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Cube iWork 8 Ultimate & Cube iWork 8 Air
tabletpc on Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 | 2GB + 32GB | Windows 10 + Android 5.1 | 8 "IPS screen
Description | Windows 10 пїЅ | Windows RT and software пїЅ | Games for tablets on Intel Cherry Trail пїЅ | Android | Linux on tablets пїЅ | Change the operating system пїЅ | Search programs пїЅ | Antivirus пїЅ | Ambulance tablet owners пїЅ | IT smoker пїЅ | Operating systems and software

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  • To enter the UEFI BIOS on the physical keyboard, press delete during power up.In the BIOS, you can goand through the up key + switch on, the touch works in the BIOS, F7 - Boot menu.
  • Do not change the UEFI BIOS settings unless absolutely necessary. Incorrectly set-up equipment can deny you access to the system or damage the hardware of the device! Also DO NOT change the BIOS UEFI, in case of failure, get a brick.
  • Tablet revision can be found on the back cover: i1TF32GB number 11 digit. i1TF is the revision
  • Be careful, the screen is plastic.

Cube iwork 8 Tablet PC Highlights:
- 8 inch Screen, Cube iWork 8 Ultimate: 1280x800 pixels, Cube iWork 8 Air: 1920x1200 pixels display
- 64Bit Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 quad core 1.84GHz, 14nm
- Windows 10

Cube iwork 8 Tablet detailed features:
Model Cube iWork 8 Ultimate (Cube iWork 8 Air)
OS: Windows 10
CPU: 64Bit Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 quad core 1.84GHz, 14nm
GPU: Intel HD Graphic Gen8
White colour
Screen: IPS capacitive touch
Screen size: 8 inches
Screen Matrix: Cube iWork 8 Ultimate: 1280x800, Cube iWork 8 Air: 1920x1200
Expansion Cards: Support supported TF card up to 32 GB
Two cameras: 2MP front camera, 2MP rear camera
WIFI: 802.11 b / g / n
Bluetooth: V4.0
HDMI: supports micro HDMI
OTG: supported
Speaker: Dual speakers
Earphone Interface: 3.5mm
Gravity Sensor: Yes
Multitouch: 5 touches
Battery: 3300 mAh

Dimensions: 214x133x8.8 mm
Weight: 340 g

1 x Cube iwork8 Plus Win10 Tablet
1 x Micro USB cable
1 x Charger 5V 2A
Operating Systems
Revision I1-T:
Official ROM Cube iWORK8 Ultimate Version: iWORK8-Win10-I1-T-10162015
Cube iWork8 Air (i1TF) Dual OS installation ROM mirror on yandex
IWork8 Ultimate (i1-T) Dual OS
Dual iBut for i1-t:Download from manufacturer’s server

Revision I1-TWB:
The post contains firmware only with Adnroid, as well as the combi Adnroid + Windows 10 Pro lite

Revision i1-TF:
Install Android with the only operating system on all disk space

Firmware for Air (i1TF): Android 4GB (TWRP + root + SuperSU), Windows 21GB (version 1607 with updates on 01/01/2017)
Cube iWork 8 Air Firmware
Backup RemixOS (root, TWRP) + Windows 10 for Micrium
Build based on Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB

Revision I1-TC:
CUBE iWork 8 ultimate for revision I1-TC
CyanogenMod 13 (Android 6.0.1) for (I1-T / I1-TD / I1-TWB / I1-TC) and iWork8 Air (I1-TF)

Revision DXP2J1:
CyanogenMod 12.1 (Android 5.1.1) for Cube iWork8 Ultimate & iWork8 Air
Remix OS 2.0 (Android 5.1.1) for Cube iWork8 Ultimate & iWork8 Air

Revision I1-TD:
Android for revision I1-TD, added Chinese TWRP and SuperSU

CyanogenMod 13 (Android 6.0.1) for (I1-T / I1-TD / I1-TWB / I1-TC) and iWork8 Air (I1-TF)

Android 6 (CM13) + patches for all revisions
Android 5.1 stock, the one that came from the factory, cleaned up Chinese garbage

