Kindle Paperwhite vs. Onyx Boox C67ML Darwin / Carta

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite vs Onyx Boox Darwin / Carta

In this topic, a constructive comparison and discussion of the choice
For holivara in Meat grinder : Good book readers and not so much. ONYX vs Amazon.
Characteristics, detailed descriptions and discussion of the reader in the relevant topics:
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite »
| Onyx Boox C67ML Darwin »

Current generation:
Kindle PaperWhite 3/2015 / 7th GenerationandOnyx Boox Darwin 4 / Carta2 +

E-ink Carta 300ppi resolution 1448x1072 (marketing screen names: Carta HD with Regal vs РЎarta Plus technology with SNOW Field technology), 6 inches, backlit touch screen, Kindle vs Android
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What can prevent to choose Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3
Approximately in order of mention in the topic with a few comments without assessing the significance
  1. Higher price(not relevant)
  2. Unwillingness to learn about the process of converting book formats
    For example, the common formats .fb2 or .epub will have to be converted into others, which the reader supports (or download directly into them) - not less common .mobi or .pdf, etc.Brief instructionfor familiarization,discussion of programs. Changing the settings of books in third-party applications may also be needed to adjust the parameters that can not be configured on the reader itself (for example, the width of the fields)
  3. The desire for undocumented features and the unwillingness to understand the intricacies of the jailbreak
    Simplifying, jb - bypass OS restrictions on access to system files, launch of third-party applications, etc.Jb general information. Actual information about the possibility of jb software on different firmware versions - in the topic headerAmazon KPW - firmware and third-party programs). The list of available third-party applications is relatively small.
  4. The inability of the standard means to completely turn off the backlight
    with minimal ambient light, the light on the “zero” is invisible, but it is visible in the dark (in the discussion thread, it seemsthere is a solution)
  5. No memory card slot, less internal memory
    The internal storage capacity of the KPW2015 is 4GB, against 8GB in OBD4. For scale, "War and Peace" takes 1.5-2.5 MB
  6. Difficulties with official service if you are from the Russian Federation (and, probably, the EAEU as a whole)
    When buying at Amazon and delivering to Russia there are a lot of nuances with circumvention of bilateral restrictions, sending to the manufacturer under warranty also with its own difficulties. When buying at a local store, the seller’s warranty is fully valid.
  7. The conviction of the need for physical buttons paging
  8. An established habit of reading in a single Android application
    And also to have on hand a collected collection of books, for example, in fb2 format, divided into folders
  9. Less than "fast" text display settings
    Separate parameters of fine-tuning are set only through the parameters of a font or a book file, edited on a computer, or "hacks" (for example,field reduction)
What can prevent to choose Onyx Boox Darwin 4
Approximately in order of mention in the topic with a few comments without assessing the significance
  1. Shorter battery life
    Reported: at OBD4 - "30 days", or 25 hours (with occasional use of the backlight, without the use of Wi-Fi and provided equipment off in the intervals between sessions of reading, the data of the original manufacturer - "about 2 weeks without light" and no wifi - with the device off after the reading); against "to 6 weeks", or 21 hours at KPW2015 (without wifi, but backlit with 10 bar of 24). Real OBD performance by all accounts, a relatively worse (from the experience of the use of models of past generations)
  2. Higher price
    A simple comparison of store offers, excluding the package bundle, which in Darwin 4 includes an additional cover and c / c
  3. The established view that the Kindles have the best screens
    Based on the manufacturer's reputation, 15: 1 contrast data versus 14: 1, the lack of more detailed data on the Darwin screen, personal impressions of the shade of the substrate, etc.
  4. Unpreparedness to get acquainted with the specifics of Android and applications
    Subjectively less "smart". You may encounter features and software bugs. Discussion of errors of all Onyx Boox devices onofficial forumcan help create an impression of the scale, frequency and speed of removal by the manufacturer.
  5. Difficulties with service.
    Official information. Warranty service: in the Russian Federation - MakTsentr in Moscow, on the territory of the Republic of Belarus authorized by the MobiLAB SC Service Center, in the territory of Ukraine actually organizes a BigBit shop (discussion on another forum). ATother countriesanalogue sold asOnyx Boox C67ML Carta2 +


