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> A guide to important topics in the section "Android - Modifications and Decorations"
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A guide to important topics in the section. "Android - Modifications and Decorations"

- If you need help with graphics (change color, size, draw something, etc.) please contactOrder table
- If you need to change the graphics in the application, contactOrder table for compiling and editing system resources and applications
- For help in editing files in *** 9.png format, contactOrders table for editing files in *** 9.png format
- If you need to find a widget, icons, wallpapers, themes and other decorations, please contactFinding Themes, Widgets, Wallpapers, etc.
- collection of live wallpapersLive wallpaper
- Static wallpaper of all sizes usedScreen wallpaper
- Graphics CollectionPantry Graphics
- Collection of icons and dock barsIcons and backgrounds for many launchers
- Fonts and everything connected with themFont replacement
- Ready sets of themed decorations for creating an interface in the style of Iphone, Samsung, MIUI, etc.Android Decorations - Navigator
- Discussion of ways to edit system resourcesEditing framework-res.apk
- Catalog of instructions -Instructions for editing Android system resources
- Discounts and promotional codes for Android decorations -Discounts, promotions, promotional codes on Google Play and Amazon Appstore

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