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> Xiaomi MiWiFi | Application for Xiaomi MiWiFi router, from the company Xiaomi
29.04.15, 07:19
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Xiaomi MiWiFi download

Version: 4.0.9 | 4.4.5 | 4.5.7

Official site | Purchase | Discussion | MiWiFi application | PC application

Last update of the program in the header:26.05.2019

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Additional screenshots of the Dev version
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Short description:
Control, configure, control the router Xiaomi MiWiFi (only for firmware from the company Xiaomi)

- control and configuration of the router
- check connection speed
- control of Xiaomi smart devices connected to the router
- file management on the built-in HDD
- check the free space on the built-in HDD
Compliance with the version of the program with the firmware version of the router
Compliance with the version of the program with the firmware version of the router(R1d) :
- ROM Stable2.13.18 (and newer) + management program 4.4.5
- Developer ROM2.19.32 (and newer) + management program 4.5.7

Compliance with the version of the program with the firmware version of the router(R2D) :
- ROM Stable2.8.19 (and newer) + management program 4.4.5
- Developer ROM2.9.101 (and newer) + management program 4.5.7

Compliance with the version of the program with the firmware version of the router(Mini) :
- ROM Stable2.6.17 (and newer) + management program 4.4.5
- Developer ROM2.11.110 (and newer) + management program 4.5.7

Compliance with the version of the program with the firmware version of the router(Router 3) :
- ROM Stable---- (and newer) + management program 4.4.5
- Developer ROM2.11.48 (and newer) + management program 4.5.7

p.s. You can try not to comply with the versions, because the stab and dev versions are almost the same. In case of problems, install the version of the program corresponding to the firmware version.

