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Dexp Ursus KX110 / 110i AVA 32GB Discussion пїЅ | Description | Alternative OC on Dexp Ursus KX110i AVA
Windows 10 | 10 "| Intel Atom Z3735 4x Bay Trail 1.83 GHz | 2Gb | WIFI, bluetooth 4.0
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Common parameters
Type Tablet PC
Model Dexp Ursus KX110 / 110i AVA
the back of the black
Front panel color black
Screen size 10.1 "
Screen Resolution 1280x800
Protective screen cover is not
IPS screen technology for manufacturing
Type of touch screen capacitive
Operating system Windows 10
Intel processor
Processor Model Intel Atom Z3735
The number of processor cores 4
Processor frequency 1.83 GHz
Processor Configuration 4x Bay Trail 1.83 GHz
The video processor Intel HD Graphics
RAM 2048MB
Built-in Memory 32 GB
The memory card slot is,
Type microSD memory card. The manufacturer declares support for up to 64GB, but the branches of other tablets Dexp Ursus line users without problems set and 128GB.
Wireless connection
Standard Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n
The presence of the SIM card for 3G Internet version kx110
Bluetooth support has
Bluetooth Version 4
wireless communication module is not
Work mode, no cell phone
Rear camera is
The number of megapixels rear camera 2
The front camera has
The number of megapixels front camera 2
Battery capacity 6600 mAh works 6 hours (atof someusers work and observed to 11 hours)
Built-in speaker has
Built-in microphone has
Supports GLONASS navigation system is not
GPS-receiver is not
Support A-GPS is not
Sensors accelerometer (G-sensor)
connector type micro USB
Video output mini HDMI
Support MHL no
Full USB-host with support for removable HDD (up to 500GB tested yet)
Connector type headphone mini-jack 3.5 mm
Dock station
The presence of the docking station is not supplied
Additional Information
Body Material Plastic
Options USB / OTG-adapter, warranty card, charger, USB cable, user manual, cover-keyboard
Features of Windows 10 x86 Bing for one language (for x64 no drivers)
Dimensions, weight
Width 254 mm
Height 165 mm
Thickness 11 mm
Weight 650 g
Earnest request, do not try to set the bios from other devices, much less attempt to install DualBoot (Win + Android on other devices)! This leads to a complete breakdown of the tablet. The BIOS settings do not disconnect the USB 3.0, the keyboard no longer connect (even complete with a cover), because of what the item back in the BIOS is not enabled.
Do not update the driver on the touchscreen (GPIO) to third-party software like DriverPack Solution. Then it is necessary to reinstall the operating system again.
Driver version without 3Gkx110i
Driver for the version with 3Gkx110 (3G)
Intel HD Graphic Driverdriver Video
Drivers of older brother GX110gx110
1 sensor calibration DriverSensorReplace in the Windows / System32 / Drivers folder
2 sensor calibration driver (not came first)Tyk
Another way to calibrate the sensor:Tyk
Who buggy sensor during charging (Description of the problem), It is necessary to change the charger substantially the same characteristics (2A / 5V)For example, here
gamers suitable deviceIpega PG 9023 the average price for Ali 2100r, works with both Android / iOS and with Windows, does not require dop.softa stretched from 5 to 10.1 inches, the tablet supports from the bottom (so as not to slip out), synchronization of bluetooth, works up to 20 hours without additional charge, of course suitable only for games with joystick support.
The memory chips are suitable for replacement / installation in our tablet
How to disable the touchpad to the keyboard-cover
Enabling hibernation
How to make a microSD card Local DiskThank userZimniy Installation Instructions
Connecting HDD volume 4TbWe say thank you to the userKaliostro65
Activating Disable display (as in android)
How to save space on Windows 10 (on 8ke does not work)
How to disable the BIOS mode SecureBoot
Photo disassembled tablet
Another photo of the tablet in the disassembly (quality)
Information about PowerBank
Accelerate job card reader (microSD card)
List Intel Bay Trial Games
Assembly Windows 8.1 / 10
All assemblies clean without activators.
The image of Windows 8.1 without pre-driversWindows 8.1
Windows image 10 without pre-driversWindows 10 x86 Bing for one language
Build of Windows 10 Home x86 Single Language RU build1607
Installation Instructions build Windows 8.1 / 10
Starting Windows with a usb stick (for those who have broken the internal memory)
Windows 7 can not be installed on the tablet, UEFI BIOS simply does not support.

Caution! Marriage
There is a very strange and unpleasant marriage. Tablet using Windows 10 and Windows 10 only destroys the memory chip. Why does this happen, nobody knows. To deal with this is impossible. Symptoms include: gets a blue screen with the requirement to restore the system. Restoration of course fails, then turn on the tablet can not be (lit logo and gets SHELL window - type "command-line"), will not work reinstall the system because the chip memory is already set, of available memory remains 7.2Gb everyone without exception. For 8 people in 5 months (and it is only registered in the subject and report problems) ran into this problem if your tablet is not tampered with and the warranty - carry on the replacement of the motherboard (but 2-3 months is likely to be repeated again a problem). As an alternative to - use Windows 8 exclusively on 8ke this problem was not even once. Again, the problem gets out on Win10 itself and at any time, and only on Win10.

