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ROIDMI | The program for the FM-transmitter from the company Xiaomi

Rep: (1835)
Roidmi life
Version: 2.5.7

Official site | Purchase » | Talk Roidmi »| Appendix Roidmi Driver» | Xiaomi club »

Last update of the program in the header:03.04.2019

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Additional screenshots
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Short description:
Roidmi Life program is designed to manage the FM-transmitter Roidmi from the company Xiaomi.

Roidmi Life program is designed to manage the FM-transmitter Roidmi from the company Xiaomi.

Short features:

1. The transfer of sound from the phone to the vehicle receiver
2. Setting up the transmitter parameters via phone
3. Office of the transmitter via phone
4. Change the LED transmitter via phone

The list is not supported cars
PEUGEOT 2008, DS 3 SKODA Fabia, TOYOTA Vois, Changan Mazda 2, Dongfeng Honda XR-V, Renault Captur, Honda Odyssey / City / Vezel / Crider / Shuttle, CITROEN Elysee. No NISSAN, SUBARU or KIA.
What is needed lighter
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Russian interface: Part (from Chinese themselves)

Developer: Xiaomi
Homepage: link
MI Store: link
GooglePlay: link

Version 2.5.4:
Fixed some known bugs
Version 2.4.6:
New features
Optimize your login experience in
Optimizing the Bluetooth connection to improve stability
Version 2.4.5:
The new device: Air cleaner Ruimi
Optimizing the Bluetooth connection stability
Version 2.4.4:
Added air purifier Ruimi
Optimized logon
Version 2.4.1:
authentication optimization
Version 2.3.5:
Optimized battery consumption
Reduce the size of the installation file
Version 2.3.2:
1. The new name of the program - Roidmi Life
2. Updated the service of driving assessment
3. Change the home page for a right sidebar U
4. Optimized interface adaptation problems.
5. Fixed some known bugs
Version 2.3.1:
1. Update service
2. Optimization software power
3. Limiting the line to add a reminder, you can more easily view the situation from day line
4. Fixed some bugs
Version 2.3.0:
1. Adaptation to Android 7.x
2. Fixed some bugs that could crash
Version 2.2.9:
1. Bug fixes
Version 2.2.7:
To solve some of the mobile phone use this app crash problem
Version 2.2.5:
1. Tips for the weather for the day and hot news
2. Support for the following tips for the ultimate limits:
Beijing, Tianjin, Changchun, Nanchang, Chengdu, Guiyang, Hangzhou, Lanzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen
3. As the service update for the suspension of illegal requests, follow-up will be re-opened, so stay tuned!
4. Optimized connecting road network
5. Fixed some known bugs, optimized the experience of using
Version 2.2.4:
修复 车 净 第 一次 链接 可能 会 出现 异常 的 情况 - untranslatable Chinese folklore
Version 2.2.3:
No data
Version 2.2.0:
1. Optimization of mining driving systems, the optimization of the power situation
2. Now you can use your phone in the freedom of choice to automatically play the music player
Version 2.1.8:
Optimizing productivity software.
Version 2.1.6:
1. Resolves application crash problem on some phones (if the problem persists, try restarting the app)
Version 2.1.2:
1. Optimized battery consumption.
Application starts automatically, because we want the application to play songs automatically when you get in the car. If you do not want to do this, you can disable this option in your phone settings
Version 2.1.3:
Fixed part of the translation
Removed the 'push' service
Version 2.1.1:
Removed the need for authorization in the program
Version 2.1.0:
Added support for Russian, Ukrainian languages
Version 2.0.8:
Fixed crash when entering the program
Version 2.0.6:
It increased the number of vehicles that can be controlled
Added support for a new device Mijia Car Air Purifier
Version 2.0.4:
Remove account login. Repair part bug
Version 2.0.3:
1. Fixed the problem of speech recognition
2. Other fixes.
3. Optimized performance, reduced memory usage;
Version 1.40:
1. Optimized application update
2. Other bug fixes, improved stability.
Version 1.39:
1. Added the function switch songs by shaking the phone.
2. Fixed bugs, improved stability.
Version 1.38:
1. Optimize performance, improve software stability.
2. Fixed other bugs.
Version 1.37:
- no data
Version 1.36:
1. Changing the feedback, the feedback response is increased.
2. Added the movement
3. Some fixes
The difference between the original version of Opel
Removed all languages, made a translation into Russian, no other changes

