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Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Unofficial firmware (OS 6.x.x - 9.x.x)

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Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Unofficial firmware (OS 6.x.x - 9.x.x)
PictureSamsung Galaxy S III, SGS3, GT-I9300, m0
Description | Discussion | FAQ | Accessories | Marriage / Repair | Wi-Fi setup and problems | Power consumption (autonomy) | Editing system apk | Modified and stock kernels | Custom recovery | EFS Recovery (IMEI) | Topics for CM12 / 13 | Official firmware | MIUI firmware | AOSP firmware (OS 4.x) | AOSP Firmware (OS 4.4) | Informal firmware (OS 4.xx) | Unofficial firmware (OS 5.x.x) | Unofficial firmware (OS 6.x.x - 8.x.x)

Important information!

Be sure to backup EFS and keep it on the external card / PC / in the cloud storage. Right now. Otherwise there may be a lot of things.go wrong.

Do not reset to factory settings via the firmware interface! Those who want to reset - readTHIS.

Before installing, carefully read the instructions "spoiler".
Android 9.x.x
Android 8.x.x
Android 7.x.x
Innovations in Android 7.x
[OMS] - label support firmware themes ®Substratum Theme Engine

Xda thread

Lineage OS 14.1
Xda thread | Download | Site | Changer

Xda thread | Download

Crdroid [OMS]
Xda thread | Download
Firmware from users4:

RESSURRECTION REMIX N Mod fromNoN1979 [OMS] Support discontinued
Post onsavagemessiahzine.com | Download

UNOFFICIAL Slim7 byNoN1979
Xda thread | Download

HexagonRom Nougat
Unclaimed but relevant:

NucleaRom [OMS]

AICP V12.1 [OMS]
Xda thread | Download

UNOFFICIAL Lineage OS 14.1 by BenLue
Xda thread | Download

Mokee [OMS]
Xda thread | Download | Site

Vanir [OMS]
Xda thread | Download
Android 6.x.x
Innovations in Android 6.x

Official CyanogenMod 13
Download the latest snapshot from 12/20/2016

Temasek CyanogenMod 13 | FAQ onsavagemessiahzine.com
Xda thread | Download

Xda thread | Download

FlymeOS 6 by SiFooYee
Unofficial SlimRom by Gokulbalram AOSP-based
NamelessROM 3.0 from dhiru1602
Haxynox AOSP-based
Sense 7 Marshmallow HTC ONE BY A2K
CyanogenMod 13.0 by Markox89
MoKee OS
Unofficial Paranoid Android 6.0 by Gokulbalram AOSP-based MiniFAQ onsavagemessiahzine.com

Archive firmware - in a technical post
Known bugs
The most critical errors CM14.1-based firmware

The most critical errors CM13-based firmware
  • Sometimes the error "Could not connect to the camera." A reboot helps. Or try this:Camerafix
  • The device wakes up from a deep sleep for a long time (up to 1 second when unlocked, about 3-5 seconds when an incoming call). Possible treatment for prolonged waking up when an incoming call is:Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Unofficial firmware (OS 6.x.x- 7.xx.) (Post Nik2001Nik3006 # 59958241)
  • In "heavy" games, the sound may "wheeze"
  • Some users of the biline in the list of calls are stored as "unknown". There is no 100% medicine, but in part some can be helped by this:Unknown number fix
  • Numerous complaints about the work of Bluetooth when using wireless headsets and all sorts of devices like smart watches. Latest firmware with adequate performance - 5.1.1.
The latest version of TWRP is strongly recommended for correct installation of the firmware and operation of OTA updates. | Download and discuss TWRP | TWRP FAQ

Transition from 4.3- the first steps. We get the root and custom recovery.
Very detailed instructions- install the firmware through custom recovery.
Manual update without data loss- update the already installed assembly.
Lineage OS downloads updates to/data/data/org.lineageos.updater/app_updates/

For those who want to return the stock - put your chosen stock(preferably service)via Odin(instruction)

There are no separate modems for these firmware. Newest laid outhere.

Google Apps (GApps) | FAQ
Open GApps Teamset: ARM | 7.1 (for 6.0 - 6.0) |Gapps set immediately. Together with firmware, kernel, etc.
An error occurred in the Setup Wizard application.- get rid of SetupWizard.
An error occurred in the Google Play Services application.- we set the rights to services.

CM13 / 14:
Built into the firmware - to activate go to "Settings - For Developers - Superuser Mode"
Lineage OS:
Install this file using recovery:Download
Mass complaints that the file has ceased to be installed. The official root from the Lineage team, but with an alternative installation script here:
Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Unofficial firmware (OS 6.x.x- 7.x.x) (Post Hellsingoff # 61172026)

Or we put SuperSU (savagemessiahzine.com | XDA) through recovery |Warning for installing SuperSU
Settings and usefulness
[N] - Compatibility mark with 7.0 according to users of this topic. Lack of tags does not mean lack of compatibility.
[N] - mark of lack of compatibility with 7.0. Exhibited at the time of editing, compatibility may appear later.
WritecuratoratQMS, if you checked some instructions and you need to put one of the tags.

