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A small selection of literature for beginners game developers. Books are in the electronic version, with a special desire, you can find resources where you can download them for free.

Beginning Swift Games Development for iOS, 2015, James Goodwill. - a book in English, written for 1.2, issource codefrom the official site. Perhaps on version 2.0 everything will break, but you can learn.

iOS 7 Game Developmentour compatriot wrote a book. Objective-C is used, the source code is sent to the email.

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iOS Game Development: Developing Games for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. , Thomas Lucka, 2013, CRC Press, ENG. Native development, programs in the book are absolutely free with ios 6 and 7. Source codes lie on the website of the author.

Game Development for iOS with Unity3D. , Jeff W. Murray, 2012, CRC Press, ENG. Most likely, the old version of unity 3 is used. Source codes for Online publishers.

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It's time to add some exotic technology.

Learn GameSalad for iOS: Game Development for iPhone, iPad, and HTML5. , David Guerineau, 2012, Apress, ENG. The book is devoted to a very specific platform salad. Can be used to quickly design a game, mainly 2d. There is a free version of the engine, the electronic version of the book is quite difficult to find.

Developing AR Games for IOS and Android. , Hassan El Habbak, 2013, Packt Publishing, ENG. The book is at the junction of augmented reality technology and Unity, after studying you can create interesting interactive projects.

Sparrow iOS Game Framework Beginner's Guide , Johannes Stein, 2014, Packt Publishing, ENG. The open and free Sparrow Framework lies on github, mainly used for simple 2d games.

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It's time for Cocos2d. The cross-platform engine, many ios-games are made on it. The literature is listed in order of aging. In the selection there was a book for the android, but the cross-platform engine, so that all the same can be done for iOS.

Cocos2d-x by Example, 2nd Edition , Roger Engelbert, 2015, Packt Publishing.

Learning Cocos2d-JS Game Development , Emanuele Feronato, 2015, Packt Publishing.

Learn to create engaging and spectacular games for Android using Cocos2d-x , Raydelto Hernandez, 2015, Packt Publishing

Cocos2d-x Game Development Essentials , Frahaan Hussain, 2014, Packt Publishing.

Learn cocos2d 2 , Steffen Itterheim, Andreas Low, 2012, Apress.

Creating Games with cocos2d for iPhone 2 , Paul Nygard, 2012, Packt Publishing.

Learning cocos2d , Rod Strougo, Ray Wenderlich, 2011, Addison-Wesley.

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Hello. Year I write games on libGDX on Android on Windows7. Then they gave me a very old iPad (ios 5.1.1). They write that in libGDX on the one hand you can the other hand, you cannot write on iOS on Windows, when you create a libGDX project becomes possible to create a folder with the project ios. But when I try to compile on ios, I get the error "A Java Exception has occured". How do you think, is it really possible to write a program / game on ios on libGDX / Windows7 and run on an ipad, is it enough to install hackintosh, what do you need?

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Is it enough to put the hakintosh for this, what is needed?

Yes, enough. Only you still need to install RoboVM.

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Thank you, is it the same for Unity, or is RoboVM not needed on it?

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* nikotinjivn
Not needed

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Copy of the gameFlappy bird
2D / 3D: "not important"
Payment: "present (by agreement)"
Engine: "not important"
Genre: "-"
Platforms: "Android and iOS"
Short description: You need to make a copy of Flappy Bird only with a different character and natural design.

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How can this game be ported to iPhone ( Who can please take a look, the game seems to be simple in gameplay, can anyone succeed; (

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And you yourself will sit or butt with the lawyers of the authors? If so, no question.

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I do not know whether I am writing there. Development is required to create an analogue of the APK game client. I need a copy on ios. What is the possible price of the enterprise?

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* Lorem11,
enterprises in this topic do not trade
Rephrase the question. If you need to make a version of the game from Android to iOS and there are sources - the only question is in time.
In other cases, everything is more complicated and more expensive.

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