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How to install deb-files -Installing * .deb and * .ipa

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> Repositories for Cydia | Links and selections
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Repositories for Cydia

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Cydia ->Sources ->Edit ->Add ->Repo ->Add source
Cydia ->Sources ->Edit ->Add ->Enter the repository ->To add

Standard repositories

The best repositories with cracked applications, tweaks, themes, etc.

Russian-language repositories with cracked applications, tweaks, themes, etc.

Additional repositories
Repositories with croaked themes, widgets, icons, etc.
->Developer Repositories

If you have an interesting repository that is not in the header, write about it - and I will add it to the list. There are wishes - write to QMS.
P.S. It is not necessary to add all repositories in a row, only necessary ones, otherwise errors will sprinkle ->Cydia - Help (Post # 29400309)

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