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Alibabook - search audiobooks
Version: 1.1.0

Last update of the program in the header:03.07.2015

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Short description:
Free online search audiobooks, which are freely available on the Internet

Very simple and functional online search of free audiobooks, which are freely available on the Internet. To start listening to an audio book, you do not need to pass any registration - just start typing the name of the audiobook (or its author and publisher), and the result will not make you wait!
Key Features:
• Convenient player, simple and lightweight design;
• Supports portrait and landscape mode;
• Sleep Timer player at the specified time;
• Best audiobooks - the most visited by users;
• Add books found in the library (quick link to the audio book page);
* More than 10 of the best sources with audio books.

Russian interface: Yes

Developer: HealApp
Google Play:
• Added a sleep timer;
• Added support for landscape mode;
• Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download: Version: 1.1.0
Attached fileAlibabook_1.1.0.apk(3.24 MB)

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Rep: (20)
Good app just is not possible to download a book.

Rep: (44)
Now store such applications not. To simultaneously listen to and download. And of all the most popular this the best (IMHO).
Of worthy are the following: Search all free audiobooks and audiobooks.

Rep: (1639)
Syntax error during installation. Probably OS 2.3 nepodhodit

Rep: (35)
Best prog out wishes: audiozakladki may improve the design.

Rep: (2)
Sorry, did not I have to Wildfire S. issued a "syntax error", alas.

Rep: (0)
Tell me, why is losing by only 3-3.10 minutes, and then automatically pauses, you have to press play again?

Rep: (411)
No analogues.
I would like to know from which sources subject pulls content.

Rep: (3)
and how ambling book player, do not like?

Rep: (8)
rarina @ 01.03.2016, 20:27*
No analogues.
I would like to know from which sources subject pulls content.
Website source

Rep: (1)
Specify system requirements

Rep: (1097)
: Scratch_one-s_head: Market of missing subject ...

Rep: (47)
If analogue. The convenience store is no longer its new version will be? Or maybe who knows analogue?

Rep: (643)
* lisa78,
Most similarSearch for free books.
Still there is a fee (but like curable varnishes patcher)Gramophone.
But the subject is still, in my opinion, better than anyone.

Rep: (47)
Where to get this patch

Rep: (643)
* lisa78,
lisa78 @ 21.06.2016, 08:35*
Where to get this patch

It LuckyPatcher.
I advise you to look into the topic of the gramophone. Although, judging by the question, navryadli you something happens.
Therefore it is better advise to use what we have. The fact the program is not satisfied?

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Great app, but for me there is one "plugging": at the same time two or more books "read" uncomfortable, maybe, in the transition to the other, with the first tab is lost.

Rep: (-1)
Great app! Thanks to the authors use 6 months!

Rep: (13)
super-duper! but there is a desire to breakdown by genre! ready even to buy the app)) who knows how to contact the developers ??

Rep: (10)
I stopped working program on 2 devices. All the way or not?

Rep: (269)
* AlexM-33,

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