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MSI W20 3M
Windows 8.1 | 11.6 "| AMD A4-1200 (AMDВ® Temash), 1 GHz Dual Core. | 2 GB DDR3L 1600Gb | Fingerprint Scanner
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OS: MS Windows 8 64 bit.
Display specifications: 11.6 ″, 1366 × 768 pixels, IPS, capacitive, multi-touch up to 10 points.
CPU: AMD A4-1200, Dual Core, 1 GHz.
Video: AMD Radeon HD 8180.
RAM: 2 GB DDR3L 1600.
Flash: no, 64 GB SSD with read / write speeds of up to 400 MB / s.
Memory Cards: microSDHC up to 128 GB.
Connectors: 3.5 mm jack for headphones, adapter for connecting to the dock.
Camera: front-facing webcam.
Communication: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0.
Battery capacity: 34 Wh.
Additionally: accelerometer, light sensor, gyroscope, proximity sensor, electronic compass.
Case dimensions: 200x135x10 mm.
Weight: 674 g.

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This tablet was purchased for work purposes, as has a full-fledged BIOS and you can install Windows 7 on it. Who else has one, let's discuss it;). Technical questions or for example which case is suitable for it, because 11.6 is not a very common size.

P.S. An important note for those who will demolish the Eighth Windows. Before that, be sure to turn on all devices, in particular the webcam, with the native utility. Otherwise, it will not be like a device in principle, but I still do not understand how to turn it on in Win7, it seems that the utility turns it on at the BIOS level. I had to quickly return the eight and put the msi-th utility. It is placed only on Win 8 x64, I tried to just transfer it, it does not work.

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* PavelTar,

Hey. They also think of buying one. How does the device deal with performance? Interested only in office load

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Hey. They also think of buying one. How does the device deal with performance? Interested only in office load

I immediately installed Win7 with office 2010 (utility programs only require this option) and it is normal with office productivity. In the office workload, the Internet browser is probably the most demanding, and oddly enough, the native ie turned out to be the smartest, then probably the chrome goes. If you leave the eight, it might be a little worse (I can not say for sure). Windows patches were installed for a long time (horribly), especially during the first checks. Now that almost everyone is already standing, he checks the patches for the presence of smartly as it should be. Because bios is full, it is very convenient to set up a power plan. There you can configure everything from disabling uzb ports to processor performance. For convenience, I left balanced and created a worker for work, where the uzb does not turn off and the performance does not drop. On other tablets on vin8, which I tried, there was nothing other than turning off the screen and sleeping. It is convenient when working, as I use the uzb-som port adapter for work needs and the tablet does not chop it off now. It is also good that the food is not through the Uzbek, although on the same own msi adapter, but separately. You can use the uzb and charge in parallel, but it would be better if these connectors were immediately in the tablet. I also have an uzb-lan + uzb hub adapter, it also plows without problems on its own, but if you connect an external SD drive or hard drive (but how lucky) you have to plug in external power to this adapter, I have it universal: D.

PS. I still have not picked up a cover for him. I think two options, the simplest or vice versa, like a book with clave.

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I recently purchased such a tablet. When buying, it costs Win 8. It slows down all godlessly. I want to put Win 8.1 on a clean computer, i.e. not an update.
Tell me how to enter the BIOS and boot from a bootable flash drive? Or is it somehow done differently?

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MrZan @ 12.11.2015, 02:41*
Tell me how to enter the BIOS and boot from a bootable flash drive? Or is it somehow done differently?

Unlike other tablets, this is probably the last one, where the bios is fully functional as on an ordinary laptop. Connect the uzb to the keyboard when on, press del and that's it. I connected the keyboard with two uzb connectors, in one you insert a USB flash drive, and in the other uzb mouse. And forward to any reinstallation. You can certainly use the Uzbek hub if you don’t have such a clave on hand. Do not forget to demolish the recovery partition, 10GB of disk space will be added.

PS: Although, as far as I remember, there was initially Windows 8.1 x64. On the Internet, people write that if you install all the patches long and dreary, the eight seems to come to life and work tolerably well.

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Greetings to all.

I have Win8 x64. By the way, in the header of this topic in the technical specifications is indicated - OS: MS Windows 8 64 bit.

PavelTar, about the keyboard and BIOS - thanks, I myself would not have guessed !!
And the question about claudia - have you ever encountered keyboard and phone covers combined with a pair of USB ports onboard (built-in USB hub), and, ideally, also an additional built-in battery?

And about the performance of the tablet - I have such brakes that I think to go to the service center, say "almost does not work." .....

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The cover itself has not yet been picked up. Yes, it’s not very frisky, but I took it only for the installation of Windows 7, you can’t put it on newer ones. Although the seven lives normally, for the sake of interest I put 5x heroes, they go without problems. With factory Windows, the problem is that there is x64 for 2 gigabytes of memory, or rather 1.5 GB. Because 512MB goes to video. A strange selection of good (for a tablet) vidyuha, with a weak percentage and little memory.

