Movian | The media center is designed for use on a TV screen.

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Versions:5.0.546 /Bleeding edge5.0.548 / 5.0.546 (Google play) / 5.0.600 (For Chrome Custom)
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Features of the Media Center:
  • video and audio playback
  • installable applications and plugins
  • single search
  • view photos and images
  • automatic update

Possible remote control:
  • CEC - control of the remote from the TV when connected via HDMI
  • Movian can manage others Movian
  • Office withAndroid devices Movian remote
  • Webcontrol (we indicate the IP of your device withMovian)

Supported Platforms:
  • Linux ,
  • Mac os x ,
  • Raspberry pi ,
  • Playstation 3 ,
  • Android (4.0.3 and higher) ,
  • Google Chrome Apps ,
  • Qnap (NAS) ,
  • iOS and tvOS (Test) .

Developer site
VK group

Be sure to read!

Download versions for different platforms
Download version forAndroid:
-> Attached filemovian_api15_armeabi-5.0.546.apk (7.2 MB)
-> Attached filemovian_api15_x86-5.0.546.apk (7.15 MB)

DownloadBleeding edgeversion forAndroid:
-> Attached filemovian_api15_armeabi-5.0.548.apk (7.2 MB)
-> Attached filemovian_api15_x86-5.0.548.apk (7.15 MB)

Download version forPlaystation 3:
-> Attached filemovian-gh-5.0.546.rar (8.58 MB)
(Unpack for installation)
DownloadBleeding edgeversion forPlaystation 3:
-> Attached filemovian-gh-5.0.548.rar (8.58 MB)
(Unpack for installation)
Download version forMac os x:
-> Attached (7.03 MB)

DownloadBleeding edgeversion forMac os x:
-> Attached (7.03 MB)

DownloadSD Card Images for Raspberry Pi, 2 and 3 :
-> Attached filesd-2.4.21.rar (76.38 MB)
(Unpack for installation)
Download version forUbuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit:
-> Attached fileshowtime-dbg_5.0.546_amd64.deb (13.9 MB)

DownloadBleeding edgeversion forUbuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit:
-> Attached fileshowtime-dbg_5.0.548_amd64.deb (13.9 MB)

Download version forUbuntu 12.04 LTS 32-bit:
-> Attached fileshowtime-dbg_5.0.546_i386.deb (13.3 MB)

DownloadBleeding edgeversion forUbuntu 12.04 LTS 32-bit:
-> Attached fileshowtime-dbg_5.0.548_i386.deb (13.3 MB)

Download version forQnap 32-bit, 64-bit:
-> Attached fileMovian_5.0.487_x86_64.rar (66 MB)
(Unpack for installation)

Download for Google Chrome
Download all available plugins from
Of. repository:
-> Attached fileAll Installed Plugins.rar (13.73 MB)
♦ (archive updated 24/11/2019)
Plus some plugin versions
One installation option
Simple and detailed way to install from a flash drive
To install individual plug-ins, you do not need to unpack them - only the archive itself ( .rar ) !

Separate versions of Plugins
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Add. screenshots
  1. Movian
  2. Plugin development
  3. Plugins on github
  4. Movian buttons (All platforms)
  5. We help the author to fix the plugin
  6. Accessing beta versions of plugins
  7. Installing plugins not from Of. repository
  8. Manual installation of plugins for Movian on PS3
  9. Chewed plug-in installation
  10. Official telegram channel, as well as Movian Russian Club
  11. Telegraph Supplement
  12. Backup chat in WhatsApp
  13. Bookmarklet
  14. How to change the keyboard Movian
  15. Plugin for FireFox - Send to Movian
  16. Plugin for FireFox with edit for magnet
  17. Add other types of extensions to the plugin for FireFox - Send to Movian
  18. How to change cache path in BitTorrent settings
  19. Cache path in BitTorrent settings for Android TV on 6.0.1
  20. The cache path in the BitTorrent settings for Android TV on 6.0, without tying the flash drive to the TV
  21. If Androyd TV console does not see "Memory Androyd"
  22. What to do if "Memory Androyd" is visible, but inside is empty
  23. How to quickly get to the internal memory
  24. Transferring the cache to an external device for Androyd TV
  25. If Androyd TV console does not see "USB"
  26. If the video is accelerated, and the sound slows down
  27. If the video "crashes" when changing the audio track
  28. Home Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) for Movian
  29. Another home media - server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) for Movian
  30. Movian NAS IP
  31. Watch Torrent TV via Online TV Plugin
  32. Another way to watch Torrent TV via Online TV plugin
  33. Path to m3u file for iptvEPG plugin using PS3 example
  34. How to send a link to Movian via a Web Browser.
  35. Backup and restore all settings on Android
  36. Hide the bottom panel on Android with Ultimate Dynamic Navbar.
  37. AppAsLauncher under Androyd to run Movian at system startup
  38. Tablet Remote - for wireless control of one Android device from another device
  39. Aptoide under Androyd for an alternative installation of Movian