To take a screenshot, you need to hold the volume down + the power button.
Full cleaning system from GApps+ clearing fromC-Apps
If the camera crashes, we kill the mediaserver process with any application like this:Disable Service (alternatives)
Also against camera errors can help:Camerafix
[N] [M] Addon.d script to save SuperSU and Boeffla kernel when updating nightie
Script enable onscreen buttons and disable touch+ return to the original state.
Disable touch buttons
Volume up- in headphones and external speaker
[N] Edited sound file - deeper file edits
Cleanup script after firmware + iOS emoji + user dictionary + If after applying the script, an error is set up by Developers. + Version without cleaning
To remove the "public alert" - delete / freeze the application of the same name ordo so
Turn on ignoring unstable power.- if the phone is charging too slowly
Tweak patch- A set of tweaks for different parts of the firmware.

[N] Fix sound voice dynamics (who does not adjust the volume)
[N] [M] GPS Fix - we change GPS reception.
About the item weather (weather) in the settings- add weather source
Multi-window mode- where to turn on and how to manage
Manual setting SMS center(XDA, English) +Transferonsavagemessiahzine.com
Curtain and tile settings
Tips for reducing power consumption- energy consumption is discussed inprofile topic
Remove the bass external speaker- we cut the frequency spectrum of the external speaker, since it still does not know how to reproduce low frequencies (increases the volume and clarity of the external speaker sound)

[N] Transition to F2FS and re-internal memory - we change the file system and get 1.5 GB of space
About the new use of external MicroSD- screenshots, instructions, script return cards to normal
Solving the problem with recording to an external microSD- if recording to external card does not work
PC connection + addition + MTP auto power on
Transferring game cache to external card- mount the folder / Android / obb with an external MicroSD.

[N] Dialer with Russian characters for 7.x
[N] Fullscreen dialer for 7.x
SELinuxModeChanger- change selinux status
The solution to the problem with the recording of a river in Titanium Backup- we indicate the way to the river
If application freezing caused cyclic loading (bootloop)- script defrost all applications
For questions about changing the desktop interface - refer to the topic.Your hislauncher (Trebuchet- built in |Google Start- from GApps)
[N] Xposed - set "Framework for Android 6.0.x: ARMv7 (32-bit)"
Addon.d script for saving Xposed when updating nightie
DSP + for Marshmallow- advanced equalizer
Spirit2- radio
Call Recording- a couple of sample programs +alternative
Flashoncall- flash as a notification (for example, on an incoming call)
[N] ®DualBootPatcher - install multiple firmware instead of one. Instruction
CyanDelta Updater- update the "official" assembly SM with less traffic
® CyanogenROM Downloader- OTA alternative to updating the "official" assemblies of the CM
Tasker- simple creation of scripts for all occasions (we add the missing functionality on our own)
Stock caller with photo on full screen- standard SM13 dialer, but with a photo of the caller in full screen.

Appearance and interface:
Android O DP2 Emoji & Fonts- fonts and emoji from Android O
[N] Pixel ui - design in a new style.
iOS 10 Emoji- smiles from iOS 10
[N] Google pixel style
[N] [M] Hide SuperSu Icon - get rid of # in the status bar.
[N] HideNoDataIcon - remove the cross near the network icon when mobile data is turned off.
Topics for CM13 + If after installing the theme, you can not enter the theme application
Theme diy- create a theme for CM13 directly from your smartphone.
Survey Screenshots
Old polls - in a technical post
May hats topicality
Attached Image
Topicals for April
Attached Image
The relevance of the caps for March
Attached Image

Small survey
Attached Image

Attached Image

The poll is closed 05.11.2018_ What firmware are you currently using?
Attached Image

For all questions filling caps - contact curator at QMS

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Reason for editing: LineageOS 16.0 (ALPHA)

Rep: (464)
Has someone already installed ResurrectionRemix-M-v5.6.0-20151213-i9300.zip?

Rep: (1084)
* crisis_trustee,
I stitched now, the first time it did not start after a full wipe, it was stitched to 12.1 and on top of ResurrectionRemix it got up and started. Now I’ll see what is there and how, I’ve already caught the departure from the settings, most of the settings are not translated into Russian, I’ll sit around and see how it is :) I’ve fixed the gapps recommended by the author of the Roma and errors, hours, services, settings, something else I don’t have time to read about it, the windows only flash on the screen: D

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* crisis_trustee,

Installed, everything seems to be nothing, but, personally, I have ucbrowser crash,savagemessiahzine.comclient + app & game crash. That was enough for me, demolished. I put it with the recommended gapps, there were no Google service errors. There are errors in the status bar, the switches are configured one time, sometimes the interface crashes. Stitched with supersu 2.62

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* iljas-tatarin,
He also recovered, the second time he was already kind of stitched without major errors, but one feature was thrown out of the settings a couple of times. Super su 2.62 zadolbal asking to update the binary, either usually or through TWRP did not update it. I don’t know, it’s still very raw, I hope everything will be fine later, but for now I’ll sit on 12.1 too :)

Rep: (94)
Has someone already installed ResurrectionRemix-M-v5.6.0-20151213-i9300.zip?

