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What firmware are you using?
Stock [ 94 ] ** [12,34%]
Openwrt [ 210 ] ** [27,56%]
Padavan ASUS Port [ 458 ] ** [60,1%]
Are you satisfied with the router? (On a five-point scale)
5 [ 481 ] ** [63,12%]
4 [ 209 ] ** [27,43%]
3 [ 59 ] ** [7,74%]
2 [ 5 ] ** [0,66%]
1 [ 8 ] ** [1,05%]
What bootloader are you using?
Stock [ 194 ] ** [25,46%]
I downloaded from the caps [ 273 ] ** [35,83%]
Put through Prometheus [ 229 ] ** [30,05%]
Other (unsubscribed in the topic) [ 65 ] ** [8,53%]
Total votes: 762

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WT3020x - another representative of mini routers for working with modems and other peripherals. Despite its small size (smaller than Tp-link MR3020), it has more productive stuffing and allows you to quickly organize a mini network with Internet access and / or vpn connection to another network (office, home, etc.). The time of writing this text is available in two color compositions: black and white.
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  • CPU: MediaTek MT7620n (580MHz)
  • RAM: 64MB
  • ROM: 8MB (Flash chip W25Q64BV) (WT3020A - 4MB)
  • USB: 2.0 - 1 port (WT3020A - no)
  • Wired network: 2 RJ45 100Mb ports (vlan support)
  • Wireless network: 2.4 GHz 802.11n MiMo 2x2: 2 (300Mb)
  • Nutrition: 5V microUSB
  • Indication: 1 LED (extension possible by connecting to GPIO)
  • GPIO: 4 pins found on board
A photo
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SSH access
It is absent in principle on the stock firmware, but there is Telnet, which does not allow transferring files to the server directly, which leads to problems with automatic firmware ... Telnet login and password:
However, the latest version of Prometheus supports firmware on the drain.

from D-Link DIR-620 Rev.F1
Maybe someone will be interested in another absolutely working firmware from D-Link DIR-620 Rev.F1))
As usual, fill in through breed, after the first launch, we reset to factory settings. Who needs it, attaches a screen with settings for Intertelecom.
Read more here -"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions) (Fast sabian4ik # 76214075)
Instructions for firmware router on firmware from ASUS (mod from Padavan)
This manual is intended for those who want to upgrade to the ASUS firmware (mod from Padavan).
To go, you must have the PROMETHEUS script installed and the firmware compiled, you can read about it in detail.Thisforum thread.
Because There is no SSH on the router, the installation of the firmware is complicated, because the creators of the PROMETHEUS script have prepared a solution that will facilitate the installation process reducing it to pressing a few buttons.

1. In order to flash your router using a script, it is advisable (but not necessary, since the script can sew and Telnet) to install an intermediate firmware on it, which will open access to SSH. Why do you need it? The compiled firmware may not fit into the section reserved for it, and then the router can be removed from the state of the brick only via the UART.
For A revision:
Attached filenexx_zero_a.zip(2.92 MB)

For other revisions (H and F)
Attached filenexx_zero_h.zip(2.94 MB)

Before flashing, be sure to unpack the archives !!!

The firmware is installed through the WEB interface of your router.
ATTENTION!!! This is not a full firmware, it will not give you the correct operation of the router, this file serves only to upgrade to another firmware. Almost everything is cut out of the original, you will have WIFI (password 1234567890) and an SSH server, LAN access and DHCP enabled. Everything else is removed.
Admin Screenshot
Attached Image

2. Flash UBOOT through a script, there is no need to assemble it, it is already delivered as a finished product.

3. After that you can flash the router on the assembled firmware in Prometheus, Login / Password: admin / admin, ip:

Instructions and transient firmware provided by the userFreize , for which he thanks a lot!

Prometheus script and firmware distribution terms :
You can not distribute ready-made assembly devices for companies other than ASUS;
• You can not use the script to build the firmware with proprietary modules;
• It is strictly forbidden to distribute mods, patches and parts of the code that interfere with the above conditions.

From zyxel
I want to warn everyone that the firmware, although it starts, is from a different router and causes a number of bugs. It makes sense to use only zyxel fans or people who are too lazy to mess with other firmware.
How to flash firmware from omni
Explanations for facilitating the omni firmware
Get root and install packages
Download firmware from the official site
Memo for the bootloader firmware on LEDE / OpenWRT
Modified OpenWRT by racht

Please note that the firmware can be installed via the Web interface, but OpenWRT will not allow you to change UBOOT, and the stock downloader does not support recovery via sftp or usb. It is strongly recommended that you first flash one of the loaders, otherwise you can get to the brick.

