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Windows 10 x32 | 10.1 ", 1280 * 800 | Intel BayTrail Z3735F 1.33 GHz (1.83 GHz Turbo Boost) | 1GB / 16GB | Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth 4.0
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Manufacturer - Oysters
SIM card type - MicroSIM
Operating system - Windows 10 Home 32-bit
Screen diagonal - 10.1 inches
Horizontal screen resolution - 1280 px
Vertical screen resolution - 800 px
Touch screen - yes
Screen Type - IPS
Type of touch screen - capacitive
Multitouch - 10 points
Processor - INTEL AtomTM Z3735G
Processor frequency - 1.33 GHz (1.83 GHz in turbo mode)
The number of cores - 4
The amount of internal memory - 16 GB
The amount of RAM - 1 GB
Memory Card Support - MicroSD
The main camera - 2.0 MPiks
Front camera - 0.3 megapixel
Wireless connection
3G - yes
Wi-Fi - yes
Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n standard (no support for 5 GHz)
Bluetooth - 4.0
GPS is not
Black colour
Material - plastic
Height - 173 mm
Width - 258 mm
Thickness - 10.7 mm
Weight - 600 gr
HDMI - yes (connector - miniHDMI)
USB (full size) - yes
Micro USB - yes, with USB-OTG support
Micro SD - yes (up to 32 GB, but work on 64 GB)
Headphone jack - 3.5 mm
Battery capacity - 5800 mAh
Voltage 3.7 V
Tablet computer OYSTERS - yes
USB cable - yes
Charger - yes
Quick start guide in Russian - yes
touchscreen marking

Frequently asked Questions

Factory image of Windows 10 + OEM driver + modern application from Beeline and office
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Link to the driver on the official website
When installing Windows 10, downloaded from the MS website, cleanly, do not connect to Wi-Fi when you first set up, otherwise the tablet will download the wrong drivers. after installing Windows from the flash drive, skip the first setup and install the drivers first (run setup.exe from the folder 22220 \ Win10 主板 芯片 组 \ Win10-PV-WW31. you may need to restart the tablet several times), and then just connect to Wi-Fi and customize the tablet.
Also, it is desirable to set each new build of Windows 10 to clean, and not to update via the update center.
Factory assembly of Windows 10 Home 10240

Microsoft Windows 10 Home 10586.164.2000 th2 x86 RU TabletPC_Oysters_Fast_Mini OEM drivers integrated key is picked up by the office and biline applications

Factory Windows 10 Home with driversauto install script ( take out the card when uchtanovke ) https://yadi.sk/d/MBenRTVFqqd3T

Windows 10 image for Oysters T104W, driver backup and optimization tips after installation
Windows 10 LTSB ISO image with all integrated T104W drivers and cut out market mirror

Acronis Images for Fast Recovery

Useful information
Reviews and Reviews
Troubleshooting UEFI
Archive design irrelevant themes
Android x86

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On our tablet can not be soldered another 1GB of RAM due to processor limitations.

For questions about filling caps, please contactQMS Yar Vseslav . How to do it correctly writtenhere .

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Interesting impressions.
Maybe take in for 2 weeks.

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Bought but passed a couple of days, the benefit was such a service. I bought my wife to replace the old laptop, but she didn’t like the build quality, the sensations were about to fall apart. I did not like the fact that it is heated. After installing all the updates left 8 free gigs. With a bad signal, GSM hung dead. If I finish myself a little bit and put up with the glitches, I can leave it. But as a device that should work without constant supervision in women's hands, definitely not.

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Today I turned 4 of these in the biline office. Conclusion: quality is low. All 4 have an overexposure band from the backlight to the right, only visible on a white background (for example, expand the explorer to full screen). One model with a long tapa in the lower right corner there was a false triggering pressing the windows key. Be careful when buying!