Stab version 3.0.6:
One click support
Store updates
Other fixes
Dev version 3.1.5:
- Support single button replacement
- update store
- bug fixes
Dev version 2.3.61:
• Updated Baidu security module
• Fixed errors when adding tasks
Dev version 2.3.33:
• Merging photos and videos
• Reminder when the router timeout, the need to clear the cache
• Task Manager shows repair
• Fixed permissible network speed
• Show task manager red bar only to administrators.
• Fixed incorrect display of the question in the Memo
• Fixed sometimes during remote download, it was not possible to continue downloading after a pause.
Dev version 2.3.26:
• Fixed on Android 4.x random plugin errors on white screen.
• With guest Wi-Fi, device information is not displayed in the QoS device list.
• Fixed crash when quickly disconnecting a disk
• Fixed a bug where parental control is not displayed or the prohibition of network options for visitors
• The backup of the photo album is converted to a universal readable name
• Fixed problems with backup photo album
• Fixed errors on the download page, displaying the USB installation interface
Dev version 2.3.22:
• Correct identification of the Wi-Fi signal amplifier
• Added Custom text color setting for the list of supported devices.
• Fixed problem with canceling downloads after several failures.
• Fixed ad display issue
• Fixed problem with time synchronization
• Fixed the problem of an empty screenshot in android 5.0
• Optimized the logic of the router API requests, reduced the number of requests
• Fixed a memory leak
Dev version 2.3.21:
● Added the ability to transfer settings and password from the old router when you first configure the Mi-router
● The added torrent file opens directly on the router and supports downloading
● Fixed list sorting problems
● Optimized speed and stability of download and upload
● Fixed password entry issue
Dev version 2.3.19:
● Optimized client communication with the server, saving traffic
● Fixed a problem with scheduled loading when it was not possible to set up saving the first time.
● Fixed problem with displaying Search results
● Optimized memory usage by the application.
● Black and White lists, logo, name, priority of access to the server through the device are corrected
Dev version 2.3.18:
● New Resource Search
● Fixed random remote file transfer error
● Optimized router connection when searching for connected equipment on the main page
● Optimized download directory
● Fixed bug of adding external download link
Dev version 2.3.17:
● Optimized remote download plugin
● Added parental controls for connected devices.
● Shared content marked with a red dot.
● Compatibility issues resolved old smart scripts
● Fixed the problem of uploading photos, the choice in the upper left corner to return to the list
● Fixed a blank page when an empty directory was displayed on phones with small screens
● Fixed pause downloads
● Fixed network failure during remote transfer
● Fixed the transition to the list of download files
Dev version 2.3.16:
● Added one-touch router optimization
● New remote boot feature (for routers with last revision hard drive)
● Fixed file display when exceeding the size
● Fixed possible pop-up window conflicts when manually initializing or linking a router
● Minor graphics changes
● The keyboard now does not pop up when you go to the Wi-Fi settings page
Dev version 2.3.15:
● Fixed black screen issue after deleting the last photo
● Without Wi-Fi, the download list is no longer updated.
● Fixed equipment icons, adapted size for a more compact display on the page.
● Fixed counting folder size, which led to incorrect display of folder size
● Optimized batch file transfer management
● Fixed remote opening of video when download progress hung
Dev version 2.3.13:
● Fixed when videos from the list of downloaded can not be viewed on the phone
● Fixed Back button to exit edit mode, still need to check the problem.
● Fixed, when the connection was disconnected, the download was not interrupted
● Fixed data management menu
● Download Manager, when the file size limit is exceeded, pauses the download, preventing traffic consumption
● The recommendation function of the plug-in, if it is not installed, go to the plug-in installation page.
● Fixed the crash of the application when the catalog is displayed in landscape mode
Dev version 2.3.12:
● The weekly report does not close automatically when there is no data.
● Detailed description of equipment errors
● First page of the list of equipment: when added via the menu, the application automatically searches for and identifies devices
● Increase app evaluation
● "Delete" button to remove the plugin
Dev version 2.3.10:
● Added ad blocker plugin
● Correction of minor errors
Dev version 2.3.9:
● The White List support has been added to the Anti-Freeloader.
● Auto-hide the catalog panel when scrolling.
● Increased number of specials. folders and their description.
● Improved interactive Download and Download.
● Solved user interface problems of the feedback page layout.
Dev version 2.3.7:
● New connectivity functionality that unlocks the potential of the router
● The toolbar is now in list mode, displays more information.
● File Catalog now supports multiple sorts
● A download and download shortcut appears at the top of the file directory
● Now several timers for switching modes and rebooting are supported (Mi routers of the first and second generation are supported)
● More friendly help and less discrepancies between applications Smart Home and Mi router
● New router service tips
● Fixed a problem with the display on some phones with Android 5.0
Dev version 2.3.6:
● Fixed display of weekly reports
● Fixed random download failures.
● Fixed problems hanging large Albums, when referring to them
● Fixed duplicate image error when it is displayed after deleting it.
● Fixed when the application hangs after a file transfer failed
Dev version 2.3.5:
  • To black album thumbnail cropping
  • Administrator phone automatically open wholesale access
  • Hint to blacklist
  • Do not show category view
  • When optimizing a poll unnecessary UI refresh
  • Classify external storage disks
  • Up the last browse location
  • Redundant reddit
  • Modified files list load failed toast