Stock firmware
Router firmware via telnet
How to flash Asus portgoldenhandles

1. Throw on the flash firmvare.trx
2. We stick the flash drive into the router
3. We go to the router by telnet, you can through putty , address
Login: nexxadmin
Password: y1n2inc.com0755
4. We enter
cd / media / sda / sda1

5. Just in case, we make a backup
for i in 0 1 2 3; do cat / dev / mtdblock $ i>mtdblock $ i.bin; done

6. We sew
mtd_write -r -e mtd3 write firmware.trx mtd3

User instruction providedFreize , for which he thanks a lot!
Be sure to read (full help for loaders)
Chinese loader
Download:Attached filebreed-mt7620-reset1.rar(74.75 KB)

Please note that with unsuccessful firmware will be a full brick!
1. Throw on the flash drive breed-mt7620-reset1.bin
2. We stick the flash drive into the router
3. Go to the telnet router (see above)
4. We enter
cd / media / sda / sda1

5. Just in case, we make a backup
for i in 0 1 2 3; do cat / dev / mtdblock $ i>mtdblock $ i.bin; done

6. We sew
mtd_write -r -e mtd0 write breed-mt7620-reset1.bin mtd0

U-BOOT for ASUS port
Attached fileuboot.7z(49.95 KB)
MD5: 3226b91d287d3401f1534a220e7396f2
Installation is similar to the neighbor above,just do not forget to unpack !
Instructions for restoring firmware:
1. Copy to the root of the first section of the USB Flash disk (usb 2.0), pre-formatted (ie, empty) in FAT16 / FAT32, the firmware image, while renaming the file to "root_uImage" (without quotes and extensions, BUT case sensitive );
2. Turn off the power of the router (pull out the power cord from the router);
3. Insert the USB flash disk into the USB port of the router;
4. Clamp the RESET button and turn on the router (we plug the power cord into the router) without releasing the RESET;
5. WAITING, the flash drive will start blinking (if there is an indicator on it), after a couple of minutes of holding, release the RESET;
5. After some time, if the indicator of the router does not change color to blue, restart it, the firmware will load. If it does not, check the USB flash drive or pick up another one.

Information unit in binary numbering system GOST 8.417-2002 GSI
bit2(bit) - amount of information 1 (usually used to denote the connection speed and the amount of information transmitted);
byte2,3 - amount of information 1 equal to8bit (usually used to denote the amount of data on the media).

1) The term “amount of information” is used in devices for digital processing and transmission of information, for example in digital computing (computers), to record the amount of storage devices, the amount of memory used by a computer program.
2) In accordance with the international standard IEC 60027-2, the “bit” and “byte” units are used with SI prefixes.
3) Historically, there is such a situation that the name “byte” is incorrect (instead of 1000 = 103accepted 1024 = 210) used (and use) SI prefixes: 1 Kbyte = 1024 bytes, 1 MB = 1024 Kbytes, 1 Gbytes = 1024 Mbytes, etc. At the same time, the designation Kbytes start with a capital letter unlike the lowercase letter “k” to designate a multiplier ten3.
Version difference
A = 4 MB flash - no USB

AD, H, F are absolutely identical devices, the only difference is in the firmware that comes from the factory with the Chinese and English interface
The base of modems for support is increased in the H version compared to F
AD didn’t feel, but I suspect that they added some dLNA / UPNP thread, and I didn’t see it on sale, and I don’t see any reason to overpay for something that can be implemented with alternative firmware (I still make backups with the stock programmer and sew everything my heart desires)

What does the F model show that at some point in time (during the merging of Lede with OpenWRT, in version 17.01.2-17.01.3) the firmware stopped loading, I suspect that they changed something in the hardware, and specifically something was namut in the core with support for the SPI interface on which the entire firmware sits
But in recent versions of OpenWRT this problem is not noticed.

I checked it very simply, two devices purchased with a difference of 1 year on native Flash-ah, the same firmware was launched on one, and not on the other.
after updating OpenWRT to version 17.01.4, the firmware compiled with the same configuration worked on both devices

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Rep: (79)
parepko @ 2.03.19, 9:24*
Something did not even think to do it all over lan

Well, but as you can cram into the body of the loader WiFi support to the loader fell out of allotted address space? Yes and loader is always done with the support of the easiest in implementation of the available interfaces.