Hardware component
Dimensions and body
KPW2015 : 169x117x9, 205g.
Obd4 : 170 Г— 117 Г— 8.7 mm, 182 g (without cover)
Obd : The build quality is average or slightly better, sometimes before there were specimens with burrs on the plastic seams (there were no complaints lately), small body play in the corners between the upper and lower lids (less than 1 mm), the power and scroll buttons look frail (the body as a whole the same as the entire C63-C67ML line, including Magellan / Darwin / Akunin / Dontsova / Lukyanenko / Vasco da Gama and others)

E-Ink Carta, 16 shades of gray, 6 inches, 1072x1448, 300 ppi, backlight
(about previous generations, see below.Kindle Paperwhite vs. Onyx darwin1 / 2 (Post Optom # 46192570) )
Many have expressed the opinion that KPW2015 has a better screen, but not so much objective data.
KPW2015 : Min.Contrast 15: 1; Pigment reflection coefficient: white-74 black-19, substrate reflection coefficient 44%, Update time 120ms
Obd4 : Contrast: 14: 1
KPW2015 : 4 illumination diodes, the standard means of illumination can only be reduced to a minimum, but not disabled
Obd4 : 8 backlight diodes i. at the lower edge of the screen, the backlight should be more uniform, however, reviews of uneven backlighting are not uncommon on the screen as a whole

Governing bodies
touch screen - capacitive
KPW2015 : power button, sensor cn when you close the smart cover
Obd4 : power button, back button, paging button, sensor cn when you close the smart cover
Obd : According to some reviews, claims about the quality of the touch screen have previously occurred, lately - not

KPW2015 : announced up to 6 weeks (21 hours) of work with wifi off and backlight for 10 divisions out of 24 ( u1 )
Obd4 : 3000 mAh, declared up to a month of work (25 hours) with occasional use of the backlight, without using Wi-Fi and provided the device is turned off between reading sessions, it requires several discharge cycles for “swinging”; real user experience varies greatly; Turning on WiFi dramatically reduces autonomy up to several days u1 , and 2 , u3 )

KPW2015 : 4GB internal memory
Obd4 : 8GB internal memory and expandable microSD

KPW2015 : not
Obd4 : connector and, according to reviews, piping removed in models supplied to Russia

KPW2015 : optional
Obd2 : not

Software component
KPW2015 : Kindle 5.6.xx + (based on Linux)
Obd2 : Android 4.2.2

Firmware Updates
KPW2015 : automatically when connected to the Internet
Obd4 : OTA is possible in theory, but updates do not come through the air, so updates are done manually, about 3-6 months every time, fixing old minor bugs and turning on new ones;) Basic Onyx Neo Reader and OReader reader applications (abbreviated AlReader) are updated, the shell Launcher. In rare cases, after updating, it may be necessary to reset the settings (the books are saved, but the settings of the programs and the base of bookmarks / citations must be saved and restored manually).

Supported formats out of the box
KPW2015 : .azw .azw3 .mobi .prc .pdf .txt; .gif .bmp .jpeg .png in .zip form an album
Obd4 .fb2 .epub archives, the rest - after unpacking in the file manager)

Additional formats
KPW2015 : .doc .docx .html .gif .bmp .jpeg .png via Send to Kindle ( u1 ); any - by converting to pdf (via a pdf printer on a computer, for example) or by other third-party solutions
Obd4 : any, for which there are Android-applications, which is normally displayed on a 6-inch B / W screen (for example, the same AZW, PRC comic files, etc.)

KPW2015 : branded
Obd4 : branded launcher for Android - some applications are standard, you can install faster and less beautiful ReLaunch yourself

Reading programs
KPW2015 : regular Kindle
Obd4 : OReader (AlReader by the author), FBReader (specialized mod version 1.6.7 installed as a system application), Onyx Neo Reader, Onyx Reader, Gallery - each reader is responsible for a part of the supported file types, are configured separately

Reading materials (web pages), pending for later from other devices
KPW2015 : in a regular reading room, thanks to proprietary service Send to Kindle (It also allows you to send files to the Kindle with automatic updates). Send a webpage from Firefox, Chrome, via email. Pocket (perhaps other similar services) - through intermediary sites or Caliber.
Obd4 : no branded services. Pocket support for Android full with small specifics .