Dev version 2.3.3:
● Fixed bug when updating the file list
● Delete the default download when the "delete files" checkbox is selected
● By default time sorting of the requested file directory
● The problem is fixed when the QR code of the installation was not displayed.
● Reconstruction of open file processing code
● Changed the logic of the automatic shutdown of the router
Dev version 2.3.2:
If you’re trying to do this, you’ll not be able to see the correct message. File Transfer Guide
Dev version 2.3.0:
● Improved Yeelight lamp performance
● Added support for new Mi-router
● Support MIUI video offline
● Fixed duplication of entries in the error list
● Some minor bugs fixed
Dev version 2.1.5:
Stop importing experience for optimizing the camera device for offline use. will not incremental backups
Dev version 2.1.2:
Fixed random errors when viewing a large image over the network.
The content of the Freeloaders interception page has been fixed.
Optimized image size of the application.
A bunch of minor fixes.
Dev version 2.1.0:
BUG repair, repair, repair, BUG, ​​repair, BUG, ​​repair, BUG, ​​repair, BUG, ​​repair, auto repair, repair, repair, BUG, ​​repair, password strength prompt error BUG
Question - What firmware is suitable for the management program?
Answer - Only for stable and developer from the company Xiaomi
Question - How to untie the old router in the program?
Answer - Go to the program in - Plugins - Settings - Unlink (before this, select the device that we unbind from the drop-down list)
Question : I can not log in to the program, constantly gives an error, what should I do?
Answer : For those who do not have new versions, we give access to the Mi-account in the permissions settings.
Question : How to download torrents through the program
Answer : Try this option
Question : I can not configure the functions of the timer type, etc., which depend on time, nothing works at the set time.
Answer : You need to set the time, with the difference with the Chinese.
Question : I can not configure the functions of the timer type, etc., which depend on time, nothing works at the set time.
Answer : You need to set the time, with the difference with the Chinese.
Question : What version of the program should I install if I have firmware stab | dev (Underline whatever applicable)?
Answer : Download and install the version just for your firmware, with the word stab | dev (underline) in the title of the program.
Question : The router is constantly offline, what to do?
Answer : Try this advice
Question : What is the difference between the dev version and stab?
Answer : tyts .
Question : In the application I want to limit the network to the connected devices, I’ll click on the network ban, and in response, I’ll update the router firmware. Although the firmware is updated and does not require updating. What to do?
Answer : Set the region of the Chinese mainland.
Question : I can not log in to the program, errors fall out. What to do?
Answer : Try it do this way , or So .
Question : I can not bind the router to the phone. What to do?
Answer : Try it do this way .
Question : How to make friends with the Russian version of the application and the Chinese firmware
Answer : Try it do this way .

The difference between the original version of Opel
Removed all languages, made a translation into Russian, no other changes