Installing TWRP from under Windows
Dual boot installation instructions
Article in English on firmware Cube iwork8 Ultimate How To Flash Dual Boot With Download
Special themefor enthusiasts interested in porting Android and Linux firmware to Intel mobile processors.
LINUX on UEFI 32/64 bit
Porting firmware to devices with a baytrail-t Z3735-70 processor
New UEFI can be installed directly from under windows unnecessarily do not touch UEFI without understanding what you are doing - get a brick!
BIOS firmware unnecessarily do not touch UEFI without understanding what you are doing - get a brick!
UEFI BIOS reset with idle screen (blind)
BIOS recovery and tablet robotic performance
Bios from i1TW dualboot
Replace the picture when you turn on the tablet
BIOS settings to improve gaming performance, disable trotting, increase emmc reading speed and memory cards(It is advisable to set these settings withmodified cooling)
BIOS 32 bit
Problem solving
Windows troubleshooting
Factory driver for Cube Iwork8 Ultimate tablet graphics processor (maximum gaming performance)
Reinstalling Windows without a hub, mouse, keyboard, or flash drive (hard case)
Installing a clean new Windows on a dual-boot system with the remaining Android worker
How to turn a dual-boot “Android and Windows” system into a Windows 10-only system WITHOUT OS RESTORE
How to delete the Windows.old folder after the update and clean the disk from system temporary files
Macrium (for backup system image), runs on WinPE
Emulator Android AMIDuOS- Launch Android applications in a separate window.
Quenching the backlight of the screen without going to sleep (to listen to music and downloads)
The scheme steps to restore partitions from pre-created images using Macrium
How to reinstall Win 10 x86 with DUAL OS ON SINGLE OS
Transfer usb (sd) memory to hdd mode
Screen Backlash
What to do if the tablet does not see a USB flash drive from under Windows, but on Android everything works
In order not to fall off the memory card on Win 10 x86
How to make the touchscreen work correctly on a tablet with dualboot out of the box
Playing music with the screen off while only with Groove
To improve the sound quality, you need to turn off the equalizer: use the button on the tray sound icon, in the Playback tab select Speakers, below the Properties button, SystemEffects activate Disable System Effects.
How to upgrade Windows 10 to the new version in the face of lack of free disk space
Installing a clean new Windows
Turn off Windows Connected Standby
Android troubleshooting
Solving common problems
Twin devices
Tablet Reviews and Reviews
Reset the system to factory settings
Attention : in stock condition, a 32 GB device has two operating systems - Windows 10 and Android 5.1. As a rule, after installing the custom software 2-4 GB is free. But some of them can be used by the paging file. The remaining disk space is not enough to reset the system to its original state. Therefore, an attempt to reset the system through the standard Windows 10 tool will render the device inoperable! In this case, the reset must be done from the boot drive.
In those cases when Windows 10 does not start, you can make a reset using a flash drive with WinPE. You can create a bootable USB flash drive using the Windows 10 utility.Media Creation Tool. To work with flash drives you need a usb hub to connect the charging and keyboard, because The battery may not be enough for the time of installation of the system. It is recommended to carry out all manipulations to restore the system’s performance with a fully charged tablet battery.

Feedback on the battery quality from the topic header

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I ordered this tablet, but I don’t have time to teach it before the New Year.
Given the reviews of the hot CPU 8300, I ordered copper plates to modify the CO (cooling system).

I have a question: "Does iWork 8 Ultimate have a separate power socket?".
Just some descriptions mentionedDC Jack

plz backup the system and drivers and put it to the thread

There is a proventhe way : "How to make a backup of drivers, backup systems and install drivers from your backup".

Here, I hardly found the driver for Cube iWork 8 Ultimate at techtablets. Link led toGoogle Drive
The Chinese usually have drivers without a digital signature, so in Windows you need to disable
digital signature verification. Disable / enable digital signature verification in w10 / w7
can be done via cmd from the admin - run:
bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITI_CECKS
bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON
overload. Re-enable digital signature verification: bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF
If after this driver will be put crooked, check morethis

More on techtablets write that the Cube Iwork8 Ultimate screen brightnessabove than the Onda V820W CH.
Perhaps this is due to the "G + P IPS Capacitive Touch Screen", but I did not find the decoding.