ROIDMI 2.5.7 (Post leinsprod_ # 84013559)
Past versions
Attached fileRoidmi_Life_2.5.4_ru.apk(19.8 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Life_2.4.7_ru.apk(19.59 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Life_2.4.6_ru.apk(19.74 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Life_2.4.5_ru_Opel.apk(19.32 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Life_2.4.5_ru.apk(19.54 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Life_2.4.4_ru.apk(19.57 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Life_2.4.3_ru.apk(19 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Life_2.4.1_ru_Opel.apk(13.4 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Life_2.4.1_ru.apk(17.66 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Life_2.4.0_ru_Opel.apk(13.41 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Life_2.4.0_ru.apk(17.67 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Life_2.3.7_ru_Opel.apk(17.29 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Life_2.3.7_ru.apk(17.02 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Life_2.3.5_ru.apk(17.12 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.2.9_ru_Opel.apk(25.77 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Life_2.3.2_ru.apk(27 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.3.1_ru.apk(28.13 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.3.0_ru.apk(26.62 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.2.9_ru.apk(26.1 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.2.7_ru_Opel.apk(26.91 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.2.8_ru.apk(27.79 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.2.7_ru.apk(27.24 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.2.3_ru_Opel.apk(21.39 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.2.5_ru.apk(28.05 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.2.4_ru.apk(22.04 MB)
Attached ImageMiFM_2.0.4_ru_malchik-solnce
Attached ImageMiFM_2.0.2_ru_multirom
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.2.3_ru.apk(21.67 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.2.0_ru.apk(20.43 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.1.8_ru_Opel.apk(20.03 MB)
Attached fileMiFM_2.0.4_ru_Opel.apk(17.94 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.1.8_ru.apk(20.56 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.1.6_ru.apk(20.55 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.1.3_ru.apk(21.37 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.1.2_ru.apk(21.37 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.1.1_ru.apk(21.05 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.1.0_ru.apk(21.35 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.0.8_en.apk(20.75 MB)
Attached fileRoidmi_Driver_2.0.6_en.apk(19.48 MB)
Attached fileMiFM_2.0.3_ru_Opel.apk(16.09 MB)
Attached ImageMiFM_2.0.1_ru_malchik-solnce
Attached fileMiFM_2.0.2_ru_Opel.apk(27.12 MB)
Attached fileMiFM_2.00_ru_Opel.apk(25.04 MB)
Attached ImageMiFM_1.41_ru_ua_kifirko
Attached fileMiFM_1.41_ru_Opel.apk(6.03 MB)
Attached ImageMiFM_1.41_ru_malchik-solnce
Attached fileMiFM_1.40_ru_Opel.apk(6.04 MB)
Attached fileMiFM_1.39_ru_Opel.apk(6.76 MB)
Attached ImageMiFM_1.39_ru_malchik-solnce
Attached fileMiFM_1.38_ru_Opel.apk(6.02 MB)
Attached fileMiFM_1.37_ru_Opel.apk(6.02 MB)
Attached fileMiFM_1.36_ru_Opel.apk(6.12 MB)

ATTENTION!!! Because likely Xiaomi company has made protection Roidmi Driver application and therefore became impossible to further translation of the program, all of the following versions Roidmi Driver will be translated from the Chinese themselvesBut from time to time, the Chinese are deprotected, and the transfer can be done.
Translation into Russian from the Chinese, the program has since version2.1.0 But while he was of very poor quality.
Last Russian version of Opel -2.4.5

Post has been editedOpel - 03.04.19, 00:59
Reason for editing: a new version 2.5.7

Rep: (27)
Unfortunately, not all the cigarette lighter socket is compatible :(

Rep: (1835)
* oleg77rus,
Well, just to test

Rep: (22)
Thank you for the translated application, but it seems to add to the title of the topic "roidmi" through the search could not find, and about the "jack" cigarette lighter, to off site hanging such a picture, it may be helpful.

