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Characteristic and photo devices

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. Support for multiple SIM cards 2
Android operating system
Quad processor MediaTek MT6582M (1.3 GHz)
Dimensions 142 x 73 x 9.5 mm
Weight: 155 g
Form Factor Touch candybar phone
Display 5 "IPS, Capacitive Touch
Resolution: 854x480 pixels
Ring tones polyphonic melodies
Mp3 call
Vibrating alert
The main camera is a 5 megapixel
LED flash
Digital zoom
Geographical tags
Touch Focus
Face recognition
Front 0.3 Mp
Standard GSM: 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz
UMTS: 900/2100 MHz
Dimensions SIM card Micro-SIM, Mini SIM
memory function Operational: 512 MB
Built-in: 4 GB
MicroSD card slot
Organizer Calendar
World time
Alarm clock
Call Management Handsfree
Caller ID
Last / Missed / Outgoing
Entertainment Games
Media player
Application for accessing Internet services
Graphics accelerator ARM Mali-400 MP2

Proximity sensor
Light sensor
Working with messages SMS, MMS, E-mail
T9 predictive input
Internet GPRS
EDGE 384 Kbit / s
HSPA + (HSUPA) 5.76 Mbit / s
HSDPA 21 Mbit / s
Wireless technology Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n
Wi-Fi hotspot
Bluetooth 4.0
GPS, with A-GPS support
Power Removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery 2000 mAh
Talk time: up to 20 hours
Standby time: Up to 400 h
Supplied with the phone
USB cable
Mains charger
Additional white back cover
Protective film
User's manual
Width 73 mm
Height 142 mm
Depth 9.5 mm
color Black

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Normal phone?

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Today took one totehnopoyntefor 4650r. - at the current rate the cancellation of the card when purchasing zabugore is only $ 65 (a present pensioner was taken on the basis of up to 5 to TR was all at once). In principle - for the money at current exchange rate - it is normal. The appearance of good, solid, in an average hand is good, the buttons on the right hand. But charging top incomprehensible decision. Chamber finds no (5 megapixels, but no autofocus, soaps, color does not pass, snepkamera does not help, at a similar ZTE 880H was much better) RAM free, too, enough to swear - about 50MB, a bunch of Google release the preset guano and pre-free battery boosters and RAM a convenience store. GPS works, accuracy is not the test. Android is clean, but the settings is the second theme, the appearance changes to light and something begins to resemble the configuration and flow Huawei Kulpad. Packaging good - a box of vacuum packed, intact, have a headset simple but with vacuum plugs, extra white back cover, the protective film with a proprietary GSMART logo, well, charger euros per amp with cable, cable is thin, hard - good. Screen in normal brightness color and more or less, but 2-multi-point. But there is good oleofob. Build good, backlash, the creaking of the box unnoticed under cover all clean, bolts and antenna one by one, under the battery even SAR specified level, the battery tyazhelenkaya, Kripen'ka, smooth. But the buttons are placed on the cover, not on the body - too negative, I do not like those decisions for me. The earpiece / microphone good, the sound is excellent - as a stereo, but the external speaker subjectively disappoint, although seemingly not small (by the way is closed mesh on the body and one mesh on the cover), there is also a pair of symmetrical bumps on the cover of its overlap. I think the case of an external speaker inzhenerki help us as on any MT-chip. Performance for a given SoC standard - about 18,000 in parrots. Only three sensors, accelerometer available. Heats poorly - almost all past MTK chips - after the test about 40 degrees. Especially did not have time to test a - already awarded, so that questions if able to answer - not even once. Simca one mini, micro second. Mini stands on the internet. The memory card is hot swappable, Sims no. On one of the bolt guarantee plombochka Gigabyte. In short we must rutit, clean, climb in inzhenerku adjust the sound, and to expand the RAM memory for applications. It will be less. In the meantime - babushkofon. numbers do not miss it by a set of buttons, okay.
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Examples of so-called "Photo and video"
Components and parts (shot on Huawei X1, was on hand)
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Only SIM cards one plain and the other mini

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as it has with the earpiece and the quality of reception?

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Signal catches fine, gps quite fast and accurate. Battery standards, really active use at the date missing. I hear that I am well.
The main "music" speaker is weak, in a case are not always heard. On the street it was hardly audible.
And so phone costs money. Build standards.

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Vladimir few questions:
1. How much of a memory box for installing software:
2. How to Root for him?
3. Where to read about the increase in volume in the engineering menu?
3. Where to order it cover?
4. Does he have the buttons light?
5. Does he have a proximity sensor?

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Yes, and how much battery holds?

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I bought this phone is very good for the price =)
of the downsides of the following:
512MB operatives. heavy toys fly, and not too heavy is emitted, for example Ingres bords 2.
slightly crap firmware, but the benefit can be disabled preventing the application settings.
very slow wi-fi.

living creature knows how to put on the root of it?

ANTONIY1979 @ 06.09.2015, 21:10*
Yes, and how much battery holds?
with two sim-cards, when the screen (lasagna on the menu or surfing the Internet), the charge is melting right before our eyes, leaving only one percent in 1-2 minutes.
if you put only one simkarty will be slightly better than 1 per cent in 2-3 minutes.

ANTONIY1979 @ 06.09.2015, 19:05*
Does he have the buttons light?

ANTONIY1979 @ 06.09.2015, 19:05*
How much of a memory box for installing software
like 1.7gb

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ECLIPSE00074 @ 07.09.2015, 14:32*
with two sim-cards, when the screen (lasagna on the menu or surfing the Internet), the charge is melting right before our eyes, leaving only one percent in 1-2 minuty.esli put only one simkarty will be slightly better than 1 per cent in 2-3 minutes.

obtained on the strength of 5:00 or what? And what about the alleged 20?

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I forgot to mention that it is at maximum brightness =)
at brightness below the average percentages go times slower 3

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people who had already tried on it to increase the paging file?

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Yet it is not possible Root

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With Kingroot has long been his rutiroval

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Help flash CWM, and then I ask from Roma R2 and is now in the recovery did not come in!

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how ti his rutiroval?

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So. I took a week ago in a communication in Minsk for the equivalent of $ 80. Previous my phone - LG P500, so I have not spoiled :-)
So what I liked:
1 - Cborka. She is really a pleasant surprise, especially for the money;
2 - capacious battery. When you use my time is 4 days (sometimes calls, email verification, use the application directories that do not use the internet - always switched off);
3 - IPS screen;
4 - replaceable rear body panel (rough gloss white / black soft touch). One can be put under the airbrushing, or leave an hour to wait, when the first will overwrite;
5 - the GPS works well;
6 - charging and headphone connectors on top, it is convenient to use the phone on charge;
7 - has a proximity sensor;
8 - quality reception;
9 - have a flashlight / strobe.

What I did not like:

1 - bad camera, auto-focus, high noise level, insufficient speed;
2 - Slop headphones included;
3 - weak complete charging (1A).

What may not like:
1 - offline magnetometer;
2 - a bunch of pre-installed applications, 2/3 of which are not necessary;
3 - 512 MiB RAM some may be missed (partially treated by removing unnecessary software), if you're going to play games - then this phone is not for you;
4- minimum brightness display much, uncomfortable in the dark;
5 - low brightness diode flashes.

Verdict:phone more than worth the money. Those for whom a smartphone - it is primarily a tool, not a toy, and who considers your money - you can take.

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No one has tried to increase the RAM in it? And byasyat flying applications and games

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Login to the recovery: Hold down the volume rocker and the power button up.
Entrance to the factory menu: Down rocker and the power button.

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