We need to do something (add tags) so that Google finds this topic. Bye to the query "Cube iWork 8"Google does not find this topic.

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* slackingdaemon You can tell what is the battery life (it would be better, for example, to play video with max brightness and Internet disconnected). And then judging by the review on techtablets, it turns out that he has the same battery as in ond ch. And this is good news.

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hvalera777 @ 12/08/2015, 16:35*
Just in some descriptions mentioned DC Jack

In the device that I (i1-t) of the connectors have only micro usb + micro sd + micro hdmi + headphones.

hvalera777 @ 12/08/2015, 16:35*
slackingdaemon, can you tell me what is the battery life

I can not yet. First of all, I began to rearrange the system. I do not trust the Chinese in general, and other manufacturers in general, too :)
(and it was necessary to make a backup of firewood :))

Cherze a couple of days I can write if today I can install the driver.
(because now the touch screen, sound and battery sensor do not work at all)

By weight it is quite light. There is hardly any tangible battery volume there, but the 14-nanometer atom is sooooo little. we will see.
Wow mother of God!

Thank you vova-55 it all started!

Only the firewood on the touch and the sound themselves were simply not searched for in the folder, we had to right-click on the * .inf file ->install

So everything was resolved, now the sound, touch, battery work, other problems seem to be not visible.

Just in case the firewood repacked and perezalil here:!DxMw…PddOvkaaUns9TFMEVAYGQ0

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slackingdaemon @ 12/08/2015, 19:12*
By weight it is quite light.

Onda is also not heavy, but the battery is 3.8-4 mAh. Maybe the cube just had the capacity of the battery written off from the previous version.
P.S. If there is a shtangel - can you measure the thickness of the tablet, preferably up to tenths of mm?

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slackingdaemon @ 12/08/2015, 20:12*
The first thing I began to rearrange the system

Also plan to reinstall. There are excellent assemblies from a respectedjp2008 and even constructor .
Plus settings withDestroy Windows 10 Spying
(there are many opportunities for this program, it is better to use it in stages with the possibility of rollback).

hvalera777 @ 12/08/2015, 18:35*
what is the battery life

In the next topic, they write that Onda V820W CH has an average work time of 4 hours1 , 2 , 3 .
I’m not surprised if iWork 8 Ultimate has a nearly the same duration.
But judging by the numbers, the battery is 21% weaker.
hvalera777 @ 12/08/2015, 21:26*
If there is a barbell, you can measure the thickness of the tablet.

I saw a photo in the description, it shows a width of 9.8mm, the rest is 127.09 x 213.38
By the way, the Cube is heavier than Onda - 339g against 317g

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Also a couple of days ago I became the owner of this tablet. Ordered for gearbest on November 11 for a $ 80 stock. Reached the package in 26 days. Included with the tablet is a data cable, OTG cable, manual English-Chinese. The charger was not included, but it was only at hand from the 1A phone. I suffered a bit until I realized that without a 5V 2A charger there is nothing to do: either it takes too long to charge, or with a low charge from a weak charger it wasn’t powered at all, although the indicators seemed to be on fire: D
Provisional Chinese before shipping installed to English and Chinese: Russian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French
I updated the version for the sake of interest, but it turned out that the Russian language was not updated and everything became miraculously Chinese: rolleyes: I danced a little with a tambourine, and switched the interface back to Russian.

Is Windows here by default 32 bits, but somehow I did not understand right away? in advertising, I remember something about 64 bits out of the box said ...

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I also join the owners of this tablet. While everyone is satisfied, the charge keeps 5 hours at an average load. Strange just that aida showed battery wear by 24%. Immediately made a complete reset of Windows 10 to the factory settings (or as it is correctly called) works fine. There was a problem with sound (there were no low frequencies in both the speaker and the headphones) it was decided to turn off the Intel sound enhancement in the sound settings. There will be a driver I will reinstall Windows.

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who knows why there may not want to put Windows x64?

the processor should allow ...

