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> Acer Liquid Z220 - Discussion | Smartphone, 4 "
04.07.15, 16:49

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DiscussionAcer Liquid Z220
PictureAcer Liquid Z220
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07.03.19, 15:48
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* Niclaus,
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Cannon blast
26.04.19, 00:53
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Please help me figure it out. This phone stopped using last summer, just turned it off and put it in a box. Now I’m getting it out, trying to turn it on - the screen lights up, shows the Acer logo, doesn’t load further. At the same time, surprisingly, the phone does not vibrate when turned on, as it always has been, but on this initial screen with the Acer and Android logo above the Acer logo, a stripe appears as if it were colored multicolored pixels. He began to charge, held the hour, the phone showed a charging icon, but did not show the green sausages that the process was underway. I moved the charged battery from another model (there is a second phone the same), it did not help.

I tried to enter the boot-menu, tried different sequences, sometimes I manage to call the inscription in the upper left corner:

boot mode: fastboot
Ik version: LP-00ef116

Loading does not go any further.

Randomly, 2 times it was possible, as it were, to boot into Android for just a couple of seconds. The battery showed 0% (although I charged and the battery was charged), so the phone quickly went out.

The data on the phone is not important, ready to reset to factory settings to revive the device, but how? Buttons it doesn't help, I looked for instructions, it seems like there is some ADB, but debugging on the USB on the phone was not turned on, will it work in this case? It should be noted that now he connected the phone to the computer via YUSB, turned it on, Windows slammed and after a while wrote that "The Android device is connected", although the phone did not go beyond the logo and is not displayed in any way in "My Computer". And how can the fastboot mode be used? Tell me, please, what to do. I honestly used the site search, but I didn’t find any clear step-by-step instructions on how to do it, although I’ve heard about your site.

Thank you in advance.

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