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DEXP Atlas H135

Not very bad budget laptop DEXP Atlas H135. Very thin (convenient), in a metal case, a touch pad made of metal in one square (if you install the driver, you can disable it in the mouse settings, and use the mouse, it does not interfere). Video card for 1 gig and 4 gig operatives - pulls good games, network games. Disadvantages - a small viewing angle of the screen andcannot install Windows XP. The problem with installing XP is solved.

Windows 8.1 for one language | 15.6 "(40 cm)" | Pentium 3558U 1.7 MHz | 4 GB GB

Detailed installationWindows 7 Windows 8on DEXP Atlas H135
BIOS reset
Windows 8.10 drivers
Windows 7 drivers
Windows XP drivers
Unlocking hidden menu itemsAMI Aptio 5 Bios
Replacing DVD Rom withDVD-RW LG GUDON

Common parameters

Model Atlas h135
Body material plastic, metal
Colour silver
operating system optional (windows 8 or empty)
Numeric keypad block Yes
Key illumination not


Screen diagonal 15.6 "(40 cm)
Screen resolution 1366x768
Matrix manufacturing technology TN + film
Touch screen not
Screen cover Matt


CPU clock speed 1.7 MHz
Number of Cores 2
Processor model Pentium 3558U
Processor line Intel Pentium
Processor manufacturer Intel
L2 cache size 512 Kb
L3 cache size 2048 Kb


RAM size 4 GB
RAM frequency 1333 MHz
Maximum supported volume 8 GB
The number of slots for RAM modules 2

Graphic accelerator

Video chip manufacturer nVidia
Model of a discrete video card GeForce 830M
Integrated video card model Intel HD Graphics
CrossFire / SLI array not
View graphics accelerator discrete and embedded
Type of video memory GDDR3
Video memory capacity 1 Gb

Data storages

Total Solid State Drives (SSD) 0 GB
Primary Disk (HDD) 250 GB
Spindle speed 5400 rpm
Hard disk interface SATA III
The second slot for HDD not
Availability mSata not
SSD availability not

Internet / data transfer

Wi-Fi standard 802.11b / g / n
Support for additional data types Bluetooth 4.0
Wireless Internet access Wi-Fi
Network adapter speed 1000 Mbps

Interfaces / Connectors

Video interfaces (optional) HDMI, VGA (D-Sub)
USB 2.0 (optional) 2
USB 3.0 (optional) 2
Audio interfaces 3.5 mm minijack (combo)

Additional Information

Equipment Adapter, user manual, driver disk, warranty card
The number of pixels built-in webcam 1 Mp
Memory card reader support RSMMC, SDXC, MMC, SDHC, SD
Optical drive DVD-RW


Battery capacity 3000 mAh
Battery type Li-ion

Dimensions, weight

Width 260 mm
Length 380 mm
Thickness 25 mm
Weight 2550 g

Attached Image
BIOS Setup for Installing Windows 7
Reboot or turn on the laptop. When the logo appears DEXP clickEsc .
In the menu that appears, select:Enter setup
In the BIOS, select the tabSecurity

Administrator Password and User Password - NOT INSTALLED (Without password)
TPM Device - [Enable]
In pointI / O Interface Security - we do everything [UNLOCK] (All devices included)

Secure boot menu
Secure boot - [Disabled]

Key management
Default Key Provision - [Disabled]
Next, select the item:Delete All Secure Boot Variables Click YES - so that the inscription appears on the items below. NOT INSTALLED
press 2 timesEsc

We select onBoot
Fast boot [Disabled]
CSM Support - [Enable] - Sure to! Gives access to boot from DVD
PXE Boot [Disabled]

Then clickF10 confirm YES and Enter

Insert the disc with Windows 7 in the DVD drive.
When loading again we pressEsc and in the menu that appears will be displayed DVD drive, select and start the installation.
Next we reach the disk selection point, the disk will be divided into many sections under Windows 8.
Delete all partitions, create a new one and format it. Then everything is stupid: lol:

The life cycle of the laptop DEXP Atlas H135
Works without interruption for 3 years 3 months.
Culler buzzed after 14 months.
DVD RomGU90N ceased to function after 23 months.

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Disadvantages - a small viewing angle of the screen and you can not install Windows XP.
I tried many versions of Windows XP, integrated AHCI RAID drivers, when installed, BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) pops up.
The first BSOD is associated with ACPI compliant and BIOS update - but it can be disabled at the beginning of the installation by holding F7 (At the moment when it’s written to press F6 ...)
Second BSOD - 0 × 0000007B
There is no point in writing technical support for DEXP - they won't help!

If someone can install Windows XP on a laptop with a similar problem, please unsubscribe.

