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Sony Xperia M5 / M5 Dual - Discussion | Smartphone, 5 "

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DiscussionSony Xperia M5 / M5 Dual
PictureSony Xperia M5 / M5 Dual
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Rep: (26)
The Sony M5 smartphone is based on the Mediatek Helio X10 (MT6795) chipset with a 64-bit eight-core processor running at 2.0 GHz, PowerVR G6200 graphics and 3 GB of RAM. The built-in drive has a capacity of 16 GB, which can be expanded with microSD memory cards up to 200 GB. This place can be filled with photos and video, as the base camera has a resolution of 21.5 MP and can shoot video in 4K. The front camera also features a high resolution of 13 MP.
The display of the novelty has a diagonal of 5 inches, the resolution is 1920x1080 and is made using IPS technology. Battery capacity - 2600 mAh. From wireless interfaces onboard there is Wi-Fi, BT, NFC, LTE is supported.
All this is enclosed in a dust- and waterproof housing made of glass, plastic and stainless steel.

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The first impression is cool smart! Sorry for the external speaker just one. And they didn’t say anything about the radio ... Will there be any? o.O

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I know now that I’m going to change my phone. I thought about mx5, stopped the lack of sdshki, but sony did something worthwhile that they didn’t make frames here as on c5 ultra, it would be possible to reduce it in size .. in fact if it costs around 20-23k everything can be forgiven: )

Posted on 08/03/2015, 12:25:

* bulbyash,
There is a radio in my samsung s4 mini, for more than 2 years it has never been turned on, just like nfc. Even if there is neither one nor the other, this news is not a big deal. But the fact that there will still be dual sim at all gorgeous.

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I am glad that the back panel is no longer glass, but from transparent plastic (they promise that it will not crack)

Rep: (326)
AstioN @ 08/03/2015, 12:25*
I know now that I’m going to change my phone. I thought on mx5

I also know the campaign) If there are no problems with the M5 and C5 Ultra, I will choose between these two smartphones. Not only will it be possible to take it in Russia without any problems, it will also be Russian anyway (compared to Meise). So far, just do not like the capacity of the battery, but let's see how it will behave)
P.S. Looks like Sony took hold of the mind

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* bulbyash, also quiet probably as always with Sony. although in a preliminary review onsavagemessiahzine.comIt is written that the sound is loud :)

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A great option, there are 2 sim.
The back panel of glass should be written that the plastic is only in a preliminary sample. So we are waiting for the release.

Rep: (4)
And when the release of this unit will be?

Rep: (26)
* devil06,
The release has already been, the device is officially presented. It remains to wait for the appearance on the shelves.

Rep: (1)
And there is infa about the battery. Is it removable or not?

Rep: (326)
On the shelves somewhere in late August-early September

Rep: (6)
No, the backdrop will be exactly plastic, since it is positioned as a middle class.
* Diman6267,
If you need a screen of 6 "ultra, but there it will be much weaker by an order of magnitude. I personally do not consider the ultra just because I don’t really like very big phones, 5" is an ideal option. And on the battery, the wife of sony sp and so the acc is not much more, but lives decently and this is with the hd screen. In principle, they always had with akkami norms.
* Sudneko
Most likely not, because it has moisture protection, and no one in the review about it did not say.
It is a pity that Sonya uses mostly dragontail glass and not a gorilla. For all the time of torture of your phone, not a single scratch, and the phone from the purchase itself without films and protective covers.
Oh yeah, wherever they mentioned about the fact that the eye of the main camera lens is closed?

Rep: (326)
* AstioN,
That's the point: in M5 it attracts percents and sizes, in C5 it attracts the size of the display. I know about iron. If there are a lot of problems with M5, I will look either at C5, or at mexu mx5.* Sudneko
Battery not removable

Rep: (0)
In the official video, I saw that there is still radio and NFC in this device. But I noticed another not very pleasant feature: for the first time I see a protruding bezel made above the front camera. I worry about how our ears will perceive it: rolleyes: Not everyone is talking on headsets and hands-free talk)
And if you're interested, here’s the video itself:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwLaALKPEm4

Rep: (39)
* AstioN,
The design of the Sony Xperia M5 almost completely copies that of the flagship Z series. We see the so-called “sandwich” of glass panels. The edges are made of plastic, and the shiny corners are made of stainless steel, which should take strikes when it falls.Both the back and front surfaces will be covered with glass (in the pre-production samples in the photo, the back side is made of plastic). The dimensions of the smartphone are 7.6 x71, 9x145mm.
This is a review onsavagemessiahzine.com. So you have to wait, maybe the glass.

Rep: (6)
* MiG_Kharkov,
Well, if there is a review here, not the fact that it is 100% accurate.
Says a representative from Sony.

Rep: (1)
All of these reviews are from representatives of Sony, the so-called marketing bulshit. So, as long as it does not go on sale and it does not make a review, at least someone who is not very biased is hard to judge the quality of the device.

That's interesting, the price will be different for the version with one SIM and two? And how to shoot these cameras. It seems to me strange that there are 21 and 13 megapixels in the phone and there is not a single photo in the network, nor will these figures be one of the decisive factors when buying ..

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Rep: (2014)
* Sudneko You can not upload photos from prototypes to the network. Therefore, we will not see anything. Apparatus bomb, well, that did not take the M4. I will take it despite the lack of OTG (a tribute to capless USB)
The price should be at the level of M4, because Here the percentage of MTK or not much higher.
They promise such a price
But there is no need for rear is plastic. The Sony Xperia M5 is expected to be around 24k-25k rubles ($ 390 - $ 406).
A source

Official Teaser SONY Xperia M5

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Rep: (79)
inside! out @ 08/04/2015, 10:01*
despite the lack of OTG (capless USB tribute)

I do not understand, can you detail? OTG will not be in this phone?

Rep: (2014)
* Shurikz ;) and how? Got 4 and 5 contacts in the water and went into tension, boiling some water? In whitepaper, not a word on the USB host, can make a button in the "Memory" menu to activate

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