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  • CPU:BCM4709C Cortex-A9 dual-core 1.4GHz
  • ROM:512M SLC Nand Flash
  • RAM:256MB DDR3-1600
  • HDD:3.5 "1 TB or 6 TB SATA (Toshiba / Samsung) (exteranal SATA III)
  • 2.4G WiFi:2 * 2 (supports IEEE 802.11N protocol, the highest rate of up to 300Mbps)
  • 5G WiFi:2 * 2 (supporting the IEEE 802.11AC protocol, the highest rate of up to 867Mbps)
  • Antenna:External dual-band omnidirectional (2.4G maximum gain 4dBi, 5G maximum gain 6dBi)
  • Ports:1 WAN, 3 LAN - all 10/100 / 1000M ports (Auto MDI / MDIX)
  • USB:1 USB 2.0 (DC output: 5V / 1A)
  • Cooling:Active, specially designed cooling radiator and controlled low-profile low-speed fan
  • LED:- status indicator (tricolor: red, blue and yellow)
  • Buttons:- power button and reset button to factory settings
  • Nutrition:- 12V 3A for 1TB and 12V 3,5A for 6TB
  • Power Consumption:36W
  • Noise level:22dB (maximum 28dB)
  • Weight:1280g

If you feel the strength and desire to develop them, please announce this in this forum thread and we will try to help in your work on the firmware.

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ROM 2.0 stable version Version 2.24.10 (update 4 November 2016) - Attached Image

ROM 2.0 Developer Edition Version 2.23.160 (Update October 19, 2017) - Attached Image
Russian localization for firmware MiWiFi DEV 2.23.160 MiWiFi DEV 2.15.87RUS from galickijj
Localization Instructions
1. Install the firmware
2. We doROOT
3. After receiving the root, open the router via SFTP client, for example through WinSCP or FileZilla
4. Remount the file system into write mode with the command:
mount -o remount, rw /

5. Download the archive with localization and unpack it (to avoid possible problems, download the localization for your specific firmware version)
6. Copy the contents of the unpacked archive to the root folder of the router
7. Overload the router

Sets of localizations of firmware and Android clients from galickijj
here you can find not only old versions, but also new ones that are not yet available through the official website miwifi.com

ROM 2.0 stable version Version 2.6.19 (experimental firmware from Xiaomi with support for English) - Attached fileTB4709_r2d_all_2.6.19.zip (31.65 MB)
Switching between languages ​​occurs in the settings, there you can find a drop-down list with languages

The official version of the application -1.2.301
Xiaomi MiRouter 1.2.200, PC client for Xiaomi routers
For easy configuration, it is recommended to use Google Chrome, which will offer to translate pages from Chinese.
If Chrome itself does not offer, then after a right click in an empty area of ​​the page, a menu opens that has the item "Translate to Russian". Further, in the translation settings, you can select an English translation, as the Chinese-Russian direction is extremely crooked.

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Reason for editing: Solving the problem of visibility of a network drive on the latest updates of win 10

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Strange, but I don’t see such a problem with my Sony ZL, also MTS, 4.4.2 and 4G is included.

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That sketched smallreview of the second version of Xiaomi Mi WiFimaybe someone this information will be useful
Please do not judge strictly, my first review of network equipment :)

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wrote in the old topic, duplicate here.
Tell me, I want to change the existing Apple TimeCapsule to XiaoMi Mi WiFi Router. There are several questions:
1. Can I change my HDD to a more capacious one?
2. Can I configure a router to work like a TimeCapsule?
3. Is it possible to install on a Plex router and make friends with Apple TV?
4. Is it possible to organize a cloud from a router with access from anywhere?
5. How powerful is the router?
6. Is the router noisy? I want to put in the room where people sleep

In short, is it possible to save on the purchase of a NAS?
thanks in advance

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* KirpicH23,
1. Nothing prevents you from cloning a hard disk using special tools.
2. What is the point?
3. Hardly, for another platform. Although if Apple TV is able to see SAMBA directories, why not?
4. Means of xiaomi services will not work, for now they only allow you to add links to the jump. Although if you upload the necessary files to a file sharing service (Google drive, dropbox) and send him direct links, it’s fine, but this is not exactly a cloud.
5. 2 1.4 GHz cores, this is probably one of the most powerful solutions for routers, active cooling also plays a role.
6. It is audible only if you bring the ear to the body at a distance of 2 cm. After the purchase, do not forget to remove the factory film from the walls, it closes the air ducts.

