WeTek Play [Android] | [TV Box] [AML-8726 MX] [DVB-S2] [DVB-T / T2 / C]
What firmware do you use on your Wetek.Play as the main one?
Android (official firmware) [ 67 ] ** [47,86%]
OpeneELEC | LibreELEC [ 42 ] ** [30%]
Firmware based on Enigma [ 23 ] ** [16,43%]
Experimental based on Android [ 1 ] ** [0,71%]
This, that, that ... [ 6 ] ** [4,29%]
Are you satisfied with your Wetek.Play?
No (hangs / dulls / overheats / leaves at night to smoke ...) [ 26 ] ** [18,57%]
Yes with reservations (everything works, but there are minor problems) [ 86 ] ** [61,43%]
Yes, unconditionally [ 28 ] ** [20%]
Total votes: 140

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PictureTv box
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Products webpage | Official forum
Detailed specifications -Attached filewetek_basic.pdf(189.1 KB)
  • Processor (CPU):AMLogic AML-8726 MX Cortex A9 (1.5 GHz Dual Core) @ GPU Mali MP400 (Dual Core)
  • Main memory:4 GB NAND + 1 microSD slot (up to 32 GB)
  • Tuner:DVB-S2 (satellite tv) or DVB-C / DVB-T / DVB-T2 (cable / digital tv)
    Note: you can purchase both tuners -they change easily.
  • Video output: HDMI, AV (CVBS + R / L audio)
  • Audio output: HDMI, AV and optical S / PDIF
  • Data Transfer: 10 / 100M Ethernet, 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 (AP6210)
  • USB ports: 3 external USB 2.0 + 2 internal USB 2.0
  • Miscellaneous: IR receiver, 3 LED for power, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS-232 for serial port.
  • Power supply: 12V / 1.5A
Support for AirPlay, Kodi (XBMC) and Torrent TV, the ability to connect an external keyboard, mouse, HDD and other USB devices
Support for W @ ry protocols CCCAM, Newcamd and Biss keys (version with DVB-S2 tuner)
Russian language support + 24 others
Equipment Instructions, RCA cable, Remote Control, HDMI cable, Power supply 220v
Complete set (image)
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Dimensions (image)
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A photo
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Instructions for setting up DVB-T TV channels on Wetek Play.

1. Connect the cable of your TV provider to the DVB-C / T connector of the tuner.

2. Turn on WeTek Play and wait for the device to fully boot.

3. Using the Wetek Play remote control, select the TV application in the main menu.

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4. Then select "Wetek Theater" and press the OK button.

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5. The first time you start Wetek Theater's first, a setup wizard will appear.
Select "Start Configuration" and press the OK button.

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6. The setup wizard will help you configure the channels. If at the first launch of the setup wizard you encounter problems with the launch, you can perform the following steps to set up DVB-T TV channels manually on your device.

6.1 Click the "Wetek" button on your control panel.

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6.2 In the opened "Settings" settings menu, select the "Antenna settings" item.

-Click the "Right" button on the remote control to enter the "Antenna settings" menu, and then set the signal type ("Signal Type:") to "DVB-C Allband".

-If the LCN Option is enabled, the found channels will be sorted by their logical channel number LCN.

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6.3. Now start scanning DVB-T channels by selecting automatic ("Auto Scan") or manual scan ("Manual Scan") and click OK

* For this instruction we will use auto scan ("Auto Scan")

6.4 Channel scan will take a few minutes.

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* If, for some reason, scanning of channels for some reason is interrupted, start the implementation of step 6 of this instruction from the beginning.

6.5 When the scan is complete, click the "Exit" button.

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7. To see the list of DVB-T TV channels found, click the Left or Right button or hold the OK button for two seconds.

* As soon as the channel list appears, the Left and Right buttons can be used to turn the next and previous pages.

** To watch DVB-T TV channels in order, use the Up and Down buttons

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8. To view the lists of Radio Stations ("Radio") or Favorites ("Favorites"), it is necessary to activate the aeromouse by pressing the button on the back of the control panel. Then scroll through the channel lists by clicking on the arrows to the right and left in the title bar.

9. To adjust the aspect ratio of the video, you need to go to the menu screen ("Display") in the settings ("Setting") of Wetek Theater's.

