(MD5 - 7e191fa013b48e013bae730d3f297fe7)
Download from XDA | Telegram support group forsavagemessiahzine.com

Post has been editedferavolt - 31.03.19, 22:24

Rep: (3016)
feravolt @ 04/01/19 00:24*
Corrected system animations (only when you first start)
can it not touch?
After the update, you have to return your back.

Rep: (53)
Headphone and speaker volume also decreases, you have to return and the animation speed changes

Rep: (70)
Hello. Can I use a subject on Highscreen Boost 3? It is worth the root and recovery, I do not know which exact versions are needed. I also changed the values ​​in the engineering menu and turned off some processes through My Android Tools Pro. Tell me please

Rep: (461)
Rge245 @ 1.04.19, 6:03*
Highscreen Boost 3
can i allow

Rep: (9)
I wonder why it says that only 7 cores?

Attached images
Attached Image

Rep: (805)
* Trykath,
For personal reference, but it is advisable to apply if any problems have arisen.
* alekc0378,
On some cores, the CPU core counter does not start from 1, but from 0. If it shows 7, it means 8 cores (0 inclusive). Information for review - the work of FDE will not affect.


Post has been editedferavolt - 01.04.19, 08:41

Rep: (1239)
* feravolt Greetings
Maybe really®FeraDroid Engine (Post noskojv # 83952174)and the sound, too, have repeatedly asked why

Rep: (1239)
* feravolt By the way about the cores, I have 8 of them, and writes that 6, well, since it does not affect the work, then God is with him.
And the swap appeared back at last.

Post has been editedqans - 01.04.19, 09:12
Reason for editing: edit

Rep: (12)
* 77redial77,
I had no effect on the volume. Yelling like beshenny that with a headset, that from the speakers.

Rep: (1239)
* Vigi.74, I, too, the sound does not change, but nevertheless I think that you should not touch the standard user settings in our case, the animation speed (it does not change after the first one, and after the second reboot, you also have to return it three times to hemorrhage), and others .

Rep: (5)
Does it work in conjunction with Spectrum?

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