Library organization
KPW2015 : full-time with compilation " collections " from books
Obd2 : A staff member does not stand up to criticism on many points; at the official forum, representatives advise using the library built into the OReader reader - you can make an impression about it on your older brother - AlReader for Android. There is also a regular file manager.

Access to online libraries
KPW2015 : buying books on Amazon; sending Kindle online services with the appropriate function; browsing sites and downloading files AZW, MOBI, PRC, TXT through a browser; regular synchronization between the devices associated with the account
Obd4 : view opds-libraries and download books; browsing websites and downloading via browser

KPW2015 : native synchronization between devices tied to an account
Obd4 : by means of reading programs (AlReader / FBReader / Bookmate / other)

File transfer "over the air", cloud storage
KPW2015 : sending files to the device using proprietary service Send to Kindle with automatic synchronization. Amazon Cloud Drive Storage. Dropbox (and possibly other similar services) - through intermediary sites or Caliber.
Obd4 : corporate service Send 2 Boox so far only in Chinese (the website in Chinese and the application on the reader is displayed only after switching the interface to Chinese). E-mail, Dropbox, Google drive and other services for which there is a client on Android. A universal solution (for example, to send the books immediately appear in the library) was not found, each chooses the most convenient option.

KPW2015 : staffed with the ability to install additional AZW / MOBI / PRC. Can convert DSL->MOBI third-party software. there is online selections . Translation is called by clicking on the word. Wikipedia. Built-in online translator for selected text blocks. Many English-language books purchased by Amazon support word hints for Word Wise.
Obd4 : regular OnyxDict / Dictionary, 4 stardict * .idx dictionaries (a couple of brief Ang-Rus-Ang, as well as Ang-Rus business and idioms) with the ability to add custom ones. It is possible to convert from DSL format third-party software. There are many ready-made on the Internet ( selection from the manufacturer ). Search all connected dictionaries. By default, the dictionary is invoked by long clicking on a word. You can install other dictionaries (ColorDict, for example, allowing you to search not only locally, but also on Wikipedia)

KPW2015 : staffed with the ability to optimize web pages (transfer to article mode)
Obd4 : staffed with the ability to optimize web pages (contrast), it is possible to set another (Opera Moblie, for example, with fine tuning of the display mode)

Other applications
Obd4 : The market is preinstalled, but it is necessary to make a reservation that not every android application will look good on e-ink. With a small additional setting of the paging key, you can switch to the volume keys mode - in this mode, the number of applications dramatically increases, where the buttons will perform their function.

Undocumented features
KPW2015: Jailbreak - the ability to run third-party applications. For firmware 5.6.5Instructions for firmware 5.6.5 in the topic of discussion). The list of third-party applications available after jb is relatively small.Jb general information.
OBD4: Root using Root Master in a few clicks.

Display text formats
KPW2015 : the main reader program is Kindle. The initial impression can be made on Amazon Kindle for Android. Some of the "proprietary chips" work only in books purchased from Amazon and containing appropriate formatting (X-Ray navigation, English Word Wise word hints)
Obd2 : The main default reader programs are OReader (slightly reduced by the author’s version of AlReader for Android) and Onyx Neo Reader 2; for individual formats - FBReader (mod). Potentially, the android reader can have a larger range of settings, although they may also have problems with displaying, for example, texts with writing directions from right to left or in Church Slavonic (according to reviews, solutions have been found).

Display scans
In both cases, scanned books are not very convenient to read because of the small diagonal of the screen. You can make an impression by video reviews or, for example, an OBD photo:Onyx Boox C67ML Darwin / Magellan 3. Scrolling "dragging" slows down. On separate pdf with a layer of recognized text can save the function of reformatting reflow. Algorithms are different and deserve a more detailed comparison ...