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He became the owner of this device. Almost all of a sudden. Took for web development.
I want to try to upgrade to 10, if it is also sad, then I will put win7.
I did not find the charge indication at all - usually there is a red / green indicator after charging. Or maybe it doesn’t work for me. I took a little boo.
And also - a screenshot of how you can’t make a screenshot on a tablet on it? Often needed.
I bought a BT mouse and keyboard to work without any USB receivers.
I look for a film and a cover suitable.

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I look for a film and a cover suitable.

The film fits 14 inches well, you just have to cut a little. I don’t know if I can do advertising, but I found one only in the media markete.

A cover with clave came from China. Everyone is happy. Klava keeps on magnets, easily comes unfastened. It is cut down itself after 15 minutes of a timeout. I asked the seller for stickers on the Russian layout, I did not forget to put it :)
Took from herehttp: //ru.aliexpress.c...e-bag/32329466973.html

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Thank you, kind man)
In Moscow, I have not yet found a suitable cover at all, I wanted to buy it for NG.
Maybe I’ll have time to go to Gorbushka.
Or I’ll order this one.

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And I bought, here is this case from the Asus T200ta (although the price was lower):
It fits almost like a native, only a hole had to be drilled under the camera under the power button.
I had to speed up the purchase of a cover, because It seemed to me that the screen began to scratch easily or even rub more.

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I was tormented on it with the 8th, then with 8.1, then with the 10th. As a result, I installed Ubuntu. Flies. At first, it also slowed down. It turned out that the matter is in wifi drivers. On the MSI website, under Windows, firewood is offered as an Atheros card. Ubuntu defined the card as Realtek8723BE. I installed drivers from it, everything flew. The grid is caught and does not fall off. The brakes were gone. Perhaps in Windows the same problem.

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Installed win7.
I can not adjust the brightness. Stands at the maximum.
Through the catalist there is no slider and through the power supply too.
What to do?

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With difficulty, I picked up a nearly suitable protective film on the hump, on avito I found a suitable cover, Internet - yota many, BT mouse and keyboard) In general, you can live.
Updated to Windows 10 - while the flight is normal (not without dancing, I didn’t want to update anything at all, then I did not find win10, but, thanks to Google, I managed to solve everything).

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Installed win7.I can not adjust the brightness.

Press the power in the tray and adjust the brightness as you like, at different levels of the battery can be different. Well, or to the last resort in vin7 there is a mobility center, like the sidebar in vin8.

Posted on 06/29/2016, 10:40 PM:

erynrandir @ 03/29/2016, 12:08*
Updated to Windows 10

There were no problems with firewood?

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PavelTar @ 06/29/2016, 10:37 PM*
There were no problems with firewood?

Especially not, everything itself was found.
There are only two audio devices in device manager
Realtek High Definition Audio - drivers delivered
AMD High Definition Audio Device - there is an exclamation mark and "This device cannot be started"
There cannot be two audio devices)
I did not find the driver separately, but I don’t feel like downloading Catalist for this.

In general, the device is a little disappointed)) I took it to work with sites when I’m not at home. When running firefox with 3-4 tabs, total commander and file manager, it already manages to slow down. Maybe with Win7, things would be better.

And on off site already updated version with 128gb SSD and Win10 -
http: //
Manual in Russian

P.S. I looked through the manual, but not a word about the BIOS. I connected the external usb keyboard, but I haven’t gotten into the BIOS yet. Tell the treasured key how long it takes to hold)

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Hello everyone, I have not used the tablet for about a year. Right now I decided to turn it on and was not pleasantly surprised. There is a vibration when turned on and the diode lights up, they say everything works, but the display itself is black, or rather there is no backlight, it is simply turned off. There is a version that was played with his BIOS. Such a question, how can I put him on his feet?

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I connected an external usb keyboard, but I have not yet got into the BIOS. Tell the treasured key how long it takes to hold)

Yes, usually. Try it better when you turn it on, not when rebooting. Periodically pressing is probably better than holding it for a long time.

PapaBearP @ 09/01/2016, 10:21*
There is a version that was played with his BIOS.

It seems that somewhere I read about the reset combination, unfortunately I do not remember now.

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Seven worth it.
There was a problem.
Does not want to connect to the Wi-Fi network.
Drivers stand.
Diagnostics of problems writes: wireless is disabled. To enable the wireless adapter, use the function button.
How to find this button? Through the mobility center, wireless communication is also not turned on. There is an icon, but the button cannot be pressed.
Through the katalist there is some section of wi-fi radio, there it is off. I try to turn it on - it does not work out.
What to do?

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Hello! Please tell me the account of the device.
1. How much more efficient will the INTEL Atom Processor Z3735F be compared to the AMD A4-1200 sabz processor (including the graphics core)?
2. I can not make a choice, MSI W20 3M or Prestigio MultiPad VISCONTE V. In the first one there is a larger screen (11.6), but about performance it seems to be inferior? What matters to me is a high-quality bright screen and to draw old games (Heroes 3, Heroes 5, DeusEx).
3. How does the subject have a screen in terms of quality and brightness level? Do your eyes get tired after prolonged use?
4. How much does it get hot during normal use (explorer, browser) and in games?
5. If you install Windows 7 with an activator on it, will activation be applied? Or will activation only work with the native OS that came from the factory?

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