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I collected OpenElek for WeTeK Play with Kodi 15 which, with a picture and the rest, is much more beautiful from version 14.
For installation not on internal, but on external memory (sd card)

OpenELEC WeTek Playdevel 20150510 r20834 gd30d87f(93,58 Mb)
Update yes sd card, fresh Kodi 15 beta 2! We meet. : yes2:

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OpenELEC for WeTek Play is now officially available directly fromhttp://openelec.tv/get-openelec

Apparently Enigma 2 is coming soon for our WeTek Play! Android, Enigma 2, OpenELEC, Ubuntu, what will be next?

Enigma 2 for WeTek Play


DreamSet Edit 2.4.4 Beta 7

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Android TV 5.0.2 Lollipop for WeTek Play

CyanogenMOD 12 for WeTek Play

CyanogenMOD 11 for WeTek Play

CyanogenMOD 11, 12 and Android TV 5.0.2 Lollipop with TV in Kodi / XBMC and tvheadend + oscam

CWM Recovery for WeTek Play

TWRP Recovery for WeTek Play

Video from Android TV plays on WeTek Play

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WeTek began sales in Russia with FREE express delivery!
Attached Image

Androyd Satellite Receiver with Russian-language support, and in general with the support of a decent modern media receiver.
Also thisfirst satellite receiver modelwith the ability to work onAnroyde, OpenELEC (Kodi 15) and Enigma2.
Official supportOpenELECand Android TV.
Three different operating systems on your favorite TV!

WeTeK Play is:
1. Flexibility of Androyd
2. The omnivorous nature of OpenELEC media content
3. Enigma2 speed

First handsfree express delivery in Russia!

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Tutorial on using WeTek Play as an IPTV tape drive using MuMuDVB, UDPXY and OSCam

WeTek Play + MuMuDVB + UDPXY + OSCam
So what you will need:

1. WeTek Play with DVB Tuner (DVB-S2 or DVB-C / T / T2 tuner)

2. OpenELEC 5.0.X (latest version is 5.0.6) installed on NAND Flash or microSD card

3. PC / Mac (of course: D)

After you install OpenELEC, you can enable it to unlock it, go to:

System ->Add-ons ->Get Add-ons ->OpenELEC MediaCenter OS Add-ons ->Addons Repository ->Unofficial OpenELEC (WeTek_Play / arm) Add-ons, open it, and press OK / Enter on Install.

Once you’ve done it, you’ll have to go through the process.

Once when you make "check for updates" go to System ->Add-ons ->Get Add-ons ->Unofficial OpenELEC (WeTek_Play / arm) Add-ons ->Program Add-ons

install udpxy and mumudvb apps. Of course, if you use it, install it from the unofficial repository, it is located in the Service Add-ons.

Once the mumudvb and udpxy are installed, please connect your device (username is root, password is openelec).

Execute this commands:

. etc / profile

. / etc / profile

ifconfig lo multicast

ip route add dev lo src

ip route flush cache

With above commands, you configured WeTek Play to handle multicast traffic and to redirect it to loopback interface, and of course this will prevent multicast traffic to "kill" traffic on your LAN network.

Now let's configure / make mumudvb conf file.

On ssh execute this commands:

touch /storage/videos/mumudvb.conf

nano /storage/videos/mumudvb.conf

Depending of what type of DVB Tuner you are using with your WeTek Play, here are few examples how your config will look.

DVB-S / S2 Tuner 1:

card = 0
tuner = 0
multicast_ipv4 = 1
autoconfiguration = full
freq = __ tranponder frequency in MHz__
pol = __ polarization H, V, L or R__
srate = __ symbol rate__

DVB-S / S2 example Tuner 1:

card = 0
tuner = 0
multicast_ipv4 = 1
autoconfiguration = full
freq = 11785
pol = h
srate = 27500

In case you want to configure Tuner 2 (LNB 2), set: card = 1
In case you want to use OSCam to descramble channels add parameter: scam_support = 1

When you finished with editing your mumudvb.conf press on keyboard CTRL + O, press Y and then press CTRL + X.

Finally when all is setup, we can run MuMuDVB with this command:

mumudvb -d -c /storage/videos/mumudvb.conf

Multicast IP addresses.

