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Windows 8.1 | 7 "| Intel Z3735G | 1Gb
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DEXP Ursus 7W
Processor Intel Z3735G
Processor frequency 1.3-1.8 GHz
Windows 8.1 operating system
Flash memory 16 GB
Expansion slots support for flash cards
Screen 7 inch, IPS 1024 * 600
Capacitive Sensor
WIFI, Bluetooth
GPS navigation is not supported
3G not supported
Intel HD Graphic Video Accelerator
The front camera of 0.3 MP, 2.0 MP rear
Ports mini-HDMI, micro-USB, microSD, 3.5 mm headphone input
Sound Built-in speakers, built-in microphone
Plastic case
The size of 191.8 x 111.5 x 8.1 (mm)
Weight 260 g
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Reason for editing: a manual on Windows performance lifting (direct response of the system)

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* @ luk @ rd,
Similarly tears With the prestige of it (the gamepad as a gift persuaded), I might add that clear Planche charged in 1.5 hours and the battery is not buggy like I prestigio visconte quad. Also, a huge plus is that by pulling hard drives OTG (mikrosd gives 1AM)

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Here is a link to the backup firmware.

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Works perfectly with the micro sd 64GB, great speed, I have it loaded Skyrim stands fast.

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Tell me, what class of card and manufacturer?

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Put Windows 10, everything was got in addition to stitch. Inadequate response to touch. If anyone can fill in the fileC: /Windows/system32/drivers/SileadTouch.fwwith tablet-Win 8.1?

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* maakiss,
For some reason, we got out of the Prestige. Why is this better?

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* ainur101,

These ones?

Posted 08/05/2015, 9:17:

What set? The image recorded on a usb? How to Download?

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Thank. Driver and firmware stitch approached. Regarding the installation of Windows 10, it's simple:
1) shakes Windows 10 x32.iso
2) Download rufus v2 +
3) rufus options:
  • Driving section: GPT UEFI for
  • File system: FAT32
  • Choose Windows 10 Download image
  • Start

4) is connected keyboard and USB flash drive through a hub to the tablet
5) go to the BIOS (F2 pressed when on)
6) Boot From File - Among the list of devices, select USB - efi - boot - bootia32.efi
7) Wait for Setup screen appear hereinafter. I recommend immediately remove the section Images and combine with the system partition.

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Well, the people, if all the rules, I will be the owner of the plancha, next week.

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Still it touches not adequately operates approximately in the middle of the screen there is a mirror double tap. But I think that the problem is in my unsuccessful attempts to install the driver from the other devices or Windows Update (Microsoft released an update for a KMDF, which is not very compatible with our driver). Try reinstalling the axle.

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Installed Windows 10 - stood up well all the drivers except the touchpad driver. I dug a bit and decided not to suffer.
He restored back 8ku, good recovery USB flash drive made in advance: D
Of the benefits could only note that it is possible, in contrast to install Win8 native screen resolution of 1024 * 600.

PS after installing Win10 with the removal of the recovery partition space turned out to be as much as Win8 after recovery (about 6 GB)

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* kobrikx,
SanDisk Ultra MicroSD XC1 64gb, announced 30 Mb / s.

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PS After the removal of Office, Skype and classmates - was 7.1 GB)), more it seems to me there's nowhere to squeeze out: D

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instead it easier to upgrade to the 10s than instalit naked image ?!

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* relation,
Easier, but also the interest of visiting various glitches identity is high.

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kobrikx @ 30.07.2015, 20:36*
Here is a link to the backup firmware.

How to recover from this image?

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Lord, with the screen off charge eats much, so why not tell me?

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I, as I stood Win8, when locking the screen backlight from going off, just the screen turns black. Perhaps you just check in the dark :)

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The people and the like of the plate to repair, if a touch to break, to find a new reality?

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And what about the 10 Win in the end, the driver tried to completely backup of 8.1 above the posted there KMDF HID Minidriver for Touch I2C Device

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