Not you personally, but in general. They are corrupt and lazy with WiFi. Wherever whatever is handy, it is necessary and not necessary, shoved WiFi. And then the problems. IP-TV Stream TV on WiFi, parallel Gadya all the neighbors in the air, and were themselves unhappy that buffering, friezes and other. And all just a couple of neighbors as Stream TV, and air is not elastic

Rep: (101)
#1 , #2continued ...
an interesting problem got out
if 2 flash_chip 128 (16MV)
roll up the programmer the same way
then from under the Breed Web does not change anything.
In general, one Breed needs to change something,
Well, at least the processor frequency,
otherwise the second flash will go into the bootloader (auto).
Do not solder two flash with "bred clone" with one volume of 128 (16MB).
some downsides (of the original)
Attached Image

Put socket soic8 under the sop8 case,
it eliminates any problems withDUAL FLASH.
Just give one flash and use Breed Web.
(situation with "bred clone", but not necessary)
If you put flash different in volume,
then there are no problems.
No. 1 is larger in volume, and No. 2 is smaller.
All design flaws of the board will be eliminated,
at least hate nexx3020f feels
and does not want to slam the cover)))
- install flash under the WSON8 (32MV) enclosure,
and down will go socket soic8 with flash for SOP8 (8 / 16MB soic)
Karoche, WSON8 is not an authority for us ...
They do not have spi over 133MHz and 512Mb (64MB).
I will leave WSON8 support, as Socket Soic8 is bigger.
в—Џ possibly adaptable to Nand Flash
for 1GB and we’ll give a percentage per share!

Firmware in DUAL FLASH has been tested.
(LEDE, Gargoyle, Snowdrop, ROOter, etc.).
FLASH: 16MV + 16MV, 16MV + 8MV - Ok!

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Reason for editing: p.s.

Rep: (41)
Admins. If it is not necessary here to remove or move

Bought in China is still what that another clone with iron as the wt3020.
Bonus cool vidos and built-BP.

I buy on aliexpress.https: //ru.aliexpress....311.0.0.263033edx51Vrn
My Review on ali on 05 Feb 2019 17:36
Price about 8 bucks.

On the body does not have any name, but it was only on the board:WD7620N-R1-V1 So in the patch and called ..
Ram-DDR1:32MB .
USB fully working, not just a charger.
For UART solder can have noses, it will be safer to himself resistors.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

The katabatic Soft nothing almost gone. Even as the wifi extender did not work well.

LAN and WAN in commutators numbers do not coincide with wt3020.
Bay out of stock u-boota request from 3020 without Lucy, LAN and WAN were dead at all.
But I entered via wifi. B builds its OpenWrt wifi turn back in the source code.

After testing all gpio and swich, that much connected. Has added to the patch, I gathered ask.

Then it would not steamed with packages on a small flash drive, soldered to 8MB, pre-recorded in it only the u-bootbreed-reset1 .
As is recognized in MT720N no external calibration data for the built-in radio module.
In any one section and backup no sense.

I recorded it from a breed, and MAC as well. to work for the wife takes yusb modemma.
Whatever the laptop does not push, and then all jacks porazbivalis.

After the patch is Wifiincluded on all platforms And wifi-network name will be not openwrt, and the name of the router model .
And un-address is 192.168.10 .1
Patch for LEDE-18.06.02

Attached files

Attached fileALL_add-LEDE-source-18.06.2_KYAN-300M_wt3020-16M_wd7620n-r1-v1_wpl6036_KY928A.patch.zip(5.62 KB)

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Rep: (860)
melsem @ 03.03.19, 20:30*
another clone with iron as the wt3020.

wt3020 do with only the CPU, which made a lot of routers, including Chinese handicrafts

Rep: (25)
* ser.tuner
Does the breed have support for flash drives over 32 MB?
It is not clear how you charge a USB drive connected to the router board, the wiring?
And what kind of socket for soic8 do you have?

Rep: (101)
SynFin @ 03/03/19, 13:15*
Does the breed have support for flash drives over 32 MB?

set 256Mb (32MV) and more.
SynFin @ 03/03/19, 13:15*
It’s not clear how you charge for flash drives
connected to the router board, wiring?

there is a comb, removed without problems.
SynFin @ 03/03/19, 13:15*
And what kind of socket for soic8 do you have?

each flash has its own socket.
this one under 208mil, inpoststhere is a .pdf file

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Reason for editing: added

Rep: (25)
ser.tuner @ 03.03.19, 23:01*
set 256Mb (32MV) and more.

