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Identifying devices by photo

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Do you have a device that for some reason could not be identified? That way!
The forum decided to post images under the spoiler

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most do not have to look at China as such here

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Recently I stumbled in here on a private advertisementsuch abeast. Neither the name of the brand or model name is not specified ... Has anyone seen / heard / I was holding? There certainly is a suspicion that the product is made in China, but would like a more complete Old and not by Seller: thank_you:

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Judging by the screenshot - not Chinese. View all the new tablets =)

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Vitaha_N, he

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stumbled recently on this phone here))) would like to know there is a date model.vnutri 2008 / 2009.zaranee thank

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an ordinary Chinese man with a touch screen, not a smartphone

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kitayfon clearly a parody of the Nokia, wanted to know, you have it java works?

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a parody of Nokia, zt 321 mark, Chinese processor 6226, no java, chips 4 pieces))

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Dream yourself to flash it ... can someone tell me the rules firmware for it ?? advance thank you very much !!!!!

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I would like to know is HTC Herm 200, HTC Hermes 200 or HTC TyTn P4500 (they're all the same). Actually you need to learn what firmware it will rise.

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Come in bottles - there will be a written modification unit

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Who is it ?
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(Under the battery says "Z125"

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similar to hp1950

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Guys help, bought a copy of the device Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 (StarX10) in the form of one to one like the original only no of information about what it is worth, or firmware that he did it represents in terms of vnutrennostey.Nabral code that a friend suggested he gave me such infu:
SERIAL #: MT12345678901234567
2010/09/14 11:48

Supports Java, WI-FI and WLAN are two sim cards two cameras (one a webcam 1.3) yet it stumbles native application such as Skype, eBuddy, Opera.
Pliz help to understand that he is a

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I have it here
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On the box was written X1, the rest of the characters.
Win5, GPS, 3.5 screen, touchscreen, chipset TI OMAP 730.
I broke it himself - fell off the calendar, downloaded somewhere else and set - no longer loaded. You need to make hard reset, and for this to identify the unit. Maybe someone knows - with whom it is copied?

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AzuraSoul, This is a Chinese fake phone. By smart to do.

user2112, Take out the battery and post it is written underneath.

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Johnny P @ 09.11.2010, 22:28*
Take out the battery and post it, underneath it says

Here is a photo without battery equ ____________ __________________ box (suddenly come in handy)
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only now I noticed that the X on the box with a capital letter, and 1 with a small - what could it be.

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user2112, Chinese PDA SmartX1 , the same

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Johnny P @ 11.11.2010, 15:07*
Chinese PDA SmartX1

Smart X1 is very similar to mine, and not only in appearance. Virtually all options as I have only better: more memory, chipset, TI OMAP 850 and I 730, have WiFi and I do not have, etc. I assume that XP is the same. It remains only to find someone has to figure out Smart X1 and that he still knew how to make XP.

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HTC Hero Dual Sim
Help me find firewood can not seem to connect it to a computer.
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HTC Hero Dual Sim (COMMUNICATOR with two active SIM-card)

Operating system: Windows mobile 6.5

Processor: Qualcomn MSN7200A 528MHz

ROM: 256MB

RAM: 128MB

Support for microSD cards up to 16GB

Dimensions: mm 112h51h14

Weight: 102 g (with battery)

Battery: 1350mA (Nokia BL-5C)

standby time: 300 - 400 hours.

Talk Mode: 3 - 4 hours.

Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

2 active SIM cards

Screen: Touch diagonal 3.0 inches (240x320)

Management: a stylus, soft keys, touch trackball, side volume keys

Ergonomics: comfortable curved lower part

Camera: 5.0 Mpix with autofocus (2560h1920 photo, video 640x480 according to tests), front camera 0.3 Mpix

Built-in voice GPS-navigation (Star III)

FM radio

Wi-Fi: 802.11b / g

Bluetooth 2.0

EDGE, GPRS, WAP, MMS, e-mail

Outputs: Micro USB, 3.5 mm audio jack

Installed Software: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote), PowerPoint, e-mail Outlook, Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, MSN, games Buddle Solitaire, Java, Live Search, Windows Live, Active Sync, Task Manager

Memory Phonebook: 10 000 contacts.

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