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> Filling the "Program Directory - Android" need help!
01.09.15, 01:39

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Наполнение Каталога программ - Android download

Требуется ваша помощь!

The number of programs increases with space speed. To fill the catalog with all the software that is in our section is becoming increasingly difficult.
In this regard, the Section Moderators announce an open set of helpers for filling the main program catalog.
They can be any forumchanin who wants to help the forum.
First of all, this work is very honorable, as its results will benefit thousands of people.
You will make a great contribution to the development of the forum! Immediately make a reservation that the "epaulets" and "sparks" are not issued. Translation assistants in a separate group is not possible!
Work purely on a voluntary basis.
Of course, all participants in the work will be displayed in a special list in the header of the catalog, as they helped to fill it.

There are only two conditions;
- Knowledge of standard forum tags, the ability to use them.
- The desire to help.

How does the work on the content of the catalog;
- You have found software that is not in the catalog (using a search first).
- Enter the link to the program in the template and specify the category in which it should be entered.
In one message, you can arrange an unlimited number of programs in different categories.
Messages leave in this thread.
An example of how it should look:
1. Office, Calculators, Converters, Calculations:

Work with documents
[*]Coastline- View and edit simple text files

- If your selection of programs is finalized, you press the "complaint" button and the moderators list this list.
Please note that after clicking the "complaint" button, you do not need to edit the post and add programs there.
If you want to increase the number of programs in your message, then replenish (edit the message) it should be strictly before this button is pressed. Or another message is created with the new list.

- In addition to direct work on the content, constructive proposals for the development of the catalog are welcome.

Message design template (copy to your message and fill out):
[center] [color = coral] [b] Specify the section [/ b]: [/ color] [/ center]
[color = coral] [b] Specify the subsection [/ b] [/ color]
[*] [b] [url = "http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=592191&view=findpost&p=33239114""РўСѓС‚ indicate the name of the program (strictly in accordance with the name in the header!)

If necessary, please add the following notation to the template (before the name of the program):
®- for the full functioning of the program requires root user rights.
OEM - a program taken from the firmware or corporate launcher of a specific device.
Hd - The program is optimized to work on tablets.
Code for additional symbols
[color = royalblue] В® [/ color]
[color = royalblue] OEM [/ color]
[color = royalblue] HD [/ color]

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29.11.18, 20:12
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On lumiya 640 I want to put an android version got wines. Tell me where to find the firmware ... pliz. 059x1p2

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bashirek 02
14.12.18, 21:10

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Sorry, if not the topic, no one knows why the program digest is not updated since the summer?
16.12.18, 13:18

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Yes, I am also interested in this question.

Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy SII firmware I9100XXKI4
18.12.18, 20:29

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System applications:

Backing up data and applications
[*]CLONEit- Copy data from old to new device in one touch.
You can create a new subsection"Transferring data from one device to another"because This application fits in part with this subsection.

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11.01.19, 12:18

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Financial management
[*]Cost Control: How much can I spend?- Non-standard approach to cost accounting: we consider not the expenses, but the remaining funds
Added to directory.

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14.01.19, 13:50

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14. Reading electronic documents, books. Dictionaries, encyclopedias.:

Bible and religion
[*]Encyclopedia "Tree"- View Orthodox illustrated encyclopedia "Tree"
Added to directory.

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22.01.19, 17:34

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14. Reading electronic documents, books. Dictionaries, encyclopedias::

Traffic Laws
[*]PDR Monolit- Rules of the Road of Ukraine

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07.02.19, 03:43

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1. Office, Calculators, Converters, Calculations:

Work with documents
[*]Quickedit- A full-featured text editor with syntax highlighting.
[*]DroidEdit- free source code editor with syntax highlighting.

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17.02.19, 17:23

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* hold112try on another search
19.03.19, 10:20
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Good afternoon friends!
And where can I discuss the program Mail Mail Mail.Ru?

The signature should not exceed 300 characters and have no more than 3 lines of text.
19.03.19, 10:28

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* PranaII, Mail Mail.ru

"... the devastation is not in the closet, but in the heads."
31.03.19, 15:47

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Reading, learning and knowledge base:

Reading Manga, Comics
[*]Manga anibe- Search and reading manga in Russian

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02.04.19, 10:10

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9. Multimedia:

[*]Aspect- Spectrogram analyzer sound files stored on the device

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