Zifro Vivid ZS-5500 - Official firmware (OS 4.2.1)

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Zifro Vivid ZS-5500 - Official firmware (OS 4.2.1)
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Good day. Need help knowledgeable people in the next question. The daughter on a smart Zifro 5500, lost connection on Wi-Fi, the function itself is kind of turned on in the settings, even trying to connect but that all ends, even the icon of that turn Wi-Fi on the screen is missing. I would not want to mess around with the firmware may have easier ways to revive this funktsii.Pomogite good people who have what may be suffering child of ...: girl_cray:

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I guess it is quite dead subject, but who can respond ?? Assist with a reinsertion Zifro Vivid ZS-5500 !! After connecting the phone to a computer is obtained directly like this:

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sobr.69 , Write to the PM.

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Brought tel .. Do not load completely, wrote an application error, I beg your backup and PPC is now a blinking che do?

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TTalanTT I write in a personal.

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TTalanTT @ 09.12.2015, 16:22*
Backup and PPC is now a blinking che do?

a similar situation (((
What to do?

everything was decided firmware rekaveri

And so full of flashing caps + format device and receive eternal reboot, then rekaveri firmware will load, but got the wrong imei since firmware has Ruth has decided to use the MtkDroidTools (attach)

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Attached fileMtkDroidTools.rar(26.44 MB)

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_Imei fell off and the phone was switched off before himself, and include only after I pulled the battery, is now excluded. pliz help

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