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Digma HIT 3G - Firmware

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Digma HIT 3G - Firmware
PictureDigma Optima 7.07, Digma Optima 7.77 with 8GB flash memory
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Any operation on the firmware is performed at your own peril and risk!

Attention: before flashing, make a copy nvram and make sure that everything you are going to do fits Your tablet revision
Drivers and Utilities

Official firmware for revision 1 and 2

Official firmware for 3rd and 4th revision

Unofficial firmware for revision 1 and 2

Unofficial firmware for revision 3 and 4


Root & CWM for revision 1 and 2

Root & CWM for 3rd and 4th revision

Different, tablet revision

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* petya1999, Digma HIT 3G - Firmware (Post timowkas # 44696123)

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can tell me? after I installed the firmware from the mechanic for the first revision, I noticed that there were no system sounds (starting, pronouncing the time with my voice), can I somehow return them without rolling back to my native firmware? maybe there is a folder where to record all deleted sounds?

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I installed the LineageOS-14.1 firmware.
But in my opinion, before the firmware, I had 1 gig of RAM, and now 455 mb

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* Ihtiundrek,
Read the descriptionDigma HIT 3G
It never had a gig)))

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