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KeybLocker | Lock buttons and turn off the screen

Rep: (832)
version 0.1

At startup, the program locks the buttons and turns off the screen.
After switching on, you will be prompted to press the two extreme buttons, otherwise the program will turn off the screen again. Pressing the two middle buttons changes the way you unlock to press one button.

Compatibility: Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5
Developer: Alexander Tsidaev

Installation is not required.


Rep: (144)
I downloaded the program, unzipped, launched. I press the Power button, an inscription appears on the overseas, say, press the left and right hard keys, otherwise the device will block again after 20 seconds. He was confused, tried, tried all combinations of the keys' keys - nothing works. I already thought that the long-awaited XP had come (or maybe everything would have cost the SR). It turns out no. The program wakes up not only from the Power button, but also from the voice recorder and from the camera. And the kera does not wake the device, but it launches the application. Launched the camera, went to the camera menu. From it you can see the Start box. Next - Start-Settings-System-Memory-Running programs and disabled on this lock. Phew
Make backup before checking this program.

Rep: (832)
Vanya Susanin ,
O.o I was fine, I woke up from any button and everything worked as it should ... Maybe I didn’t click like that?

Added @ 09.01.2008, 23:03

Soft-reset is treated in any way ... Non-resident ...

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I do not understand what key to get out of the lock

Rep: (832)
spvm500 ,
Try everything one by one (you have to press two at the same time). I have a Calendar and Home.
It is possible that on your device this program just does not want to work: (

Rep: (8)
on the Qtec s200 is also not unlocked (

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I understand this program at startup disables the PDA. And there is no such that the PDA worked, and the buttons were blocked and the screen went out (for example, to listen to music).

Rep: (5)
Asus A730. My music continued to play ...
1. The backlight turns on ... (albeit for 20 seconds).
2. Unlock failed.

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Yes, the program, of course necessary. But I have only 3 pancake buttons on witu.

Rep: (16)
Great prog, I tried many - FJ 718 is normal flight.

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