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08.06.15, 14:52

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Карма download

Error description:
Hello everyone) tell me the count of karma, something I have not found the relevant topic. Vooschem in the profile indicated Karma: -2. Why so? there are no warnings from the administration. (Warnings: (0%)).
Is there any way to get rid of this?
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Sorry if not there wrote:savagemessiahzine.com:

Link: linarmaximum

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09.02.19, 18:52

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In general, for some reason, for me, this system of karma does not work, was seduced by provocation, received a 3-day RO, a warning of 20% and a decrease in karma to -15, only for some reason that karma was fixed, the first comment after that in just 2 days scored +23 Karma has not changed, that is, the description of the entire system of karma does not correspond to reality.
30.03.19, 13:10

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Having read the topic, I did not get a clear answer, what comment should be written to increase the karma.

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30.03.19, 16:19

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* Alex_togliatti,
Anyone that forum users will find useful, and put a plus in karma.

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%% There was not enough budget %% for the pathetic inscription.
09.04.19, 19:24

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two years karma minus 14 with kopecks and is not reset and do not write, do not vote, do not complain! ok site what ...
25.04.19, 02:38

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How to write to not break anything ...
News on the site from the point of view of technical orientation and usefulness for advice ... sometimes extremely untested ... and causing doubts in ... understanding the technique and logical thinking of the authors.

I understand that the site should somehow at least pay off ... but damn ... some short articles that are very similar in style to advertising and give advice that can be called unreliable at the slightest check ...

In general - yes, from some - frankly "burns", but to enter into discussion with a demonstration of how things are in fact at least extremely unwise, and as a maximum - means a contradiction of the administration.

In general, it is not necessary to write at all on the site from accounts that have a positive reputation.

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