Android required: 4.0.3+
Russian interface: Partially

Developer: Xiaomi
Homepage: link
MI Store: link
GooglePlay: link


Past versions
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.6_GP_ru_Opel.apk(24.57 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.6_GP_en.apk(24.93 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.5.5_dev_cn.apk(23.77 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.4.3_stab_cn.apk(23.77 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.4.1_stab_ru_Opel.apk(33.68 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.4.1_stab_cn.apk(34.46 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.5.3_dev_ru_Opel.apk(33.67 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.5.3_dev_cn.apk(34.46 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.2.8_stab_ru_Opel.apk(32.28 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.2.8_stab_cn.apk(32.99 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.3.8_dev_ru_Opel.apk(32.28 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.3.8_dev_cn.apk(32.99 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.4_GP_ru_Opel.apk(24.04 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.4_GP_en.apk(24.9 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.2.6_stab_ru_Opel.apk(31.95 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.2.6_stab_cn.apk(32.83 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.3.7_dev_ru_Opel.apk(31.79 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.3.7_dev_cn.apk(32.99 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.3.6_dev_ru_Opel.apk(31.95 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.3.6_dev_cn.apk(32.83 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.2_GP_ru_Opel.apk(21.13 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.2_GP_en.apk(21.8 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.2.5_stab_ru_Opel.apk(25.98 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.2.5_stab_cn.apk(26.38 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.3.5_dev_ru_Opel.apk(25.98 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.3.5_dev_cn.apk(26.38 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.2.4_stab_ru_Opel.apk(25.98 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.2.4_stab_cn.apk(26.38 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.3.4_dev_ru_Opel.apk(25.98 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.3.4_dev_cn.apk(26.38 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.1_GP_ru_Opel.apk(21.13 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.1_GP_en.apk(21.81 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.2.3_stab_ru_Opel.apk(25.99 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.2.3_stab_cn.apk(26.39 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.3.3_dev_ru_Opel.apk(25.99 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.3.3_dev_cn.apk(26.39 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.3.2_dev_ru_Opel.apk(25.97 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.3.2_dev_cn.apk(26.37 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.2.2_stab_ru_Opel.apk(25.97 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.2.2_stab_cn.apk(26.31 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.2.1_stab_ru_Opel.apk(25.9 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.2.1_stab_cn.apk(26.31 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.3.1_dev_ru_Opel.apk(25.9 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.3.1_dev_cn.apk(26.31 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.1.8_dev_ru_Opel.apk(22.15 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.1.8_dev_cn.apk(22.64 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.8_stab_ru_Opel.apk(22.15 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.8_stab_cn.apk(22.64 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.1.6_dev_ru_Opel.apk(21.57 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.1.6_dev_cn.apk(22.06 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.6_stab_ru_Opel.apk(21.57 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.6_stab_cn.apk(22.06 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.1.6_dev_cn.apk(22.06 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.4_stab_ru_Opel.apk(21.56 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.4_stab_cn.apk(22.04 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.1.5_dev_ru_Opel.apk(21.56 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.1.5_dev_cn.apk(22.04 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.3_stab_ru_Opel.apk(21.56 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.3_stab_cn.apk(22.04 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.1.4_dev_ru_Opel.apk(21.56 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.1.4_dev_cn.apk(22.04 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.2_stab_ru_Opel.apk(21.19 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.2_stab_cn.apk(21.73 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.1.3_dev_ru_Opel.apk(21.19 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.1.3_dev_cn.apk(21.73 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.1_stab_ru_Opel.apk(21.18 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.1_stab_cn.apk(21.71 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.1.2_dev_ru_Opel.apk(21.19 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.1.2_dev_cn.apk(21.71 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.0_stab_ru_Opel.apk(21.19 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.0.0_stab_cn.apk(21.7 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.1.1_dev_ru_Opel.apk(21.19 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_4.1.1_dev_cn.apk(21.7 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.0.10_stab_ru_Opel.apk(19.54 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.0.10_stab_cn.apk(20.12 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.1.10_dev_ru_Opel.apk(19.53 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.1.10_dev_cn.apk(20.12 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.0.9_stab_ru_Opel.apk(19.54 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.0.9_stab_cn.apk(20.12 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.1.9_dev_ru_Opel.apk(19.54 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.1.9_dev_cn.apk(20.12 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.0.7_stab_ru_Opel.apk(19.21 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.0.7_stab_cn.apk(19.79 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.1.8_dev_ru_Opel.apk(19.21 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.1.8_dev_cn.apk(19.79 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.0.6_stab_ru_Opel.apk(19.21 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.0.6_stab_cn.apk(19.79 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.1.7_dev_ru_Opel.apk(19.21 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.1.7_dev_cn.apk(19.79 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.0.3_stab_ru_Opel.apk(18.94 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.1.6_dev_ru_Opel.apk(19.16 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.1.6_dev_cn.apk(19.72 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.1.5_dev_ru_Opel.apk(19.07 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.1.5_dev_cn.apk(19.64 MB)
Attached fileMiWiFi_1.0.81_stab_ru_alex2539.apk(14.88 MB)
Attached fileMiWiFi_1.0.81-stab_ru_Opel.apk(14.89 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.1.4_dev_ru_Opel.apk(18.94 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.0.2_stab_ru_Opel.apk(18.64 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.1.3_dev_ru_Opel.apk(18.79 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.0.1_stab_ru_Opel.apk(18.63 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_3.1.1_dev_ru_Opel.apk(18.65 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.2.31_stab_ru_Opel.apk(15.49 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.62_dev_ru_Opel.apk(15.49 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.2.30_stab_ru_Opel.apk(15.28 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.61_dev_ru_Opel.apk(15.3 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.60_dev_ru_Opel.apk(15.4 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.54_dev_ru_Opel.apk(15.4 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.53_dev_ru_Opel.apk(15.3 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.2.22_stab_ru_Opel.apk(15.06 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.51_dev_ru_Opel.apk(15.36 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.50_dev_ru_Opel.apk(15.36 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.49_dev_ru_Opel.apk(15.35 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.48_dev_ru_Opel.apk(15.28 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.47_dev_ru_Opel.apk(15.27 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.46_dev_ru_Opel.apk(15.06 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.45_dev_ru_Opel.apk(14.7 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.2.21_stab_ru_Opel.apk(14.69 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.2.22_stab_ru_Opel.apk(15.06 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.2.20_stab_ru_Opel.apk(14.7 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.43_dev_ru_Opel.apk(14.7 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.42_dev_ru_Opel.apk(14.65 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.2.11_stab_ru_Opel.apk(13.19 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.41_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.18 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.40_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.19 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.39_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.18 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.38_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.23 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.37_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.21 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.36_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.21 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.35_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.21 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.2.10_stab_ru_Opel.apk(13.19 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.34_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.74 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.33_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.19 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.32_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.19 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.2.9_stab_ru_Opel.apk(13.01 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.2.9_stab_ru_MultiROM.apk(13.21 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.31_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.08 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.30_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.1 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.29_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.66 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.28_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(13.16 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.28_dev.apk(13.07 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.27_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.02 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.27_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(13.27 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.26_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.02 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.26_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(13.27 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.2.7_stab_ru_Opel.apk(13.08 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.25_dev_ru_Opel.apk(12.53 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.25_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(13.21 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.24_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.07 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.23_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(13.25 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.23_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.09 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.22_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(13.22 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.22_dev_ru_Opel.apk(13.04 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.2.5_stab_ru_MultiROM.apk(12.1 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.21_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(12.88 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.19_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(12.65 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.18_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(12.62 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.17_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(12.58 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.2.5_stab_ru_MultiROM.apk(12.1 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.16_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(12.24 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.2.4_stab_ru_MultiROM.apk(11.67 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.15_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(12.15 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.2.1_stab_ru_alex2539.apk(11.06 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.13_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(12.11 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.12_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(12.25 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.10_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(12.18 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.9_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(11.65 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.7_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(11.6 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.6_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(11.75 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.5_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(11.35 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.3_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(11.99 MB)
Attached fileMiWiFi_1.2.16-stab_ru.apk(14.88 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.2.0_stab_ru_MultiROM.apk(11.06 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.0_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(12.25 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.2_dev_ru_telefonik.apk(11.28 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.3.0_dev_ru_telefonik.apk(11.74 MB)
Attached fileMiWiFi_1.3.1-dev_ru_alex2539.apk(14.88 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.1.6_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(11.71 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.1.6_dev_ru_telefonik.apk(11.58 MB)