How to make a backup before ekperementami

Windows 10 Pro 1607

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Newbie to him for 11 TR Who has ownership experience unsubscribe this product as it is, and that nowhere is there any feedback (a coma) or reviews. Wondering whether he brake in office applications and the Internet and the ease of the keyboard when typing Russian texts. How much is available built-in memory to the user? How reliable and durable (at first glance) cover? WiFi speed. Etc.

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I took it in August, in the CSN. Apparatik its class shustrenko. On the internet pages are processed without hangups.
flashvideo reads loose. Office preinstalled: Word.Excel and Publisher.i vyakoy still a lot of unnecessary garbage. : Lol:
Windows 10, right version of Home, is not very convenient, because you can not use "Group Policy."
is available from 32GB (write shorter, weighs how much net OSes - out of the box when you first start, without third-party programs,
It showed 6.85 Gb.Klaviatura certainly small, but comfortable to type on it. Keyboard Dock or rather, serves as a cover.
When working is not heated, but when charging the unit gets very hot pitaniya.U familiar wizard asked the matter, he told me to buy a charger prisovetoval pomoschnee.Wi-Fi Well I do not know, normal speed - did not measure. : Rofl: Works normalno.Po about the cover - I think that the gentle treatment will, and eventually probably will overwrite and will shine. Keysik still need to buy.

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Spoken data devaysom week. When buying, it was free to 19Gb, has established a full-fledged office, run faster than a laptop, everything works quickly enough. Problems with typing on the keyboard does not have, except that the touchpad is better off) connects the hard drive from the laptop to 500GB, sees it without any problems. In appearance the device is made qualitatively, the body's true brand. So far, the only drawback is the camera, the quality of it are not happy, and run it through again (maybe it just me? What will the other owners?), Though I camera, and do not use, but still not nice. Overall, a decent machine.

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Skype camera sees while there is no problem! out of the box free disk space 21 gig. Put Office 2013, and still a lot of programs including Photoshop, is now available 14.
Prog does not hang up, I think is very worthy replacement of the netbook, the only thing that distinguishes it greatly from the netbook as well as a memory disk. After all, she had rasshiryaotsya micro sdshkoy, while tries gigabyte comes more than a year on the disc. There is another option to buy an external drive (it pulls tablet without ext. Power supply), but then have to also carry it with you on the keyboard is bad enough that the buttons are flat (when dialing finger sometimes clings to the edge of the adjacent buttons) to dial quickly.
The first time from the battery continuously for 6 hours.
There is a normal socket for peripherals (not OTG)

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1. From USB charging is?
2. Is there a full USB port?
3. How much will last in the video playback?
4. Is it possible to use the keyboard is not on a horizontal plane (on his knees)?
5. Screen Material: Glass?

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And I have here a question: is it possible to carry pre-installed Win 10 home and install version Insider Preview?

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Kapues @ 24.09.2015, 18:02*
Is it possible to use the keyboard is not on a horizontal plane (on his knees)?

It is possible, but awkward!
Kapues @ 24.09.2015, 18:02*
Is there a full USB port?

Yes, pulls an external drive.

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What memory supports the Dewan, SDHC, or SDXC?

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* olegzaulin,
probably both as a normal Windows

Posted on 24/09/2015, 22:39:

* olegzaulin,
6 gig? It was to be about 20 gig

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6.85 gigs is very operatsionnka. Naturally, the 20 left to use.

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Good time, the happy owners of this devaysa! Can anyone put here a couple of system files:
C: \ Windows \ system32 \ Drivers \ SileadTouch.fw
C: \ Windows \ system32 \ Drivers \ SileadTouch.sys

I reinstall the driver tach.skrina and now it is impossible to calibrate it ...

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* Kaliostro65,
Hold on

Attached files

Attached filetouch.rar(57.06 KB)

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Who knows how to solve a problem with the camera that runs through time

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Hello, please help to solve the problem with a physical keyboard. Typing some sticky keys and printed with a one letter several times, either spontaneously something to wash. Does anyone have any similar problem?

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Gragdanka_Romashova @ 28.09.2015, 17:45*
with a physical keyboard problem

What kind of keyboard it? One that complements the tablet? Podsoedinonnoo through USB / microUSB? Or connect an external keyboard via bluetooth?
In complete ( "native") intact and correctly connected keyboard is not described defects.

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* Kaliostro65,
It is with the keyboard accessory plate. How to understand "correctly hook up" keyboard? As it is required to connect properly?

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Gragdanka_Romashova @ 29.09.2015, 11:49*
As it is required to connect properly?

Without distortions + pin, with no gaps between the platforms of the tablet and the keyboard. Not more than might be checking the contacts themselves. If all conditions are met, try to find what kind of keys and in what position the keyboard sticky. If such a pattern is traced, then carry the service center for examination / replacement.

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Hello! Preobrel myself the same unit, with only 3G (without bukovki i). Does anyone have information on the twin brother of our devaysa (whose clone he)?

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Good day to all. I bought as a present spouse twin of this unit DEXP URSUS GX 110, the only difference in the battery capacity. I am satisfied in principle but one. When the indicator lights up the front camera red LED. It happens that the LED is on for a long time, empirically I found out that this means that the camera is involved somehow application. at the entrance to SKYPE such as a camera does not work, the message that the camera is in use by another application. Those who had a similar problem? What disable app?

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no911 @ 30.09.2015, 05:21*
What disable app?

The security settings prohibit the use of cameras for all applications, and then add exceptions.

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