HomTom HT6 - Firmware

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HomTom HT6 - Firmware
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Important information!
Need todeleteRoot rightsSo as not to get a brick when updating the firmware.

Drivers and Utilities





Firmware screenshots
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MTKdroidTools see the phone !!!

And he asks what he wants?
Drivers, skater?

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And so the seller gave firmware


I ask her all the items of my phone, after first boot does not work pressing screen, the screen shows the offset press which is not there, under the display buttons do not work.

I do not recommend to sew, I though animated phone plan rekoveri! BUT NOT HER Sew screen does not respond to pressing and if they react very strangely.

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Babeer @ 04.12.2015, 13:42*
Put wood downloaded from Yandex drive from в„–1.

Update the link please, I have to raise it as a hybrid display your work on your phone

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And I understand the screen as it is inverted, as if I had turned the phone if you stick poked over the top from the bottom, and vice versa. Home button, back commands - do not work

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* bunif11,
A CWM is placed or also zero? I just delve into the features of the MTK, I do not know all the details, I realized that does not cook porridge MTKdroidTools

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Generally does not want to ask in prodovtsa with different firmware phone, he told me to give black there may display differently positioned, top bottom, calibration or whatever I xs.

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vomnitting @ 04.12.2015, 16:44*
Home button, back commands - do not work

So try rezvernut smart and in inverted form to press.

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kalipso888 @ 04.12.2015, 20:05*
in inverted form

None does not want to, I'll do a video camera down charged issues. That became clear to everyone that this kind of attack.

Posted on 12/04/2015, 17:14:

Backup to someone thread, it seems to me would help.

Posted on 12/04/2015, 17:17:

The most interesting way you can not avoid this screen with the registration?

Posted on 12/04/2015, 17:20:

Dear friends, the huge request to you to ask for your phone sellers STOCK firmware tell what is required to restore the system. So we get at the disposal of the different firmware versions with different phones, even if they are the same version, as I understand the party still differ. So Makar can not afraid to test the phone to put everything you want and whenever you want.

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Babeer @ 04.12.2015, 20:23*
Try to work.

Listen, I throw with preloader and not replaced it differently in my folder called it, and when I rename the vylazaet Chex error.

Posted on 12/04/2015, 17:30:

Mlzhesh me your firmware to okitel collected

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lavrik_2004 @ 04.12.2015, 14:18*
Damn, guys, I want to help you, I have been picking for three hours already, but MTKdroidTools doesn’t want to see the phone !!! And the driver, and so and so.

If you really want to help - then download scatter-file and strip SP FT dump a ROM (ie one large file). Yes, throw it in a thread of a cloud service, as a reference here. And will you ... and us great happiness.

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I flashed like you said I have the logo OKITEL Wisnu iperezagruzhaetsya phone

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subject heading, lead theme of homtom ht6 .In topic requires firmware and source code.
I wrote their produ Black peach (prod. By Ali)

Posted on 12/04/2015, 17:35:

Babeer @ 04.12.2015, 17:30*
And will you ... and us great happiness.

He needs it to paint on his fingers the process in detail, if not difficult.

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TWRP Recovery
TWRP screenshots
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Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Download Attached fileTWRP_Recovery_HT6.rar (12.98 MB)

Install TWRP Recovery

Get ROOT Rights
Flash THIS PATCH from TWRP Recovery

The only question QMS

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vomnitting @ 04.12.2015, 16:30*
Listen, I throw with preloader and not replaced it differently in my folder called it, and when I rename the vylazaet Chex error.

Try SP FT version.
Attached Image

And I did not do the assembly. Stupidly took firmware from OUKITEL and unpacked. Just changed the preloader. But only sews boot.img, preloader.bin and system.img - that is only partially downloaded update. Phone before it is not formatted.
Ksatati if SP FT click the preloader, you will come out a dialog box that lets you specify the desired preloader. (In principle, you can specify the other parts of the firmware). That's kind of SP FT settings before reinsertion
Attached Image

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Babeer @ 04.12.2015, 20:43*
not formatted

Damn, I already formatted

Posted on 12/04/2015, 17:47:

By the way no one knows there is no diagnostic mode to the calibration? Sandwiched down the volume and the power to extradite the menu in Chinese, like Tipo test of the sound image, and so on.

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Babeer @ 04.12.2015, 18:30*
the scatter-file download and strip SP FT dump a ROM

Indeed, in more detail how to do

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kalipso888 @ 04.12.2015, 15:05*
So try rezvernut smart and in inverted form to press.

If I am not mistaken, it is necessary to register a line build.prop ro.sf.hwrotation = 180, but that requires Ruth and rootexplorer.

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aew @ 04.12.2015, 16:48*
Indeed, in more detail how to do

Here is the instruction.Click here!
If all you do so and vikinesh least not cut ROM - that help many sufferers.

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I do not understand something. That nobody canTWRP Recovery/CWM Recoveryand in it to make a backup and then lay out here that people recovered? Above there is a message from
* hanuma50, with reference to it, and how to install. What is the problem? Flashlight does not work?

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megageorik @ 04.12.2015, 20:59*
Fleshtul does not work?

I agree. Yet such is not difficult.

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