On time:
KPW2015 : no shutdown during normal operation
Obd4 : about 32-35 s.

Reboot time:
Kindle voyage : around 1:45
Obd : about 43 seconds

Sleep time
KPW2015 : about 1 s. (rather, a little less) + svayp to remove ads in the version with Special Offer, if it is not disabled
Obd4 : about 1 s. (rather, a little more)

Book opening time
KPW2015 : TSB Ka (mobi 41 Mb) 2 c.
Obd4 : TSB Ka (mobi 41 Mb) 22-58 p. (1. for other formats, everything can be much better 2. in the OReader update from January 2016, optimization of opening large files is indicated). Recheck required.

Flipping response
KPW2015 : 567 ms
Obd2 : 667 ms
Sources:u1, and 2
Accessories and service, other
KPW2015 : suitable covers for KPW 2012-2015, including “smart” covers - which translate into sleep at closing
Obd4 : smart cover included

KPW2015: Russia-US shipment is limited (for example, to order cheaper or exchange with the manufacturer), service from local companies
OBD4: Russian service in Moscow, Pony Express shipping is free with warranty service, screen replacement (rather fragile) is a non-warranty case. Service in the Republic of Belarus - MobiLAB. In the Ukrainian market, BigBit is responsible for organizing the shipment to Moscow for service.

Presented on the market
KPW2015 : June 30, 2015 as "All-New Kindle Paperwhite"
Obd4 : Announced in May 2017 as a new version of Darwin, the first officially introduced in Russia book reader with the E Ink Carta Plus screen - now with support for the technology / function / screen mode of the SNOW Field

KPW2015 2 major hardware version of the device: with WiFi and WiFi + 3G (in addition, produced a model with 32 GB of flash memory, which is not possible jailbreak for the Japanese market). Version of the "Special Offer" (Special Offer) hardware are not different, contain advertisements from Amazon, which can be disabled by contacting technical support (free for countries that are not officially available in that Kindle). The main difference between models in 2016 compared to 2015 - became available white casing. In Paperwhite 2013-2014 Carta display was a lower resolution of 758 Г— 1024, 212ppi density.
Obd4 : Darwin 4 - a stripped-down version of Carta2 +: in order to reduce customs payments, the audio playback functionality has been removed at the hardware level. The main differences from the younger model Darwin 3 and previous generations: Onyx Boox C67ML Darwin / Magellan 3

There is no special time for updating the header, found an error or outdated information - please let us know by personal message.

Survey results - almost at the end of 2016
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Latest update caps
01/24/2018 a link to the topic has been added to the mini-faqAmazon Kindle Paperwhite - firmware and third-party programswith up-to-date information on jb software features
06.04.2017 display: the number of diodes
06/02/2017 Picture, Current generation - D4 / C2 +. Versions: mention of the Japanese Kindle, a link to the description of the C67ML Carta generations instead of unintelligible nonsense (and how did he get there?)
05/04/2017 update in connection with the release of Carta2 + (plus) and the announcement of Darwin 4
02/05/2017 added link to

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Comrades, I rush between pw2015 and onyx darwin1 / 2 already broke my head ..
onyx reads all the formats out of the box, pw works faster and seems to be more pleasant to read from it ..
Kick me and help me choose ... I used gmini m6hd before

Rep: (5)
dash between paperwhite 2015 and onyx darwin

When I chose, the price on Kindle was very high. If it were not for the money issue, I’d take paperwhite 2015,
so far the best screens they have. Of course, we would have to adapt to their “wonderful” conversion system, but
as they say: "up to 40 years is hard, and then you get used to it." When I took Onyx, I felt the same about Android - but, again
same - "the devil is not so terrible ...".
Yes, after Nook_a, autonomy is less, but compared to the same smartphone / tablet -
very, very.
If there is an opportunity - lay both close, no - poke your finger at random, the choice is such a thing, always then you regret that
did not take the "one" option :)

Rep: (134)
* nanervax89,
if you are ready to accept the conversion of everything and everything, are ready not to pin hopes on a jailbreak that comes down from heaven and gives you access to CoolReader / KOReader, completely turns off the backlight, etc. etc.), take KPW. Otherwise, take Onyx.