The problem with installing Windows XP is solved if anyone is interested write.

Who understands the BIOS firmware.
BIOS Version 2.16.1243 American Megatrends


afuwingui - makes a dump Bios a - under Win7

You can open the firmware and edit it with utilities.MMTool Aptio and AMIBCP I can not save, gives an error.
AMIBCP - not all versions open the firmware, it is necessary to select the right one.

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And I did not try to install Win 7 ?. Mm and tell me how the build quality? .. and how it works? how is cooling?

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Mr_vora @ 02.02.2016, 17:47*
And I did not try to install Win 7 ?. Mm and tell me how the build quality? .. and how it works? how is cooling?

mr_vora Read carefully! I already have Windows 7, there is a separate spoiler in the first post, how to install Windows 7 on this machine BIOS Setup for Installing Windows 7

The build quality is also described :) Convenient in a metal case, such a male beech :) Very thin, not heated, in the switched on state for six months, I just did not turn it off yet :) The whole system works around the clock, and the display turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity. Operators 4gig and video 1gig, perfectly pulls normal toys, network games fly (World of Warcraft, Warthunder, Warface). Excellent such beech, for this price. Only here do not install Windows XP} -)

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ATP, did not notice right away. about wines 7. I'm thinking of taking G109. But the company is not known to me, and asked about the build quality and cooling.

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people I have a problem with this laptop, tonight I wanted to turn it on to watch a movie before going to bed and it turned on before the Windows password, it seemed to go out myself, well, it went out normally, as if I pressed the power button, but didn't press anything, and now it doesn't want to go further than the BIOS, but it either expresses itself in the BIOS itself, then it doesn’t show the BIOS version correctly, then it comes to Windows loading and gives a blue screen of death, in short, as far as I understand, the BIOS spreader or microcircuit where the BIOS is stored, but it’s not a problem, replace and shed another microchip mo it’s easy without too much work, but there’s no clean BIOS, and on the Internet I can’t get a BIOS for this laptop, so what’s the request, I need a clean BIOS for it, but you can take it from a working laptop, guys please make a BIOS dump and throw it here, please beg ......

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wayrus honestly, I did not understand what you wrote. Judging by the text of your message, you do not understand what you are doing. Describe your problem more precisely.

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I have a BIOS on my laptop, and I need a working BIOS image in order to flash it with a programmer, either on an old BIOS chip, or on a new BIOS chip (on a new BIOS chip if it flew) ...

Added 02/07/2016 12:26 PM:

Turkish @ 07.02.2016, 05:38*
wayrus honestly, I did not understand what you wrote. Judging by the text of your message, you do not understand what you are doing. Describe your problem more precisely.

I hope so clearer ...

P.S ... forgive me, I am writing from a tablet, and it sometimes edits the text with a machine, but this is not always what I want to write :)

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P.S ... I'm sorry I'm writing from the tablet, and he sometimes edits the text with a machine

Respectedwayrus - this does not relieve you from responsibility, you violated 9 points of forum rules, disable the automatic editing function, re-read, correct before publication, do not rush! People may not regard you correctly.

and I need a working BIOS image in order to flash it with a programmer

wayrus I hope you read the entire section, I have a problem with the firmware. I can’t throw you a working BIOS dump, because I can’t check it, I described the problem above. And I also think that the dump from the program and the programmer is different, I don’t think that it would be suitable. And I can’t throw the dump from the programmer, because there is no programmer. You describe in as much detail as possible the problem, why did you get that the bios flew, or the bios chip? Describe what happens when you turn on the laptop, what is visible on the screen, what is written, in more detail, take your time. Maybe the problem is not in the BIOS. All the same, I have the same laptop, I must be prepared for such problems.
By the way, have you tried reading the chip with a programmer? I would like to know more where the chip, which chip, etc.
The theme with this laptop is unique, there is nothing on the Internet yet, because the laptop model is still new.
On the off site DEXP will not help, I tried.