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* slackingdaemon 32-bit firmware.

Rep: (35)
* slackingdaemon uefi does not support 64 bits. If the cube lays out a new bios with such support, then it will be possible to deliver.

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who knows why there may not want to put Windows x64?

Even if there is a new efi with 64 bit support and windows x64 installed, then where can I get drivers for x64?
I ordered myself a tablet, but when I read the topic of the onda, I start to be frightened by everyone’s shoals.

The main problems are due to overheating of gamers.
Atom x5-8xxx is well advertised, however, 14nm does not seem to be debugged.
With active cooling, these processors in heavy tasks can noticeably more.
And with passive cooling due to overheating, x5-8xxx are forced to lower frequencies.
As a result, in factory passive cooling, they cannot reveal their speed advantages.
Without upgrading the CO (cooling system) in practice, we have only the advantage of the Atom x5-8300
in higher profitability before the previous generation Bay Trail

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Is it possible to connect an Android phone to a tablet like to a desktop computer for file sharing? I tried to connect via OTG cable, just the phone indicator is on and everything

By bluetooth: is it possible to configure it so that Windows does not generate a pairing password every time, but without it at all or with the same one? And then in my phone (Android 4.0.3), the introduction of this code is not available for pairing with the tablet.

For documents, reading instructions and the Internet is quite suitable. As a rule, until the end of the day there is enough charge.
I ordered such a tablet caseCube iwork8 Ultimate

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Ordered such a case for tablet Cube iwork8 Ultimate

Yesterday I received a beige case, along with a tablet. Or a tablet, with a case together. ))
The cover is normal, but I did not like the stability, if the cover in the triangle is folded back. Or my hands.
Perhaps because the cube screen is covered with glass (in any case, the sellers in the description was G + G)

Felt, knocked, glass does not smell. In my opinion plastic.

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I tried to connect via OTG cable, just the phone indicator is on and everything

The phone must be connected. Maybe a problem with the drivers or in the settings of the android.
Perhaps, in Windows 10, the connection both via USB and bluetooch is configured
somewhat differently (I can’t check it yet, I haven’t yet).
When installing drivers for your phone, you may need to perform certain actions
which are describedhere under the spoiler @ 12/17/2015, 19:48*
Does the HDMI output work?

Must work. I have seen cases in the adapter or cable length
the metal part of the connector had to be lengthened by cutting the plastic part.

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HDMI is working. Checked on a bunch of microHDMI-HDMI + HDMI-DVI. Displayed on Acer V233hbd. There is no TV or monitor with HDMI at hand

As it turned out, with the cable that came with the tablet, the phone is not recognized on the stationary computer. Check it is not possible now, the cable or telephone is to blame: there is no native telephone cable at hand - it made use of it

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As it turned out, something is wrong with the phone (most likely the connector). The employee at work asked for the phone: everything works.

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vova-55 @ 12.12.2015, 18:48*
[email protected], 23:51
who knows why there may not want to put Windows x64?

Even if there is a new efi with 64 bit support and windows x64 installed, then where can I get drivers for x64?

Found here:
OS: Windows 10 (If you need Win 10 Pro, you need to buy a license key from Mircosoft)

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Found here:
OS: Windows 10 (If you need Win 10 Pro, you need to buy a license key from Mircosoft)

It seems there is no answer to the topic. Pro and x64, several different things.
In addition, the tablet UEFI 32 bit.

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Pro and x64, several different things.

Here is a detailed article with links. I do not know how authoritative the source. But the article, in general, says:one iron - one win 10!

Rep: (257)
Here is a detailed article with links. I do not know how authoritative the source. But the article, in general, says: one iron - one Win 10!

Ssylochku forgot.
Did not understand you. Do you think that the Pro / Home edition of Windows and the bitness are the same?

For the first time I deal with a tablet on Win and a new generation on UEFI.
Saved the image of the system on this tablet and could not understand why I can not boot from a UEFI flash drive.
It turned out to create a bootable USB flash drive with PE x64. UEFI did not see the bootloader. I conclude, install x32 and install a clean x32 Pro system.
I would not give up on x64, compare in work.

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