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> Prestigio MultiPhone 8400 DUO - Firmware | Prestigio MultiPhone 8400 DUO
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Talk smartphone firmwarePrestigio MultiPhone 8400 DUO
Attached ImagePrestigio MultiPhone 8400 DUO
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The topic discusses firmware issues (official and unofficial, if available) for Prestigio MultiPhone 8400 DUO, problems of these specific firmware, their shortcomings and other issues related to these firmware, issues of their firmware upgrade, repair via Jtag (other similar equipment), and optimization of official firmware and the creation of unofficial firmware for these devices.

Utility for firmware:
  • Links to firmware
  • Manual on firmware and driver installationAttached fileFW update manual for PSP8400DUO.pdf(1.2 MB)

  • Instructions on firmware fromolm1967
    Instructions on firmware:
    1. Before the firmware must make a backup. Music, photos, etc. we copy to removable media or a memory card (it is not necessary to remove a memory card when flashing, but, in order to avoid possible troubles, this can be done).
    2. Download the archive with the files of the firmware, flasher and drivers on the computer (PC).
    3. The firmware is carried out on computers with the operating system (OS) Windows 7 or 8 (8.1).
    4. If you have Windows 8 (8.1) OS, then the drivers should be installed automatically (drivers are needed only for Windows 7 OS, if Windows 8 (8.1) OS is installed, then immediately open the firmware and flash it). On Windows 7, the driver must be installed from the previously unpacked folder "Drivers"Attached fileDrivers.rar(30.27 MB)
      Only the driver package from the "simpleio" folder may be installed, others may not be installed. It may not be possible to install for a long time, but it will eventually be established. It may be necessary to first remove all already installed drivers, incl. and Nokiev. In addition, NET Framework 4.0 (or higher, for example 4.5.2) must be installed.
    5. Unpacking the archive with the firmware on the PC (for example, unpacking files from "FW psp8400duo_1068.0012.0010.0004.part01" to "FW psp8400duo_1068.0012.0010.0004.part14" in the sequence 1,2,3 ... 14, as a result of which a folder will appear "FW psp8400duo_1068.0012.0010.0004" with four firmware files and a flasher).
    6. Turn off the device, remove the battery and insert it back into the device (but maybe it will not be necessary).
    7. When the device is turned off, we simultaneously hold down the volume up key and the power key.
    8. After the vibration, release the power key and wait for the lightning and gear to appear on the screen, then release the volume increase key.
    9. We connect the device to the PC via a USB cable.
    10. Go to the unpacked folder with the firmware and flasher files (for example, "FW psp8400duo_1068.0012.0010.0004" with four files) and double click on the file "ffutool.bat".
    11. In the DOS window ("blue window") that appears, you are prompted to press any key, press any key on the PC.
    12. If everything is in order, then the process of firmware in the form of displaying percentages will go on.We do not touch the PC, device, USB cable, we do not interrupt the process !!!
    13. We are waiting for the end of the firmware, the DOS window should become "green" and the inscription in the "PASS" window will appear. The whole process takes 5-10 minutes.
    14. Disconnect the device from the PC. We take out and insert the battery back into the device, turn on the device (but maybe it will not be needed, the device will reboot itself and turn on).
    15. We reset to factory settings.
    16. The rollback occurs with the specified firmware (1068.0012.0010.0004) to the firmware version 8.10.12393.890. Next, do a search and install updates. The latest firmware version with updates for the moment is 10/08/14226.359.
    17. Next, configure the device for a new one. Recovering from a backup (the desktop may not be restored), download cards, etc.

  • Instructions for resetting the settings fromolm1967
    Instructions for resetting the settings:
    • Option 1 (via the device settings menu): Settings ->Device Information ->Reset.
    • Option 2 (by pressing the device buttons): Turn off the device. With the device turned off, hold down the volume down button and then the power (on) button. After vibrating the signal release the power button (on). Wait until the exclamation mark appears. After the exclamation point appears, release the volume down button, and then press the following buttons one by one: increase volume, decrease volume, power (on), decrease volume.

  • Instructions for resetting Windows Phone settings
  • Instructions for resetting settings from Microsoft
  • Instructions for disabling the "democratic" mode and then resetting the settings
    Exit demo mode:
    1. Make sure the screen rotation is enabled on the device.
    2. Go to settings ->device information ->Click "update demo", a confirmation message appears (do not click "yes").
    3. Hold the device upright.
    4. Rotate the device 90 В° to the left.
    5. Return the device to its original upright position.
    6. Rotate the device 90 В° to the right.
    7. Return the device to its original upright position.
    8. Click "yes" in the message that appears and agree to restoring the factory settings.
    9. After a while, the device will reboot and the device will boot into the welcome menu.
    10. After restoring the settings, the device will work as normal.
    11. After the whole procedure, in the information about the device, instead of the button "update demo", the button "reset settings" appears.

  • Instructions for problems with installing drivers frommmvaglo
    Instructions for problems with installing drivers:
      If Windows Device Manager indicates a problem with the device, or if the latest Windows Phone 8 driver is not installed, update the driver. To do this, follow these steps.
    • Connect your Windows Phone device to your computer using the included USB cable.
    • In Windows 8: on the initial screen, enter "Device Manager" and select Settings and Device Manager.
    • In Windows 7, Vista, or XP: Click the Start button, right-click on Computer, and then click Properties.
    • A window will appear with the name of the computer and a list of files. (If the files are not displayed, click the computer name.) The name of your Windows Phone 8 should be listed in the section Portable devices. If Windows Phone is not installed correctly, a yellow exclamation point may accompany it. It can also be listed in the Other devices section as a USB device or an unknown device.
    • Double-click Windows Phone (in the Portable Devices section) or an unknown device to open the Properties window.
    • On the Driver tab, click Remove.
    • In the Confirm Device Removal window, select Remove driver software for this device and click OK.
    • Return to the "Device Manager" window. On the Action menu, click Update Hardware Configuration.
    • Open the Portable Devices section, double-click the name of the desired Windows Phone device, and then click the Driver tab. Note. If the device name is not displayed, select the unknown device listed in the Other devices list, and then go to the Driver tab.
    • Select Update Driver.
    • Select Search for drivers on this computer.
    • Click the Browse button, navigate to the "C: \ Windows \ Inf \" folder on your computer, and then click OK.
    • Click Next and, if necessary, click Install. Only the Close command can be displayed.
    • After the driver installation is complete, close the open windows to exit Device Manager. Restart the computer when prompted.
      To manually download and install the Windows Phone driver, follow these steps:
    • Go to the Microsoft Update Catalog page.
    • Search for "windows phone winusb". As a result, the article "Windows Phone - Other hardware - WinUsb Device" should be found.
    • Click the Add button in the rightmost column.
    • Click the View Cart link (below the search field).
    • On the Updates page in your shopping cart, click the Download button. Click the Browse button and select the appropriate location for the file, for example, the desktop or the Downloads folder. Click Continue, and when the download is complete, click Close.
    • Locate the downloaded file (it may be located in the "Windows Phone - Other hardware - WinUsb Device" folder) and double-click or tap it.
    • Double-click the winusbcompat.cat file. Select a location on the computer to extract the file, for example, the desktop.
    • Repeat the steps in the “Update the Windows Phone 8 driver” section above, but open the file you just saved instead of the “C: \ Windows \ Inf \” folder.
      Better yet, put Windows 7 or higher.

  • ImgMount Tool unpacking firmware (FFU)
Encountering firmware versions:
1068.0012.0010.0004 - 8.10.12393.890
Utility for repair:

Additional utility:

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Prestigio MultiPhone 8400 DUO download


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