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Well, in general, the problem is this, the laptop worked perfectly, did not overheat, did not injure, I installed 128 GB SSD on it, a good battery lasts about 4-6 hours, depending on what I do on it, of course about 1.5 hours in games, and here I am in the evening I want to turn on the laptop to watch the movie before bedtime, and it starts off normally as it were before entering the password, and it turns off by itself, as if I had pressed the power button it turned off and everything, after that it starts only before the BIOS or before starting Windows, you can even go into the bios, sometimes it turns off after 20 seconds in the bio itself And (both from the battery and from the battery), the BIOS can be configured, and it even remembers all the settings, but sometimes when I want to make a general BIOS reset, where the written version of the BIOS is, it changes, and sometimes the laptop freezes stupidly when the BIOS is reset it’s not always that only pulling out the power cord helps in random order, I can even take photos or videos, and the system constantly gives a blue screen in a second how did Windows start up, installing windows also gives a blue screen after downloading the necessary files, I’m sinning on the BIOS because it constantly changes the name of the version, I don’t have a programmer, I have a friend who has it and can overwrite the BIOS, but if the chip or its contents are damaged, I can’t do anything :(, the chip is not a problem to find, but the microcode is another matter :( ... where to find a working BIOS for this piece of aluminum and plastic? :(

I forgot to write about the RAM, I have 8 gigabytes of it with two bars, and I know that these glitches are similar to the breakdown of RAM (I myself have been selling and repairing computer equipment for 15 years already), but with both bars separately, the laptop behaves like it, it can be only if both memory bars have died, which is highly unlikely, but tomorrow I will go to the service center and check the laptop with working memory bars and write it down here. about everything .

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but sometimes when I want to do a general reset of the BIOS, where the written version of the BIOS is, it changes, and sometimes the laptop hangs stupidly when resetting the BIOS, this does not always happen, and only pulling out the power cord helps in random order

You will not believe, but I have the same thing.Sheeping mode and on factory settings everything hangs up.
Well, this is a standard glitch of this laptop, I read about it on the Internet.
I also suffered when installing Windows XP and could not deliver.
If you want to installWindows 7 - then read the first post, there is a spoiler BIOS Setup for Installing Windows 7 Bios mood as I wrote there and everything will work for you.
If you want to installWindows 8 , then you need to format the disk under Windows 8 and transfer to GPT there are topics on the forum how to do it - just do not write what you didn’t find, I know for sure what it is!
This bios is a problem, but it should work this way, so the developer intended it! I had a long conversation with them, but they refused to change or help something.
You essentially wrote what I wrote in the second post, BSOD error numbers are described there -Blue screen of death
If you read carefully the first 2 posts, I think I wouldn’t have to discuss my topic here again!
I will visually show what the problem is so that there are no questions.
Attached Image

The image is open dump our bios.
In the left part of the menu list, the right values ​​and hidden submenus.
I could open any submenus myself and make them visible, but there seems to be some kind of protection.
I can not save the modified dump BIOS! Apparently I am not completely merging it.
I would remove this protection. I could put Windows XP: D
I know that these glitches are like a memory failure (I myself have been selling and repairing computer equipment for 15 years already)

If you are doing this, you should know that if a memory failure occurs, the laptop will not turn on, it will make peep sounds - a certain amount and pace (There is a table of sounds when it breaks)
10 years out of 15 of your experience - the first-grader can do: D, and the remaining 5 - the arrivalAMI Bios and UEFI Bios and Windows 8 - I think all this is closely related to the advertising purpose of earnings. In BIOS now an option Secure responsible for access. You can also put passwords on devices and make them not accessible, as a result of which errors appear in the form of RAM breakdowns: D

If you leave the laptop in service, they will go to Google and the first thing they will find is this thread. They will carefully read the first post will be adjusted according to my instructions, and then will give you and cut down the money on this. : D

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Turkish @ 02/09/2016 06:44*
there seems to be some kind of protection
Byby thisandlike linkseverything is studied thoroughly?

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* Turkish,
So here I took a small video clip with a description of the error and how it all happens!
On account of F7 - F6 When installing the OS for some reason, nothing happens! , at the beginning of the installation of windows 10, asks to press not F7 and F8 Then a small menu appears, but it also does not give any results :(
And maybe the case in the power supply? It is from my ASUS laptop. At 19V, 3.42A Although before that everything worked with it, more than half a year!
Turkish can be if your skype is not difficult for you, maybe we will decide something in real time! Beg !

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: rofl: You're killing me. I'm not surprised by your video, I have the same thing. Read again carefully!
As I become interested in Windows 10, I will definitely write the installation method. : rofl:
Why are you so eager for the bios version?
If the chip is covered - you will not turn on the laptop!
If the BIOS firmware is covered, you will not turn on the laptop either!
Once again I say:So conceived by the manufacturer!
Attached Image

Attached KB)

Here is the program, it will tell you about the bios and merge the dump.
Only youWindows 7 32bit put a? : D

In bios you expose everything as in the spoiler in the first post.
In SATA configurations, try changing RAID and ACHI, I have not had any problems in any way.
As installation files will be copied disc menu. Delete all sections and create a new one!
Then continue the installation.

