PROMETHEUS | [firmware] Script for compiling Padavan firmware and its modifications

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• The script does not affect in any way whether the firmware is going to be installed or not (with the exception of outdated build configurations, their relevance is monitored by the authors). Only source version and dependency (installed packages) are affected. If you have not gathered something, you need to check the integrity of the source code and the installed packages.
• All merits in creating the firmware relate exclusively toandy.padavanand co-authors, we deal only with the script, patches and porting.
Prometheus script and firmware distribution terms :
You can not distribute ready-made assembly devices for companies other than ASUS;
• You can not use the script to build the firmware with proprietary modules;
• It is strictly forbidden to distribute mods, patches and parts of the code that interfere with the above conditions.

Use virtual machine images by office. links or distribution previously checked for assembly. On Ubuntu 18 may not be collected.
I'm not going to firmware, what to do?
In any case, you need to copy or scroll and lay out (under the spoiler) a piece of the log, which will appear after a failed compilation.
I assembled the firmware, but forgot to add skins / modules
You can add them after compilation and repeat the procedure again. The script will ask you to confirm the experimental compilation of the firmware, if you answer positively, only the missing / updated modules are re-compiled, the compile time will be reduced to 2-5% of the total.
When should you collect TOOLCHAIN?
When the firmware is first assembled, TOOLCHAIN ​​will be assembled automatically; it is not necessary to rebuild it until it is updated in the repository. This happens very rarely and I do not think that you should worry about it.
Where can I see the changes in the firmware?
You can visit the appropriate the page , and changes in the script are published on official website script .
How often would you advise to update the firmware?
As often as you like, but no more often than changes occur in the repository. Do not forget to update the scripts and source code.
How can I update the scripts?
The scripts are updated automatically at the first start and in the manual mode through the menu, pay attention to the existence of two branches of scripts, stable and test. Test provides always the most extreme commit from the firmware repository but may be with errors.
Can I change the selected router and not download the source code?
Yes you can. You can change the config of the router while keeping the old config or delete the current config completely in the settings (command S).
Turning on and off the firmware modules on the example of Aria
How to remove the firmware on a flash drive?
I found an error in the script, where to turn?
Write to the author of the topic in QMS.
How can I change or fix ttl?

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The main features of the script
1. Automatic assembly with user parameters;
2. Firmware configuration editor;
3. Skin system integration;
4. Automatic installation of compiled firmware on the router;
5. System for creating and restoring back-ups of all partitions;
6. Ability to work with several routers in turn;
7. System of protection from erroneous actions of users;
8. Different mods from the authors of the script.
List of optional supported configs
ASUS RT-AC1200HP, RT-AC51U, RT-AC54U, RT-N11P, RT-N14U, RT-N56U, RT-N56UB1, RT-N65U are supported Xiaomi MI-MINI, MI-NANO, NEXX wt3020a, wt3020h, wt3020f, Belkin N750 DB, Samsung CY-SWR1100 , ZyXEL Keenetic devices 4g3, extra, giga3, lite2, lite3, lite3b, omni, omni2, start2, ultra2, viva , TP-Link Archer C20 V1 , UnieLec U7621-06 , GL-MT300N and GL-MT300A .
And also in test mode:ZBT-WG3526 , ZBT-WE1326 , Xiaomi MI-3C (no SSH hack), MI-3 (nand flash driver is unstable) MI-3G , D-Link DIR-860L (requires manual EEPROM calibrations), Mqmaker WITI-512 and WITI-256 (configs do not spread, but scripts are adapted).
Install and Run
The script runs on any Debian Linux-like distribution. It weighs little, works smartly, meets the safety criteria for firmware and contains various mods and hacks. The time required to compile and install software can take from 10 minutes on a modern computer and up to 15 hours on the legacy of the nineties. Soberly evaluate your time before starting the compilation operation, this is the key to success.
To run on your main Linux system, do the following:
1. Open a terminal;
2. Download the script by entering the command:
wget -O

3. Enter:
chmod + x

4. Run the script and follow the instructions in the terminal:

If you have a 64-bit system installed, it is recommended to use VMware Workstation Player:
1. Download and install VMware Workstation Player ;
2. Download and unzip a virtual machine image PROMETHEUS ( Mirror );
3. Start VMware Workstation Player and add the unpacked container;
4. Configure container settings:
4.1. Configure the number of cores and RAM for the virtual machine;
4.2. Check the remaining container settings.
5. Start the virtual machine.

If you have an 86x (32x) bit system, it is recommended to install Oracle VM VirtualBox:
1. Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox ;
2. Download and unzip a virtual machine image PROMETHEUS ( Mirror );
3. Run Oracle VM VirtualBox and add the unpacked container;
4. Configure container settings:
4.1. Configure the number of cores and RAM for the virtual machine;
4.2. Be sure to switch the network connection to bridge mode.
5. Start the virtual machine.

