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> Award is announced! Who will remove the limit of 500 calls in the call log! | Android 4 and 5
15.05.15, 23:05

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Объявляется премия! Тому кто снимет ограничение 500 вызовов в журнале звонков! download

Device or OS, firmware:Android 4 and 5

Good day, friends!

At work, it is important for me to know when and with whom I spoke. Need a call log. Long log, on several thousand records! And in Android 4 and Android 5, a maximum of 500 entries are stored in the call log. After new entries appear in the journal, over 500, old ones are automatically erased ...

This limitation is not in MIUI.
For example, I have a MIUI6 system based on Android 4.4.4 on my Xiaomi Redmi 2 Dual SIM phone. Now I watch 2165 call log entries. Everything scrolls quickly without delays and jerks, both in the stock call and in third parties: PixelPhone and aContact +++ Next.
But not everything in MIUI suits me! I would like to go to Samsung, with a modified firmware, based on TouchViz.
So, it is necessary that 5000 or 3000 entries instead of 500 can be stored in the call log in Android 4 and Android 5.

Since my appeals to specialists did not lead to the solution of the problem, I decided to announce the prize! Whoever will change the limit of 500 calls in the call log to 5000 or 3000.

I am ready to pay 2000 rubles. to the one who first solves this problem! Or 1000 rub. for Android 4 (or, at least 4.4) and Android 5 (or, at least 5.0).

Please join my prize and other people who need a large call log! Then the size of the premium will increase!)
I don’t know what the solution to this problem will look like - maybe in the form of a program that expands the call log database, and maybe in the form of instructions on what needs to be done, understandable for the average user.
The author could also sell the program through the market!)

And also, I need my call log for 3000-5000 records to be always with me. Without the Internet, without connecting to another computer, and without clouds!
The whole magazine should be in one place (not split into pieces). With access from dialers and contacts. Stock, or third-party. Otherwise, it is not convenient to use ...

Everywhere, where I mention the "number of calls", I mean not grouped calls. That is, if I, say, 10 times in a row, called the same number, then these are 10 calls, not 1.
How to count the calls in the call log?
1) With the program Call_Logs_Backup _ & _ Restore, (any version for the last 2 years) having made a backup.
2) AContact +++ Next v3.0.50427.3172 dated 04/27/2015
Screenshot of aContact +++ Next dialer with 2165 calls:
Attached Image

For experiments, I attach a file with a call log backup for 1010 calls. You can restore records from this backup by calling Call_Logs_Backup _ & _ Restore.
If now, in Android 4 or 5, to restore this backup (1010 outgoing calls to 1010 different numbers), and then save the log again, the program will report that 500 calls remain. Older 510 calls will be lost.
Attached file1010 calls CallLogBackupRestore double.xml(127.87 KB)

Attached file1010 calls CallLogBackupRestore double2.xml(127.87 KB)

I duplicated an unreadable file with a log backup, but again it cannot be read ... Probably serverssavagemessiahzine.comout of order ...
I posted another double - but it cannot be read by me ....

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Reason for editing: Duplicate log file (not read).
Vic Odin
10.12.15, 14:13

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Can it make sense to put the number of calls in the log in the settings of the Xposed module?
Thank you in advance!

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21.12.15, 21:22

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Did anyone try under 6?

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10.07.16, 23:37

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How can I remove the restriction on 5.0.1?
29.09.16, 23:21

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How to cancel the mod?
15.11.16, 09:38
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Is there a solution for 6.0.1 and 7?
24.03.17, 22:05

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05.08.17, 21:57
PersЕЌna suspecta

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