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ai.type keyboard - Your Choice, Your Style, Your Themes | [IPhone], [iPad] Smart personalized keyboard for smartphone

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ai.type keyboard - Your Choice, Your Style, Your Themes
version: 2.8.1
Catalog: Office programs

Last update of the program in the header:12.11.2015
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Short description:
All of our premium features are at your service: prediction, addition, correction, scrolling, emoji and more.

Keyboard for smartphones and tablets on the IOS operating system. We are changing the process of writing messages for more than 25 million users.
The application studies your writing style and thus allows you to print faster and better. The possibilities of customization and personalization of the keyboard are almost endless.

Key features of the application:
- At your service all our premium features (forecasting, addition, correction, scrolling gesture, emoji and others);
- Create your own keyboard layouts, change themes, colors, fonts, use more than 800 emoji: express your own personality as you want;
- Thousands of free themes: select any of the thousands of free themes available in our Topics Store;
- Create your own topics and share them;
- Create customized themes (backgrounds, colors, fonts, and more);
- Share with your friends and upload your themes to the “Topics Store”, where millions of users can view, rate and download them;
- Auto-fill Emoji and a new list with the ability to scroll;
- Improved correction and prediction;
- Predicting the next word, addition and auto-correcting - predicting the next word in context and auto-correcting (including spell checking for English) according to your unique writing style.
- Swype: write faster, sliding your finger from the key to the key;
- Personalization of the appearance of the keyboard, its functionality, the creation of your own keys and shortcut keys (as you wish);
- Resize the keyboard as needed;
- Any image as a background;
- Adding numbers, punctuation marks (and other characters) from the main screen of the keyboard using the top (5th) line;
- Long key press allows you to enter alternative characters and symbols with an accent mark;
- Search by keyboard allows you to instantly find the desired text;
- Voice support: speaks the words out loud when typing text;
- Confidentiality: your privacy concerns us first. We will not share your data with anyone and will not try to get information from the password fields. The text will remain encrypted and confidential.

Homepage: http://www.aitype.com/
iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/ai.type-keyboard-your-choice/id916548141?mt=8

Download: version 2.8.1 (Cracker / Uploader: alienopo-ICPDA): ai.type keyboard - Your Choice, Your Style, Your Themes (Dgonix Post # 44461603)
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Is there any way to make the parentheses and exclamation mark always be on the main Russian keyboard, regardless of the position of the top line?

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ai.type keyboard - Your Choice, Your Style, Your Themes (Cracker / Uploader: alienopo-ICPDA) v.2.8.1

- it has been opened;
- Fixed a possible issue with parentheses on the right-to-left languages;
- Fixed an issue with the app.

PictureAttached fileai.type keyboard Your Choice Your Style Your Themes (v2.8.1 v3 LP os80) -alienopo-ICPDA.rc325.ipa(30.19 MB)

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People, and how to set this one important thing from one smart to another?
And it will be a long time to set it up again, and I do not remember how.
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Is the topic over? Klava irrelevant?
Choosing a new clave - advised this. In the market - there is fresh.

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Version contains a virus. Moder releases need to check? Or scored ...

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Everything . Understood. Sorian

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