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> Taxsee driver | The program for drivers. Install and earn. The simplest services
06.05.15, 16:15
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Taxsee Driver download


Last update of the program in the header:03.01.2017

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Program for taxi drivers WP
Apply for access to the electronic application site: In the second step in the first paragraph, do not forget to specify the correct city.
Video tutorials on working with the program: youtube
Russian interface: Yes
Developer: taxsee.ru
Homepage: http://taxsee.ru/
Download: www.windowsphone.com/
Program description
• exit to shift and automatic transfer by GPS
• automatic changeover by GPS when requesting an application
• enable auto-assignment filter for requests by destination area
• confirmation and request for cancellation
• extension of the time of arrival to the client
• customer contact by phone
• sending a message to the operator or telephone communication
• route editing and application surcharges
• inclusion and completion of customer expectations during the execution of the application
• obtain a list of the nearest areas when the application is executed on GPS
• receiving lists of applications by zones, current and preliminary
• setting the order of zones in the list
• chat drivers
• viewing ads from the administration
• money transfer by call sign
Adjustable parameters *:
• constant backlight
• active use of GPS
• night theme (also switched by the button in the main window)
• position of tabs and the order of the list of zones for landscape screen orientation
• additional action buttons in the main window
• display current balance in all windows
• text size
• sound output, volume and melodies of sound notifications
• copying text, handling and highlighting messages in the driver chat
• hardware acceleration
• other

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Hello. I have completed 53 entries and the rating has not appeared, explain why this may be so.

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27.12.16, 16:25

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Infu would update in the header. Current version
3.1.7 from 10/20/2016
http: //www.windowsphon…4877-9f6e-08b81a334bc6

official forum on which there are developers (not administration!) -http://forum.taxsee.ru/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=955
if you have questions about the rating, then they should be asked in the office in your city first.

http://taximaxim.ru/driver/anketa/- new link to the driver's questionnaire

http://wap.taxsee.ru/- official site. There are links to the application and video tutorials
26.01.17, 12:28

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Further development and support of the application on the Windows Phone platform is suspended, due to its low popularity.

It is recommended to useAndroid based application.

 mobile version    Now: 04/18/19, 16:21