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thanks for this topic
I have been using this router for three weeks and have accumulated questions
1) What are the ways that miwifi.com is displayed in English, how is this implemented in ios / android applications?
2) the router stubbornly refuses to start up on popular torrent trackers from win7, with the android tablet it goes without problems
3) using a TV with smart TV on some popular online video services, where a block of ads goes before the film is shown, a bug is noticed that the black advertising substrate does not disappear and the movie’s image is closed, and the sound goes (tried on Samsung and lg as 2.4G, and 5G)
4) tell me how to disable all the settings of the internal firewall, it may start to allow torrents and other bugs go away

Let's try together to remove this pre-pass router better;)

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* Flad.Solo.View,
1. The best way is given in the header:
For light infusion, it is recommended to use Google Chrome, which will offer to translate pages from Chinese.
If Chrome itself does not offer, then after a right click in an empty area of ​​the page, a menu opens that has the item "Translate to Russian". Further, in the translation settings, you can select an English translation, as the Chinese-Russian direction is extremely crooked.

2. The router does not block any sites by default, if the tablet can open the site, then the computer can, given that they go to the Internet through the same router. Dig in the direction of your computer.
3. On the computer, everything is fine, I cannot check with smart TV, I have no idea how the router can affect this.
4. I can not imagine where the internal firewall is. Try to install a fresh developer firmware, look forhere.

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* Flad.Solo.View,
2, 4. How does this problem manifest itself?

Posted 10/05/2015 at 15:15:

In the header you can write in the specifications that there are still versions for 2 and 6 TB.

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Share links verified sellers.

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* 96tng, I took here here on Ali , but the price is now big, there are discounts.
Here isin this shopThe price is better, if you also take it through the application. I ordered every small things in this store, like the seller is normal.

PS* Serum, at the expense of the company, to put it mildly, disingenuous;). Xiaomi in Russia is not officially represented.

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* Kranggg
Do not talk about what you do not know.xiaomi officially presented in Russia.
The store I brought is the first and so far the only xiaomi brand store in Russia.

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* Serum, I am not a fan of debates, so I will remain unconvinced.
You, of course, excuse me, but any such "company" store can open any: no details, no addresses, no online payment, no service.
And it’s only clear from the article that now only MiPad is being sold officially, and again, through distributors.

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My letter in Xiaomi and the answer:
Dear Sir / Madam,


It’s not a problem.

We can’t tell you the exact channel: www.mi.com/en/

The official channel link shows as above.

We’ve been able to make a purchase of our customer’s order.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

May you experience a lifetime of love, happiness and joy!

Best regards,


Xiaomi Europe Customer Service Center


E-mail: [email protected]

“Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen”.

From: A<*****@mail.ru>
Sent: 07 October 2015 22:23
To: Mi Customer Service for Europe
Subject: Russian Federation


Where I can buy your products in Russia?


Best regards

Then I will definitely not continue to discuss)))

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* Kranggg
Standard unsubscribe support service. I think it really makes no sense to discuss, xiaomi is officially in Russia, I gave a link to a more reliable source than the service desk. If there is nothing to do, then welcome on aliexpress to try your luck.

Damn, since such a bother, I will try to get a xiaomi certificate from them or I will go there and photograph it.

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Hello everyone, can this device be configured or flashed as the previous (black) version of the router?

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Dear forum users, can someone have experience connecting to this printer router? Maybe in the last version who faced?

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Who will tell:
1. Does the Internet work from Beeline (MSK)?
2. Is it possible to configure how Time Capsule to make Time Machine work? (Now I use old Netgear WNDRMAC, but there Time Machine does not work, despite the fact that it is stated in the specifications)

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* SpicyBoy
You can customize as the previous version. There are no custom firmwares yet.
* liggain
Theoretically, you can install the printer by accessing via SSH (instructions in the header) and installing drivers on the printer via the SSH console.
* Dmitry1979,
Yes, everything is possible, instructions in the header.

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I love Xiaomi, there are two smarts in the family, I bought it to my friends, and I would be happy if there was a brand store in Russia
No official stores and point.

It is necessary to finish this flood

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Beeline L2TP - very low speed. Of the 50 megabits, the router, more than two with a penny does not miss. I had to make a bundle of two routers. Something is wrong with L2TP in this device - please share your tips. Firmware dev.

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* Beringiy
Many years ago I ran into this problem, I decided to change the provider. So I could not find equipment that would not cut the speed on l2tp. In short, in the Beeline furnace, choose an operator who does not create problems for his users.

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