Do not install Windows 10 and Windows 8!
I did not describe this topic! Later, as time will be, especially for you I will make a spoiler: D

The first BSOD is associated with ACPI compliant and BIOS update - but it can be disabled at the beginning of the installation by holding F7 (At the moment when it’s written to press F6 ...)

It is written for Windows 7!

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Turkey @ 11.02.2016, 12:39*
It is written for Windows 7!

Itself was already mistaken due to the frequent repetition of the same. Below I will write fine, but it will not come again ...

The first BSOD is associated with ACPI compliant and BIOS update - but it can be disabled at the beginning of the installation by holding F7 (At the moment when it’s written to press F6 ...)

A workaround for this error was written for Windows XP!

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okay, I’ll download the off image of wines 7, I’ll try it too, but I say that I tried wines 10 and wines 8.1 to set the result the same, acpi bios error and some bios settings or buttons like f7 f6 f8 didn’t change anything :( ... I I don’t understand why it’s all so? I have a licensed 10, before that it worked perfectly for a couple of months as I bought an SSD, and then after I turn on the laptop again it does this ... I didn’t climb into the BIOS touched, I have only one suspicion, namely that Windows 10 automatically updated the BIOS with him, I already don’t remember exactly but sometimes ten it downloads driver updates, and software itself, and maybe when I turned on the laptop there they asked for the next update, there usually is a button to turn off and update, I just turned on the laptop for a year, it started normal, reached the password and normally went to reboot, after that everything It started, and I think even without a hard drive, stupidly with usb I can not boot.

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Wayrus @ 11.02.2016, 13:48*
I now do not understand why this is so?

I explain again: this is the commercial course of companies. So it was conceived that people could not install old operating systems themselves, but buy goods with a new operating system and precisely with the disk from which this operating system was installed. That is - a laptop for money and a disk for money too.
wayrus read topics by moderator links , can that you decide.
Also, the topics for installing Windows 8 - 10, GPT - MBR, SATA, UEFI, AMI BIOS, in order to understand in general how far the manufacturer has stepped. This is not what it was before!
Before that, I worked perfectly for a couple of months as I bought ssd, and then after I once again turn on the laptop, he gets up here

Writessd as SSD - so it is more correct, because as cuts are not! The hard disk you bought may have different parameters from the old, native one. Maybe because of his mistakes. Before installing, try changing the option in the BIOS RAID and ACHI - this is a point SATA .

I have only one suspicion, namely the fact that Windows 10 the BIOS "updated" it

Yes, yes, for sure! Another Windows 10 account resets, hacks accounts and launches rockets: D
Microsoft is not able to update in one Windows disk.Bios for all brands of laptops, such as even stupid.
Secondly, it is not legal. The laptop developer makes the firmware go.

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So this question. And from a flash drive you can install Windows Semerochka?

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So this question. And from a flash drive you can install Windows Semerochka?

If we are talking about this laptop, then why not?
In BIOS, configure everything as in the first post, spoilerBIOS Setup for Installing Windows 7
The main thing thatUSB interface in SECURITY has been unlocked [UNLOCK]
And furtherFast boot disable DISABLE
Save buttonF10 confirm YES
When loading clickEsc A menu will appear, choose FLASH storage device.

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Turkish, I reread a bunch of topics about uefi, mbr and gpt ...
I have a flash drive in uefi format, I redid the SSD in gpt, and I can’t install the system exactly, I changed the bios settings dozens of times in dozens of ways, and the result is the same, aspi bios error or error 0xc0000359. Turkish, please dump the BIOS dump, this will be the last chance if I have nothing burned out of course there, but I also ask the Turkish, I understand that you know this laptop better than me, and if you can drop me your Skype in a personal message, maybe in real time something happens.

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wayrus further we go, worse it becomes...
Apparently reading is poorly given, or you decide to troll me and make yours.
flash drive in my uefi format

As far as I remember, FAT32 is for UEFI, but I don’t understand why you did it, we don’t have a UEFI menu, I said read it for me to understand how the technology has gone.
I redid the SSD in gpt

I did not say to do it! The GPT is remade on Windows 8!
And you need to install Windows 7.
aspi bios error or error 0xc0000359

I tell you againDON'T BECOME A WINDOWS 8!
Turkish skin please dump the BIOS, it will be the last chance if there I have not burned anything

You are the topic moderatorShoore was reading? Read carefully? Read again!
If I take you the BIOS dump as it is, and you pass them, you will not turn on your laptop anymore!
if you can send me your Skype in a personal message, maybe in real time something will work out.

I do not sit on Skype, I do not sit in the social. networks, I don't sit anywhere, I don't need it.
Look for Windows 7, read everything new and install Windows 7.
With other versions of Windows do not bother me! Time will appear myself try and accomplish your goal.

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