Rep: (10)
paperweight is cheaper than onyx. I recently was puzzled by the choice of Darwin or Kindle voyage, I almost ordered Darwin, but I read more reviews and above all I was upset by low autonomy, and I don’t need an Android for the reader. He took the voyage, gritting his teeth on prices, happy as an elephant. second generation paperweight gave to his wife

Rep: (6)
pw works faster and seems to be more pleasant to read from it.

What is this? :-)

Rep: (9)
What is this?

* MacDuck, , especially for you: v = S / t. :)

Rep: (6)
I asked about the pleasure of reading.

Rep: (36)
* nanervax89, The main thing in the book is to read. The rest is secondary. Take the Kindle

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Rep: (8)
Nanervax89 @ 12/22/2015, 10:54 PM*
paperwhite 2015 and onyx darwin1 / 2

I had the option to take darwin 1 per day for 11000 or order paperwhite 2014 for 9000 (+ cover cost). I bought Darwin and was pleased with everything except the time of work, I thought there would be more. If it were not for the delivery, during which anything can happen to the device, and difficulties with the return under warranty would be kindle. ;)

Rep: (1294)
I rush about between pw2015 and onyx darwin1 / 2 already broke my head

In order not to break your head, take Kindle Paperwhite 2015.

Rep: (6)
already broke his head ..

Of course, take ONYX.

Rep: (134)
What is this?

Through the eyes, of course;)

Rep: (1)
as for me in the book the main screen, fb2 convert to mobi is a matter of minutes .... take pw2015

Rep: (230)
I wanted the Kindle initially, because There was an experience of short use before. He took onyx due to the fact that he was used to the features of android readers:
  • opds directories
  • synchronization of the library / reading place with other devices (phone),
  • I read on the reader long articles sent from other devices to Pocket
  • support out of the box or easily find on the market an application for any format (fb2 / djvu)
  • Separately, I highlight the important support for pdf books in Adobe Digital Editions (DRM)

In fact, on Kindle, you can probably achieve the same thing by convection. But on onyx, no, no, some unexpected bug will pop up when using "exotic" features:
  • opds IMHO is better in fbreader, and you need root to install it (easy, but time after each new firmware
  • There was an error with paging in the poke - the authors of the application fixed, after they wrote them
  • pdf and djvu can be read quite arbitrarily - after all, the screen is small - scans of a / b books a5 are normal, magazines / books a4 - you have to select the optimal scale
  • in the implementation of DRM there are a couple of bugs that are easily bypassed, but after the first reset of all settings when confronted with such a bug =)
  • Well, in onyx, a full-time library does not hold water ... = (therefore, it was impossible to open the catalog to bb

In the end, maybe sedition ... but it seems to me that the options are roughly equivalent, if we leave aside the question of price and weight of the brand.

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Optom @ 12/23/2015 10:59*
  • synchronization of the library / reading place with other devices (phone),
  • I read on the reader long articles sent from other devices to Pocket

In Kindle also implemented.

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I see two camps .. I see two roads .. one with holes, the other with marshes: D
I myself never used Kindles, so I'm afraid
in pw2015 without CoolReader / KOReader everything is sad?

Post has been editednanervax89 - 23.12.15, 12:32

Rep: (3945)
Nanervax89 @ 12/23/2015, 12:29*
everything is sad?

Why w: rolleyes:, reads books. Converter set up once for yourself (freeLib) and read to yourself.
Yes, and without a converter everything is fine there.

Rep: (10)
In the Kindle, the native reader is enough for the eyes and for the ears, sometimes the covers are not displayed, but often this is the problem of the source code

Post has been editedFENIXusha - 23.12.15, 21:07

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I am ordering a Kindle ..)

Rep: (8)
The same golovnyak ... But still decided to stay on Darwin 2 or Cleopatra 2 (compare in the store). Until now, I have been using Hamlet, but already in the liver sits its stupid interface and the lack of illumination. Pamper yourself beloved for the New Year with a new reader.

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