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Hogs of War | Help me find a normal working image!

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Name: War of Pigs \ Hogs of war
Year of release: 2000
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Infogrames Studios
Publisher: Infogrames

[attachment = "100476: img-73227-115438_t.jpg"]

Description: Pig Wars is a video game released for PC and Sony PlayStation in 2000. An old but very interesting game entirely made in 3D, including the pigs themselves. It is in many ways reminiscent of the well-known Worms - the concept and style are the same, but the game features three-dimensional graphics and even more humor. As in the worms, for each move a certain amount of time is given - from 10 to 99 seconds, depending on the level traveled. In one move, you can go only one pig - shoot at the enemy, pick up a first aid kit, pretend to be a cactus or make an air trip with a jetpack. The game features a wide range of weapons. Each of the guns in measure is unique and is designed to perform specific tasks. That is why there are no carpet bombardments, guided super-sheep and giant bronze donkeys - the game, though boasts of its purely English humor, but tactics and strategy after the first five missions come to the fore. Thanks to Hogs Of War, the genre has emerged from its two-dimensional dungeons, new ideas and humor have breathed life into this interesting and very funny game.

In general, I did not find a normal rum game! The ripped image of this game on 4pda with errors - the game gives an error after the 2nd level and crashes after each exit from the multiplayer! The maximum that I found in nete is the complete image of the game, but with the same errors, as well as the image of the game ripped for psp, i.e. the EBOOT file.

I remember that even a RUSSIAN version was available for Sony, but I could not find anything. HELP ME PLEASE!!!
: helpsmilie:: helpsmilie:: helpsmilie:

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I have a complete game on the disk for the PS 1 in Russian like.
But I do not know how to shoot an image. If you tell me how to do it and put it here.

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I would be very grateful !!! : happy:
I myself am not very good at this ... I myself use the MagicISO program for this
First Viev->Language, then Tool->Create an ISO from CDROM, select a source drive, insert a disk, then select output format ISO (or BIN + CUE, or NRG, but better ISO), specify the output file and everything seems to be possible :)
You can, of course, and a whole bunch of other prog ...
Well, then archive, break, if necessary, into parts and ...

I WAIT AND HOPE: heart:: blush:

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Today I don’t know for sure whether I will do it or not, but by February 23 there will be a present.
Later we will wake up with ICQ, so what if something is wrong, quickly understand how to make an image.
: victory:

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Sori, I have not used ICQ for a long time.
Uncommunicative me ...: - [
BOS, pliz :)

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Not much left to wait for her.
What game .
Sonya sold another five years ago, but he left the game on purpose, really liked it. He knew that it was useful, and then came her hour.
Go out, for all forum participants.
: victory:: victory:: victory:: victory:: victory:

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: D: happy: :)
Yes, this game is super !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you make an image? Iso Does it weigh much? And where can you put it? Personally, I'd rather be on Rapid or Depositfiles. :): clap:

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And why do you think that this is the problem of the ripped image, and not FPSece?

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If I understand you correctly, are you talking about the image that I already have? So I checked it on my computer. On 2 different emulators. In addition, he aglitsky.

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In lichku wrote to you.
Need instructions on how to make an image and where to lay it out then !!!!!
If someone else gives full instructions, with each step I will be very grateful.
As soon as I make an image, I'll post the game right away. : victory:

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jaff ,
How to make an image:
First install (and patch, like, by throwing the patch into the program folder and running it) the program I mentioned above.

Then insert the disc
Then here is an archive with pictures of what to do in the program.
img-73683-MagicISO_we make_image (photo) .rar: [Attachment = "100811: img-73683-MagicISO_ doing_image (photo) .rar"]
Odd, I thought, simpler and could not be O.o
If again something is wrong, please write in more detail where what and how.

Where is the best way to fill, I will try to figure it out myself and write. : moil:

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Well, maybe nothing is easier, but if you have never done it, then questions arise.
Tonight I will make an image of something withwith a link not that !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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jaff ,
All done, uploaded.
[attachment = "100822: img-73695-instructions_for_jaff.zip"]

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Just in case, here is a link to rum 229.55 MBHogs of War (U), English too, of course, but the original, not rip.

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That's what happened



: victory:: victory:: victory:: victory:: victory:

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Thanks :) It's just weird, until something I could not run, I will look again ...

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Not for that, the main thing that worked. : victory:
If I can still retake the image.
Write to.

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Did not earn: '- (
Someone who is not difficult, plz check out this image!
No luck with pigs: superstition:
I'll try the image fromheralt

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I also want to play it !!!!!!!!!!
Come on let's close this question up. Why is the image not working ????

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I have a sony screensaver and it is cut down. Tomorrow I will understand.

Someone who is not difficult, plz check this image on your computer on the emulator !!!

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