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26.04.15, 13:39

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Toca Builders download


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Toca Buliders are six fun builders who will help you to realize all your fantasies!

Go to a distant island, where together with your new friends you can build a whole world of cubes. Move, rotate, rotate and make the builders figurines bounce to use their unique abilities, with which you can build everything that comes to your mind!

The Toca Buliders application will allow you to lower, lift, break apart and paint building blocks with a spray gun to create something new each time — a house, a lamp, or maybe even a banana? So, we start the game: we need a few cubes ...

But wait! Let's first get acquainted with our builders.

Bloks: Excellent at lowering cubes or breaking them into pieces.
Cooper: Excellent painter
Vex: Ideal for stacking cubes
Stretch: It has the ability to place cubes anywhere
Connie: Loves to raise and move cubes
Jam-Jam: Loves to paint with spray paint.

With such assistants you will have a great time and be able to build your own "cubic" world! Toca Buliders is a completely new approach to the game of cubes, stimulating both the creative potential and the curiosity of the child. Several simple touch gestures and unique controls - and the builders will come to life, in order to help you build the world of your dreams!
If you want to save the world you created, simply click the Back button to return to the main menu, and all changes made will be saved. The snapshot feature of the screen will give you the opportunity to take a picture of your creation and put it on public display!

    - 6 first-class builders
    - Build anything you want - lower, raise, break the cubes into pieces and paint them from the spray gun!
    - Paint any cubes in the color you want
    - Control the builders with the help of unique commands - the figures can be rotated, rotated, guided and moved
    - Save your created architectural masterpieces when leaving your world using the Back button.
    - Use the snapshot feature to capture your creation
    - Simple, intuitive child interface with amazing opportunities for creativity
    - Excellent opportunities for the development of the creative potential of the child
    - Bright original graphics
    - No rules or time limits, no problems - play as you like
    - No extraneous advertising
    - No in-app purchases

Attached filetoca_builders_v1.0.0.0.xap(20.28 MB)

Marketplace Web: https://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/toca-builders/b7126b5a-bfb4-443d-b961-5a337786916c

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