Do not believe it! I sewed on top of the drain 4.3, I fixed the gaps recommended, made a wipe cache and a dalwick, I flashed SU again, recommended. I downloaded the body, set up the hour, restored the software from the backup. Not a single crash, the connection does not fall off, wai-wai works (through it and restored the software).

Rep: (106)
Yurasik3069 @ 12.12.2015, 22:11*
* iljas-tatarin,
Super su 2.62 zadolbal asking to update the binary, either usually or through TWRP did not update it.

I also did not want to update the binary on (CyanogenMod 13 - Build 7), deleted it and updated it through twrp with a new one.

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Rep: (1084)
* bollo9,
I re-launched the third time all the same and launched it and made it work, and super su normally got up without suggestions to update the binary. Now I’m recovering from a backup of 12.1, I didn’t really manage to make half of the prog work, in total I’ve got enough to specify a folder with backup, I didn’t want to see a memory card. Although for any pro 12.1 total it picked up all my settings automatically after installing the key to it and checking the license with permission. Kel did not find the recorded files and the folder with them is not registered in it from the card, he doesn’t understand how he starts working, then he writes, then he crashes. True, it was necessary to call a toll-free biline number, because late and I don’t want to wake people up. Something still could not run from the previously installed and working earlier, errors fly out. Again, it was thrown out of the settings, then the settings error, then the interface error produced: D In short, if you mess around, you can sew and use, if you use the case and often, well, fuck it, at least not now, IMHO. Well, it’s all for the amateur, maybe someone likes to pick and catch glitches, I need a working pipe with all the things I’m used to and what works for me and is set up: D There are enough experiments for now, I’ll wait less working and

Rep: (405)
Well got RR, with no visible glitches and falls. I put first CM13, then RR + Gapps + SU + wipe dalvik / cache
For every fireman, in the settings / configuration / miscellaneous it is necessary to put Selinux Mode in permissive, it is too early for the device to be fully enforcing to work.

Rep: (2783)
Nenormalny @ 12/13/15, 10:34 PM*
Do not believe it! I sewed over the drain 4.3,

And why not believe it?
Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Android Lollipop firmware port (OS 5.0) (Post shoma_81 # 45223245)
Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Android Lollipop firmware port (OS 5.0) (Post shoma_81 # 45227269)

Rep: (9)
Put rr m and the phone on charge is discharged, what to do?

Rep: (2783)
* reup ,
Wait for a fix or kernel boeffla.
He, too, was piled up with 6.0 due to wi-fi and slow charging.

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Rep: (31)
* shoma_81,
Onby thisThere are no such builds. The only thing that happened to me today is that the clock is almost 3 hours behind the night and as a result I overslept couples.

Rep: (954)
* Evermerator,
There 6.0.0, in 6.0.1 fixed this bug. ;)

Rep: (5)
Instructions will be? :) Preferably detailed

Rep: (31)
* DogAlyx,
I know about 6.0.1, it’s a pity there is no AOSP with version 6.0.1. Haxynox turned out to be 6.0, even though the author wrote in the thread that there is 6.0.1. CM13 is now very crooked compared to AOSP, you will then have to wait for a more stable version of CM13, because I doubt that there will be AOSP on 6.0.1, the Haxynox team has been cutting builds for too long.

Rep: (2783)
Someone wrote about troubles with Root Explorer.
You need to install from the market any application of the type SD Fix Tool (SD Write Fix Tool)https: //play.google.co...d%20write&c=apps&hl=enAnd make a record on an external sdcard. With the next entry in the Root Explorer, you will be transferred to the stock file manager and you need to select an external sdcard and confirm the action. The following attempts to write / delete should take place without any problems.

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Reason for editing: Removed too much, so as not to confuse those following a link in the header

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* shoma_81,
I don't know about that.

Rep: (72)
Instructions for increasing the volume on cm 13.

1. Activate the developer mode in the settings (go to the settings 8 times click on the build number, then go to the settings of the developers and look for the settings of the superuser there we select for adb and programs)
2. Download Es Explorer from Google Play or from the forum.
3. In the left es menu of the explorer, activate the root explorer and then follow the path to the top of the screenshot.

/ system / etc / sound /

4. Open the m0 file as text and select ES Editor looking for a text fragment as in the third screenshot and change the value with the number 50, 57 or any other to 63 (I recommend from 57 to 60). Save the file.
5. Do a reboot and enjoy the loud sound without any cores. (IMHO: the system works more smoothly and stably with the Cyan core)

P.S .: If the sound is in headphones, wheezing, then decrease the value in the m0 file.

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Rep: (9)
What does everyone on cm13 have such a problem with slow charging?

Rep: (4)
Has anyone put a kernel onRock's?

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