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[WP8] Dungeon Hunter 5 | [Action, Other]

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Dungeon hunter 5
Genre: Action, Other

Last update of the game in the header:14.03.2015

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The legendary series of Dungeon Hunter is back! The most addictive slasher game on mobile!

The invasion of demons into the kingdom of Valentia is prevented, but the world is split, it is destroyed at its very foundation, and its wounds are bleeding with devastation and ruin. The one who dares to correct everything, does not know yet that the world will no longer be the same ... Now everything will be different.

- An exciting single-player campaign will cover 5 kingdoms, where the player is waiting for the battle in countless dungeons.
Together with the hero, the avenging world for exile and oblivion, you will go on a journey through the five ruined kingdoms to become the greatest headhunter.

- Co-op
Hire friends or other players together to poison yourself in an adventure full of dangers.

- Asynchronous multiplayer game
Your refuge is your castle. Watch him, protect him, inhabit different creatures, attack the competitors and rob them.

- Create a weapon worthy of you!
Create and upgrade up to 46 types of armor and 150 swords, ax and other weapons, become a great hunter and get the head of the greatest dragon in glory of your Guild!

- Master the five elements
Choose weapons, spells and armor from one of the 5 elements - Water, Fire, Light, Darkness and Nature to challenge any monster, demon or dragon.

- Daily and weekly promotions
Daily dungeons will bring you murderous skills and unique materials to improve equipment, and in the weekly trials of the Bounty Hunt series you will have to occupy the first places in the ranking to get the best rewards.

- Unsurpassed slasher
Thanks to the improved animation and thoughtful management await you amazing battle animation and incredible death.

- Excellent graphics
AAA-level graphics and attention to detail make the game truly lively and rich.

DOWNLOAD: Cloud Mail

Marketplace Web: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-ru/store/app/dungeon-hunter-5/bbd217a6-bdae-4e02-ab1f-4b79206538f1

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And is hacking already on Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8?

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A small hint for those who do not see the "action". It is necessary to change the language to English, then you can change it back.

Rep: (62)
why not for 512 mb ram :(

Rep: (1)
And saving as well as in the fourth part is stored only on the phone ???
Sadly if it crashes when updating the OS.
By the way, it is worth it from the market 1.0.0h and does not want to be updated to until it stops.

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* gruppa_x16,
Saving in the cloud, reinstalled - everything was loaded back. Nakosyachil a little bit - so I had to ask for technical support for a reset, they helped me quite quickly.
But, knowing gameplay, saving can fly off when updating the game.

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Does anyone know if there will be support for ARM processors? I really want on the tablet to pogam it ...

Rep: (11)
In the table of experience DH5


Some lines of the levels were left empty !!

Please, if your level is among those listed, make a contribution and help to complete the common cause!

Levels left empty:

9, 13, 16, 46, 65, 75, 79-81, 83, 85, 86, 88, 89, 91, 93-96, 99

Rep: (23)
Guys, played through the phone and the PC, did not break the rules, and so on (did not cheat, did not cheat, etc.) even in the chat did not communicate more than once, banned the acc.
What is the likelihood to unban?

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Guys, everyone who plays on Windows - write to the curator of the DH5 club themeRomasantaYour game nicknames and friendship codes, let's start moving the Windows in the club.

Rep: (23)
Is the version of the game updated, hacking appeared, etc.? Smotrish top and do not understand how the guys 100k stuffed for 2 hours

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* GishValve buddy help, the game crashes at the start, installed on the sd-card 128Gb from samsa, everything was good at first, until they called during the game, started to fly out, I took it down and reinstalled it was also the second time, one call and everything maybe there is some solution to this problem !!!
P.S. I have a Lumia 640 Lte DS.

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Theme is dead. Does anyone know if there are hacks on Windows?

Rep: (5)
Respond people
Graphics are disgusting
How to change ?
Where are the settings stored?

Rep: (178)
* ghg09 exactly. On Windows 10, the graphics are not the best. Let's write in support.

Rep: (113)
On the Lumia 735, all the rules, graphics norms, already 19 lvl

Rep: (5)
The guys playing on Windows10 sometimes pulled up departures, sometimes quietly the hour of the game and sometimes all the hour constant departures. How to fight?

Rep: (39)
* zeppete
Can a problem in background programs?

Rep: (5)
* cold.angel I follow the computer honestly) and any junk in the background excludes an opera 2 gigas vidyushechka intelHD is not a fountain but there are no problems with heavier games

Rep: (5)
On Windows 10 graphics sucks (no shadows and toggles). The same problems on Android (solution if you edit the file). But where is the file with the settings on Windows? Help

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New version of Dungeon Hunter 5 v.
Download fromhitfile
Download fromturbobit

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