Attached Image

Just do not list supported cars.

PEUGEOT 301 / PEUGEOT 2008, DS 3 SKODA Fabia / Rapid Spaceback, TOYOTA Vois, Changan Mazda 2, Dongfeng Honda XR-V, Renault Captur, Honda Odyssey / City / Vezel / Crider / Shuttle, CITROEN Elysee. No NISSAN, SUBARU or KIA.

Post has been editedbananaisdead - 09.12.15, 10:50

Rep: (1835)
* bananaisdead,
adjusted his hat

Rep: (9)
And I even do not understand. What are the different cigarette lighter? The picture difference is not particularly seen.

Post has been edited-scooter- - 09.12.15, 20:46

Rep: (1835)
* -scooter-,
Well, yes, I'm that much of a difference is not noticed, but most likely some kind of small, but there.

Rep: (9)
Well my car in the list does not fall:). The truth is I have full-time read all formats, even lossless, and as a ba this divays I do not need, just order for the implementation of the NRA and charging smart, people wonder show:). Oh too late for 5 years syaomishniki Divays with this, although imho for some and now urgent. In principle, I do not understand why she Chinese? After already 8 years as the head produced by all the cars and their AVTOS has long been a regular heads-s to a minimum of MP3 lose.

Rep: (8)
-scooter- @ 10.12.2015, 00:28*
IMHO though some now urgent

Really true) I Hyundai Sonata NF 2005 of century, the Koreans managed to push back the system to play cassettes. Cassettes, Carl, in 2005! Well, thank God, is not a gramophone.
Native head did not change, so that this beautiful useful shtukentsiya will look awesome in my cigarette lighter: happy:

Rep: (1109)
I'm in the US auto head with mp3, but no aux or blyutupa not. Here I ordered forward to this miracle of thought and creation.

Rep: (1)
Good afternoon. There was a connection problem on BT in the translated version, the program will not see the connection. On the Chinese fine.

Post has been editedshelixx - 18.12.15, 09:38

Rep: (2)
Maybe someone knows if there MiFm application in the AppStore?

Rep: (1835)
* shelixx,
Try it today to see, put a separate translation

Rep: (613)
Slipon @ 18.12.2015, 13:28*
Maybe someone knows if there MiFm application in the AppStore?

From the description:
brand Roidmi
Yield 5V 2.1A, 1A 5
Login 12-24, 0A-2.4a
The output power of 15.5 W
Bluetooth V4.0 or higher
4.0 Compatible with Android 4.0 or better systems not compatible with IOS

Rep: (1835)
* shelixx,
try this option
updated application in the header

Post has been editedOpel - 19.12.15, 16:55

Rep: (3)
Today, it is this device and just want to say thank you very much for the translation program Opel !!! That's just why it is impossible to link bluetooth-player through the app! (((On the phone device is associated, and the music is playing at the frequency FM 96.4. But at this frequency radio broadcasts in Moscow Taxi FM and perhaps because of this interference (noise) while playing music!

Attached images
Attached Image
Attached Image

Post has been editededyard7 - 19.12.15, 17:15

Rep: (1835)
* edyard7,
just try to change the frequency on both devices

Rep: (3)
If I understand correctly, the frequency of the transmitter can be changed only through the application, and in the radio adjusted to it! But the frequency of application, I can not change - requires a tie the player! ((

Rep: (36)
* edyard7, purity varies only with the active compound

Rep: (3)
That's only active compound does not work! ((There is a search for the device through the app, but it does not find him, only to be connected manually.

Rep: (36)
* edyard7,
So you wrote that the music is playing, the connection is still active as I understand it.

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