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vvvalera78 @ 10/06/2015 12:09*
Did not like what is heated

This is solved by disabling the "Turbo Mode" mode of the processor in the BIOS, it will reduce the maximum frequency from 1.83 to 1.33 GHz, as well as disabling the "Allow higher perfomance on AC / USB" and "Boot Performance Mode", after all the manipulations the tablet heats up much less
vvvalera78 @ 10/06/2015 12:09*
With a bad signal, GSM hangs dead

I can not confirm this, because On my devices there are no problems ...
vvvalera78 @ 10/06/2015 12:09*
as a device that should work without constant supervision in female hands, definitely not

If you finish immediately (this is a full-fledged windows tablet on x64 architecture), then the wife will be happy, mine has been walking for more than a week and has not complained yet, because for the price they ask for it, the device fully satisfies
Deniseg2k @ 10/06/2015, 16:01*
Conclusion: low quality

The tablet is made in the same factory as the Dexp Ursus KX110 and Irbis TW21, and the quality is similar, but the price tag is 7-8 to more, although
there 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM
Deniseg2k @ 10/06/2015, 16:01*
All 4 have an overexposure band from the right

I did not notice it on my own) later I will show the pictures in comparison with MSI Winpad 110w, that's where the lights are, and it was bought 3 years ago for 20,000 p.

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I bought without a keyboard. Do you have a keyboard? How is the quality?

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* vvvalera78,
I bought without a keyboard, while waiting for discounts on them, because the city is small and no one will buy them separately ...
Quality for such money is acceptable, even very) creaks when twisting, but this is not critical)
Compared to my MSI Winpad 110w with active cooling and weighing more than 1 kg, this one is very good and for such ridiculous money
And yes, I bought 2 tablets at once, and they behave until the same

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Also acquired this tablet today. Took over 6590 for the stock. I tested the keyboard in the cabin, but I also decided not to take it yet. As for the assembly, I just want to say that the tablet squeaks on twisting, but there is most likely a problem in the materials because No software tacha for this price is not expected. After installing the office and the most necessary memory, there are about 4GB left. Wi-Fi and mobile Internet work well. The screen though 1280x800, but the Windows look great, although if there was an android, such a resolution with such a diagonal would look awful. Test games: warcraft 3, fol2 and Ultima online - fly. Mozilla of course eats ram, but working even in 15 tabs is comfortable. Cameras just is. The dynamics of the two edges, the sound is not quite bad. Hdmi and headset sound is not tested. How to test immediately write it off.

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klalvasvhlam @ 10/06/2015, 10:37*
After installing the office and the most necessary memory, there are about 4GB left

It is better to put all applications on MicroSD, for myself I took 16GB 10 class for 300r, I put everything I needed there, the office from sshki loads for 2-4 seconds ...
klalvasvhlam @ 10/06/2015, 10:37*
be there android

and try to put it)
klalvasvhlam @ 10/06/2015, 10:37*
headset sound

Very good, but I did not test through hdmi either

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I did not take it, went to another salon, looked there the same strip to the right of the backlight. It is cheap I agree, if it were not for the screen, I would take it. Although the temptation to take was very big :)

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* Deniseg2k,
Well, where is this band, stick me with my nose, otherwise I just can not understand: blush:
A photo
Attached Image
Attached Image

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* molotok2010
Very clearly seen in the photo (on the right side) is the light from the backlight. The left side of the screen is noticeably dimmer.
For me personally, this is critical.

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* Deniseg2k,
This is a type of small illumination of such a width somewhere up to 1 cm on the right, a little more in the middle is visible, right?

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Can I make calls from him? The box says that there is GSM, but I cannot find such a function / application in the store

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lemonade2306 @ 10.10.2015, 12:43*
Can I make calls from him?

No, this will not work, the Fibocom CDC MBIM modem does not have such a function ...
You can only Write / Receive SMS and USSD requests using the programMobile Broadband SMS Toolkit

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I purchased this device, decided to roll back the system, and then turn on the black screen. I cannot find information on the Internet, what to do in such a situation. Tell me, pliz, how to return the tablet to life?

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Pretorrrr @ 10.10.2015, 15:17*
decided to roll back the system

And to begin with the question, why did you decide to do this? : lol: not the fact that you will find all the drivers after reinstalling

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not the fact that you will find all drivers after reinstallation

that is, one way out - to demolish the system? : huh: I'm just a little familiar with Windows 10, and today, for the sake of interest, I went to the "recovery" item ...

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* Pretorrrr,
How long is the black screen hanging?
If it continues to hang like this, then except for reinstalling the output I do not see ..
To repeat your story on your device to describe what you don’t want to do ..
There is such a rule “it works - do not touch”, especially if you do not know how it works
Drivers if I can pull out of my tablet

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How long is the black screen hanging?

constantly ... when you tap the screen, a white dot appears next to your finger and that's it. I connected a keyboard to the tablet, and everything that opens on it is a bios.

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