256Mb (32 MB), I put the identity, the question is just whether working breed with 64MB flash drives and more confirmation has not yet met, but do not want to solder at random. Therefore I ask, can be tested?

ser.tuner @ 03.03.19, 23:01*
there is a comb, removed without problems.

A photo can be done? You are on the router to the tracks crib soldered?

ser.tuner @ 03.03.19, 23:01*
each flash has its own socket.

Yes, I liked the socket with folding "ears"

Rep: (7)
If the firmware to roll from Keenetic Omni II, register a valid service code and serial number, the service will work KEENDNS?

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Rep: (30)
zaylas @ 4.03.19, 12:35*
If the firmware to roll from Keenetic Omni II, register a valid service code and serial number, the service will work KEENDNS?


Rep: (101)
SynFin @ 03/04/19, 02:31*
the question is whether the brid works with flash drives of 64 MB or more,
I haven’t met confirmation yet, but I don’t want to solder at random.
That's why I ask, maybe they tested it?

there is no 512Mb (64MB) yet, it's hard to find.
Take a look at the MT7620n processor and find.
SynFin @ 03/04/19, 02:31*
Can you take a photo?
Have you soldered a crib to the tracks on the router?

Yeah, I’ll take a photo, they are sold on ali.
there is a comb under SOP8 (small step)
SynFin @ 03/04/19, 02:31*
Yes, I liked the socket with folding "ears"

what appeared on ali,
I’m selling a lot of accounts about the bombing for sale,
On ebay, too, there is, even piece by piece.

Rep: (25)
ser.tuner @ 04.03.19, 15:08*
Take a look at the MT7620n processor and find.

Yes percent anyway, he smart enough to consider the loader, and then the boot loader should consider jedec id stick and decide how to use it, especially if it is necessary to use a 4-byte command. Brida Sirtcov have not, so that he's able to, you can only guess, the most interesting. 64MB spi-flash at a price comparable to already own a router :))))

ser.tuner @ 04.03.19, 15:08*
Yeah, make a photo, being sold at ali. there comb under SOP8 (small step)

I wson right on board payayu thought we can put a cot. Sew through raspberry.

Rep: (860)
in general the stick came, 25Q128FVSG 16 MB, please dump 8 MB padavan programmer, via a web interface on a 16 MB firmware update did not want, in the script prometheus too (although the path partitions.config padavan-ng / trunk / configs / boards / NEXX / WT3020H edited and config also he has 16MB, still writing, the firmware can not exceed 8 MB), as a result flashed across asusovsky uboot with flash.

Rep: (-1)
Hello everyone, I have a problem, please router firmware from Prometheus, have 3g modem, the question of how to fix ttl request is for a modem. Zyxel is done on all the work. Now insert the modem (to change imei) connect on the wifi device and all raboatet, MTS does not send any SMS that I distribute. How to fix the ttl for the modem, not wan lan and stuff ??

For Zyxela connected via telnet, enter the following:

interface UsbModem0 ip adjust-ttl send 65
system configuration save

Maybe someone will come in handy. On the Internet I found for this router as follows:

modprobe xt_HL
iptables -t mangle -A POSTROUTING -j TTL --ttl-set 64
ip6tables -t mangle -A POSTROUTING -j HL --hl-set 64

How to register a modem here ???

Rep: (860)
VecH @ 05.03.19, 11:43*
hat you will not want to read?

guidedthis post+ Your post below, the only difference, I already had padavan, ie transition firmware is not used

Rep: (75)
* hohlosoft
you know what ttl modem fixed to HiLink, and you bring the instructions for the Stick?

Rep: (490)
* valeramalko , "NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions) (Fasting VecH # 77539187)

Rep: (75)
* valeramalko,
that hurt flash across mtd_write? I remember someone asked, I am successful.

Posted on 03/05/2019, 10:36:

* VecH,
so the question is not how to collect and how to sew!

Rep: (490)
* Rependt , Uboot breed :)

Rep: (860)
VecH @ 5.03.19, 12:32*
valeramalko, "NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions) (Fasting VecH # 77539187)

where do the assembly? gathered all right to 16MB, and I know about the breed and about uboot, decided that the fastest way is through prometheus flash, especially the script is running, the ssh already had, but the script does not want to sew, so I ask through uboot. Results achieved.

Post has been editedvaleramalko - 05.03.19, 12:43

Rep: (-1)
* Rpendt, I have a modem Stick, megaphone e352, so I do not understand the question, I have given instructions that person made. I'm here and I want to fix this modem ttl in routore. Now I have a question !!!

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