Open second SSH session to WeTek Play, and execute this command:

udpxy -T -p 82 -m lo -c 64

VLC player as: udpxy, will convert

You can see links before reply

More information about configuring MuMuDVB can be found here:

You can see links before reply

Of course if you have Linux PC or Windows PC with ffmpeg installed, you can use it to transcode streams in MPEG-4 H264 streams with AAC audio, but all of this depends on CPU power of your PC. In theory I was able to transcode 15 to 20 SD channels per single Intel Core i7 4770 CPU with 4 GB RAM, running on Debian 7.0 with installed latest ffmpeg with x264 from source.

For DVB-C / T / T2 Tuner streaming from DVB-C source:

card = 0
tuner = 0
elivery_system = DVBC_ANNEX_AC (can be DVBC_ANNEX_B)
multicast_ipv4 = 1
autoconfiguration = full
freq = __ tranponder frequency in MHz__ (e.g 414)
srate = __ symbol rate__ (e.g 6875)
coderate = auto

For DVB-C / T / T2 Tuner streaming from DVB-T / T2 source:

card = 0
tuner = 0
delivery_system = DVBT (can be DVBT2 for DVB-T2)
multicast_ipv4 = 1
autoconfiguration = full
freq = __ tranponder frequency in MHz__ (e.g 414)
bandwidth = 8MHz (can be 8MHz, 7MHz, 6MHz, auto (DVB-T2: 5MHz, 10MHz, 1.712MHz)
coderate = auto

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Ubuntu 14.04 for WeTek Play

Ubuntu 14.04 .img for WeTek Play

Ubuntu Installation Guide 14.04 on WeTek Play
1. Download file wetek-ubuntu-1404-core.img.bz2

2. Extract wetek-ubuntu-1404-core.img.bz2

3. After the wetek-ubuntu-1404-core file wetek-ubuntu-1404-core.img

4. Download Windows app called Win32 Disk imager fromhttp://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/

5. Install it, and run it.

6. Insert Micro SD card in your PC (minimum recommended size is 8 GB).

7. Burn wetek-ubuntu-1404-core.img with downloaded application

8. When burning the PC from PC, insert it in WeTek Play, and turn it on.

9. Ubuntu 14.04 will boot from MicroSD, so you always keep it safe.

You can install lubuntu with this commands:

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade

apt-get install lubuntu-desktop

If you’re looking for it, you’ll have to download it.

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Promo-leaflet with the description of WeTek Play in Russian

Attached fileWetek Promo Flyer.pdf(902.55 KB)

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OpenATV Enigma 2 for WeTek Play


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Tell me, is there any button for sorting channels in alphabetical order? I can not find. Now the channels of the transponder frequency are sorted - in fact, in what order they were scanned.

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Go to the settings of the application VetekTeatr, and there in the channel section there is a sort, select the type and it is applied.

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Tell me please, what is the sensitivity of the DVB-T2 tuner?

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How to measure it? Parrots that shows the program is not an option. I can say so. At home, the Sams TV on a homemade antenna 8-ku catches with a signal level of 30-60 somewhere, jumping in different ways. Witek on the same antenna catches with a level of 20-30. But nothing falls off and not fray.

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* LordMerlin,
I can’t throw off the video and sound settings, all kinds of wipes and reinstallations do not help, so I repeated your bug or feature: rolleyes: I’m not sure yet, maybe the reason is installing the superSU script for the binary to work after reinstalling the firmware.

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Vootoot, thanks, so I'm not a fool ....

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* GuRuLviv,
From here and below, it may help.
http: //wetekforums.com...e-help? p = 8833 # post8833

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There is new software, supplemented by a translation into Russian.

WeTek OS - Development build 05/26/2015
What is new:

- Fixed Diseqc 1.2

- Fixed and optimized channel list loading time from DreamSet Editor

- Fixed and Added support for taking Screenshots of GUI and VIDEO (Video screenshot saved to / tmp, GUI screenshots saved to location / mnt / shell / emulated / 0 / Pictures / Screenshots).To take screenshot screenshot press<- button located neear 0 (zero) button.

- Fixed and improved overall stability in WeTek Theater

- Added Russian language

- Added Turkish language



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Menus in Russian look beautiful and elegant

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TopichTV @ 05.26.2015, 17:08*
Menus in Russian look beautiful and elegant

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