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School Assistant - Everything for the School | [IPhone], [iPad] program for schoolchildren and students

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School Assistant - Everything for School
version: 3.1
Catalog: Education

Last update of the program in the header:29.11.2015

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Short description:
Record homework, class reminders, and more.

chool Assistant is a universal assistant for schoolchildren and students. It contains many useful functions that will certainly help you with your studies!

Application features:
  1. Keeping a class schedule.
  2. Record homework in text form or attach ready-made photos.
  3. Share preset exercises in Vkontakte private messages.
  4. No need to be afraid to be late for a lesson! You will receive a notification a few minutes before it begins.
  5. Ready homework, well, who does not like to test himself?
  6. And the textbooks? You do not have to drag them! You already have them with you!
  7. Lecture notes with simultaneous viewing of the textbook.
  8. Schedule synchronization between all your devices.
  9. A widget has been added for quick access to the lesson schedule, homework and the time before the beginning / end of the current lesson.
  10. Opening pdf documents from third-party applications.
  11. The Important tab with the most relevant information on four cards: time until the end of the lesson, homework for the coming days, cheat sheet, current read textbook.
  12. Lesson name completion. Did not find your own among the standard names? Just enter it 1 time and the application will offer it the next time you enter
  13. Accounting grades and viewing the average score for a quarter / semester / trimester or an arbitrary range. And the overall average score will show how much is missing before the scholarship.

Despite the wide functionality with School Assistant it is very easy to get started!
To do this, fill out the schedule 1 time and you will already receive notifications about the beginning of each lesson.
Just brush away the notification curtain and at any time get access to the important: class schedule, homework and other relevant information. And most importantly:

School Assistant will give you the opportunity to spend time on really important matters entrusting the entire routine to an electronic assistant!

Homepage: http://schoolassistant.ru/
iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/school-assistant-student-planner/id938827984?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Download for iPhone:
Attached fileSchool Assistant-v3-no-name-cracker- (Clutch-1.4.7) .ipa(8.79 MB)

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