Attached fileMiWifi_2.1.5_dev_ru_MultiROM.apk(11.51 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.1.5_dev_ru_telefonik.apk(11.58 MB)
Attached fileMi_WiFi_dev_v2.1.3_RU.apk(11.51 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.1.2_dev_ru.apk(11.51 MB)

Attached fileMiWifi_2.1.0_dev_ru_telefonik.apk(13.65 MB)
Attached fileMiWifi_2.0.31_dev_ru_telefonik.apk(13.65 MB)
Attached fileMiWiFi_2.0.30-dev_ru.apk(11.47 MB)
[Attachment = "6189917: release_Xiaomi MiWiFi_1.0.70_cn.apk"]
Attached fileMiWiFi_2.0.27_ru.apk(10.85 MB)
Attached fileMiWiFi_2.0.24_en.apk(10.5 MB)

Because Xiaomi software update from Chinese servers is supposedly fanned, i.e. Not all users get the update right away, please ask those who have the update first to upload the program's arch file to the theme, with the message that this is a new version, and the version number, so you speed up the translation of the program.

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Flew 4.5.8
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Permanent error "couldn't get data" in the tab information about the connected device.

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Help does not measure speed. And generally refuses to configure the router. I’m optimizing wifi and that's what crawls out from below

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change the region on the router?

If I'm not mistaken, the ability to change the region on the router depends on the firmware (correct, if not). I looked in my downloads, there is a request 2.10.42tyts.
After changing the region and setting up the phone, the firmware can be updated, the region will remain.
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Danil @ 06/17/19, 20:15*
the ability to change the region on the router depends on the firmware

that's right got into a similar situation. On the last stock firmware there is no change of the region, on the earlier one. Out of the situation by resetting the router to the factory settings and initial setting of the router from the application, where you can specify the region.

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