Installing PROMETHEUS script on ubuntu 18.04

Before the initial firmware of the router, it is necessary to perform the initialization of the router (and for MI-MINI once apply the SSH hack, point 3). On the installed xrmwrt, it is enough to enable SSH support in the settings of the router, where the login and password will be the same as on the WEB interface.
After the first initialization of the script, you can use the file manager by typingmc
For the script to work, the Internet is needed at the preparatory stage for the compilation and the update time, for hacking and firmware, there is no need for the Internet.

It is highly recommended to go from the first point to the last (within reason, of course, you do not need to update the scripts and walk-throughs after the first launch and some items can duplicate each other, for example, the manual and automatic editor of the config), and reload the router after flashing. Nothing bad will happen if these recommendations are not followed, but in order to get a 100% positive result, it is better to obey them.
Instructions from neighboring topics
Multiple printers on one router
Added to the firmware TOR, and how to configure? Addition.
Instructions in Russian for setting the firmware
Installing a network printer
Transmission Setup
Ad blocker
Owncloud + nginx + php5-fpm + https Cloud
How to run MPD radio
Radio control from IR remote without LIRC

All skins should be replaced at the compilation stage of the firmware, the Prometheus script supports all skins, change of choice through the admin panel of the router.
Multiskin (version independent)
Outdated varsii skins

Backcap entware
Control router via telegram
Removal of 404 error output windows (about servers not found) when installing the ad blocker script.
Add scanner support(there is an alternative way through the entware module, see the package archive for it in the header)
Remote control multifunction device
Aria add WEB to the patch(the instruction is already irrelevant, I leave for example the addition of something to the firmware)
Video build and firmware
Boot sectors
Attention!Do not know what it is? Do not touch!
Advantages of custom loaders, it is an opportunity to restore the custom firmware immediately, unlike the stock one, which can only be restored to the virgin state. Please note that if you suddenly make a mistake in something when flashing the boot sector, you will get a brick to support the table leg, by the way is very convenient.
At the moment, the script allows almost safely (only if the light does not blink) flashing the boot sector, as well as compile it for all routers.

Comment author firmware

Instructions for restoring firmware:
1. Copy to the root of the first section of the USB Flash disk (usb 2.0), pre-formatted (ie, empty) in FAT16 / FAT32, the firmware image, while renaming the file to "root_uImage" (without quotes and extensions, BUT case sensitive );
2. Turn off the power of the router (pull out the power cord from the router);
3. Insert the USB flash disk into the USB port of the router;
4. Clamp the RESET button and turn on the router (we plug the power cord into the router) without releasing the RESET;
5. WAITING, at first the router will turn red, then it will flash and the flash drive (if there is an indicator on it) will also blink, after a minute the other router will stop blinking and only THEN, release RESET
5. After some time, if the indicator of the router does not change color to blue, restart it, the firmware will load. If it does not, check the USB flash drive or pick up another one.
Information unit in binary numbering system GOST 8.417-2002 GSI
bit2(bit) - amount of information 1 (usually used to denote the connection speed and the amount of information transmitted);
byte2,3 - amount of information 1 equal to8bit (usually used to denote the amount of data on the media).

1) The term “amount of information” is used in devices for digital processing and transmission of information, for example in digital computing (computers), to record the amount of storage devices, the amount of memory used by a computer program.
2) In accordance with the international standard IEC 60027-2, the “bit” and “byte” units are used with SI prefixes.
3) Historically, there is such a situation that the name “byte” is incorrect (instead of 1000 = 103accepted 1024 = 210) used (and use) SI prefixes: 1 Kbyte = 1024 bytes, 1 MB = 1024 Kbytes, 1 Gbytes = 1024 Mbytes, etc. At the same time, the designation Kbytes start with a capital letter unlike the lowercase letter “k” to designate a multiplier ten3.

Log changes in the script
List of scheduled updates
The authors of the project and those who just helped.
Videoscript work
Othervideorouter settings with firmware from Padavan
Ready archives for the module Entware.mod
How to sew Zyxel (original source)

Build firmware on a subsystem in Windows 10 NEW

The curator of the topic is Freize. For all questions about updating and filling the caps, please contact directly toQMS.

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allserfo @ 04.05.2016, 21:55*
Reset the nvram, rebuild proshu.Ne help, what with guts, maybe even with flash

He dumped and reflash times, nothing helps.

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epema1988 @ 05.05.2016, 13:08*
He dumped and reflash times, nothing helps.

? Try the drain as the other Sew: Pandora openvrt

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allserfo @ 05.05.2016, 13:12*
? Try the drain as the other Sew: Pandora openvrt

I tried to drain from flash to flash. So clamp reset switch on the power the flash drive blinks. A router then flashes red. I tried different firmware developers and ordinary. It does not take anything. With this stick ssh received, so do not be in a flash drive case.

Rep: (503)
* epema1988,
file system on the flash drive what?
except for the firmware file that someone else has?
the name of the firmware file?
bootloader (uboot) own stock?