Mini F.A.Q.
Movian - Mod from deank
Movian - Test from kolbicz
Different ways to circumvent the locks
Frequently asked Questions!
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Rep: (59)
telly must be turned on first
personally at me, rpi powered by tele
I turn on the telly, he feeds

about android andoma raised autobuild losses new apk you can downloadhere

Post has been editedBuksa - 14.09.15, 01:38

Rep: (11)
Tell me, the remote from lg works but not completely. Rewind, play, stop, right, left - works. But the "menu" button how to configure I do not understand?

Rep: (59)
menu can be combo in the settings Mona enable

Rep: (6)
* Buksa, I don't have a button on the remote back. How can I make these bombs?

Rep: (59)
RPi remote control with limited number of buttons mapped to CEC commands. Stop key acts as a prefix key. This should be enabled in Settings->CEC Settings.
Stop + Pause Acts as return / exit key

Rep: (6)
There is no stop button, ok appears for it)) apparently you will have to change the console

Rep: (59)
about my plugs
HDRezka Ugu probably just no time to fix it.
I personally watch aMovies anidub rarely HDSerials as a result of the enti plug-in fix faster :)
the rest if someone reports and if there is time to fix

lprot plugs
he seemed to be on vacation as if something was not working there then he would fix the time

and even if something doesn’t work, then you just need to write to the author of the plugin to fix it

Rep: (59)
HDRezka 0.5.3
Fix links with hdserials cdn check if where che doesn’t work

Ororo 0.7.6
should also work without changing cookies

as always available on beta password until they pass apruval

Post has been editedBuksa - 30.09.15, 21:41

Rep: (0)
Tell pzhl. old poorly understanding english person. Yesterday came RPi2 Model B.
I'm happy with movian'a content just how to make the interface more user-friendly. To turn on the RPi you need to buy a Media Remote? what advise?
Why is the ocean screen saver not working? or I do not understand how to include it? as in prPi and others. Screensavers.
The mouse is also not supported? besides scrolling, although it is convenient to clav tozh only need to take a wireless ...

Rep: (59)
tel lg rpi is tweaked in usb tv I turn on and control my remote control from telly
Here is the truth recently changed RPI RPI 2 losses feed is not enough at times crashes and the box appears
and said the second eats less
about the screen saver do not understand if you're talking about Oceanus then STE skin and not the screen saver

Post has been editedBuksa - 02.10.15, 05:52

Rep: (0)
Please tell me: I configure wifi and plugins, and after restarting, movian forgets about all this.
tried to log in via ssh, but does not allow to save / etc / wpa_config, although I am root
what am I doing wrong? I like Movian very much, it's a shame that every time you need to tie the keyboard
rpi2, movian last

Rep: (6)
* Rrrobert,
Strange. Do I have all the settings saved, maybe you should change the flash drive / version movian?

* Buksa,

Is the power supply through the standard plug? There is a limit on the current in 0.5A if something is cut, it may not be enough.

Rep: (59)
* megas33,
Well, I do not know I have a pause on the box with the remote control :)

* rete4,
HDRezka 0.5.4 problems are not noticed
if you need logs

FS.TO lprot from fixed as he will have time
although who knows, maybe because of ento
VernyjPes @ 10/11/2015, 19:52*
Site and related domains were blocked by Roskomnadzor.

Rep: (7)
aMovian more than a month there is no shortcut on the screen, although the plugin itself is installed
HDrezka is turned on for a split second, then a reset and writes - there is no access to the page with a link.
FS is very sorry ...

Only Rutorg, HDseria and Megog work ... something like this

In a word, without these plug-ins, firmware will not be needed on the Russian-speaking segment.

Rep: (59)
* rete4,
Fill in the new imedzh then in the settings change the branch to the test and update to 4.10.33
in the rep settings, enter the password buksa lprot

Rep: (7)
Image where to get? Today I will try

Rep: (59)

Rep: (7)
HDRezka does not allow to watch, the rest works Screen design has changed

Rep: (10)
* Buksa,
I’ll enter, I’m on the tablet, I’m not looking at the remote to it, so how to be such people?

Rep: (59)
* rete4, studio log
And the design should only change to BE on the test old UI
Is there a video on the site or just videos?

* megas33,
hm probably need to tap somewhere
and seriously if there is probably no android test andoma it still writes
You can ask on the irk channel #movian on efnet

Post has been editedBuksa - 13.10.15, 23:07

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