Rep: (2)
yadoff @ 05.05.2016, 15:43*
file system on the flash drive what?
except for the firmware file that someone else has?
the name of the firmware file?
bootloader (uboot) own stock?

Fat32 flash drive is empty, miwifi.bin How to see how Booth?

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* epema1988, remember pierced or not.

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Freize @ 05.05.2016, 17:53*
epema1988, remember pierced or not.

Not. Errom sewn again.

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help deal with multicast on this router. It is impossible to pick up a TV set. filtered igmp packets and must be willing to receive multicast-traffic from any address in the help good people
Sam figured out, climbed into the LAN and including IPTV settings. Now another question is how to enable DLNA on the router?

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Rep: (503)
kirst0n @ 05.05.2016, 21:04*
Now another question is how to enable DLNA on the router?

if it is then it is included in the usb settings
and if you put the firmware routerklaba, then it is not there ...

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Xiaomi Mi Mini. It is flashed with a Prometheus script for firmware from Padavan. U-Boot is also flashed. EEPROM is patched.

1. How to upgrade from Padavan firmware to Openwrt?

2. Will there be an effect from the EEPROM patch on Openwrt firmware?

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* molotokspb, you branch on the firmware of your devaysa there all the way to the cap. Here we discuss only the script and firmware from Padawan.

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How to work with the module ENTWARE.mod
Objective: To run the program from entware repository directly within the firmware without using an external drive.
Requirements: already installed on the router firmware Padavan with fully customized entware.
Important: it is a non-optimal way to add programs in the firmware. Use them only in extreme cases.
  1. Prepare an external drive with entware:link. Installs and configures the required applications. Note that then such a possibility will not. Features: it is worth noting that the amount to be included in the firmware will be quite limited, you must manually select a list of programs. It also depends on the number of functions included in the firmware via the firmware avtokonfig (I have included only the smb and ftp server). Assume the rate of 5 megabytes entware add 1 megabyte to the firmware.
  2. Run PROMETHEUS. Go to the section modules (Shift + M). Activate the module ENTWARE.mod. Note that the router must be within access. After this procedure, an external storage device can be disabled.
  3. In the admin area of ​​the router, Personalization>Scripts>Run after full run router add .
  4. Putting firmware, as well as it was collected before. Sews a router, a convenient way for you.

Create a file with entware yourself (optional step).
  1. Connect to the router via ssh. We are trying to drive the following commands. They stopped entware and make a copy of it in the root of the drive.
    /opt/etc/init.d/rc.unslung stop
    cd / opt; tar -zcvf /media/MyDiskLabel/entware.tar.gz *

  2. Download, resulting archive entware.tar.gz for ftp / smb.
  3. Put the downloaded archive next to the script Prometheus. For example: ~ / entware.tar.gz
  4. Now, when you activate the module, entware source is not connected router, and our archive.

thankbasil.snow for their assistance in the preparation of instructions.

alexejk @ 06.12.17, 12:15*
And I can understand that everything is assembled with the module and entware.tar.gz file used?
availability of directory/ Usr / opt in firmware, or by the presence of ~ / Rt-n56u / trunk / romfs / usr / opt inside a virtual machine

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Rep: (25)
USB-Audio have all chosen in the config editor?
I by pressing 0 from the position off to on are not translated, for some reason.
The most recent, top off, the test branch.

Rep: (11)
some fucking mess with these firmwares, when downloading torrents can not normally surf.
all this has been going on for quite some time, the latest stable firmware has been X-RM_3.4.3.9-095, then off we go: first 5GHz falling off, then on the last firmware problem with torrents climbed.
when the bugs will be corrected? what for to produce support Tuev Hoochi routers when this bunch of g ... bugs hardly working?

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Rep: (1321)
* kuzmaster, no need to troll. Apparently the problem is only with you. With this approach to the case, you not only help you get, but at least will lose their jobs.
* smman, If not selected, it is likely that there is no in the config file. Reset the configuration by selecting from the main menu C.

Rep: (25)
* Freize,
Yes, reset the config help. But he, as it were, initially for MI was, but I understood.
Adjustments and updates.
USB-Audio included.

Rep: (503)
firsthash @ 08.05.2016, 16:06*
Objective: To run the program from entware repository directly within the firmware without using an external drive.

as it were, to adapt it for the nano? (Where initially no usb ..)

Rep: (526)
yadoff @ 09.05.2016, 09:39*
as it were, to adapt it for the nano? (Where initially no usb ..)
So far, so. Manually create an archive with the software. After that, throw it in Dev. A little later, adding to the new manual instructions.

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Rep: (1321)
* firsthash, can create a thread duniversalny set for routers without USB?

Rep: (16)
After recent updates stopped working transmission. Does not open through the Transmission Remote GUI, or via the web inerfeys (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED). I do not know where to dig. It's not exactly in the firewall.

the error in the log
[05.09.2016 20: 37: 35.492] transmission-daemon Error loading config file - exiting. (Daemon.c: 693)

deleted config folder and it worked

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