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Sony Xperia M4 Aqua - Discussion | Smartphone 5 "

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DiscussionSony Xperia M4 / M4 dual Aqua
PictureE2312, E2333, E2363, E2303, E2353, E2306
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Screen - 5 "(IPS; OGS), 1280x720 pixels, 294 ppi (Double unlock tapom NO!)
CPU - Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 MSM8939 (64-bit, 8 cores 4h1,5 GHz + 4x1 GHz Cortex-A53, Adreno 405)
Memory - RAM 2 GB, ROM 8/16 GB (+ microSD slot up to 128 GB)
The main camera - 13 megapixel Exmor RS; F2.0; ISO 3200; Video HD 1080p ( slow-motion mode NO! )
Frontal Camera - 5 Mn (Wide)
Communications - 2G / 3G / 4G LTE Cat.4 (GSM standards 850, 900, 1800, 1900, UMTS), Bluetooth 4.1, WLAN 802.11a / b / g / n, NFC, Miracast. OTG is not supported!
Navigation - A-GPS, GPS, GLONASS
Battery - 2400 mAh (non-removable)
Format SIM cards - nanoSIM
Note: In 2-simochnoy version -one radio module (Dual SIM Dual Standby). The modem operates in 4G + 2,5G mode (ie, LTE operates at the same time in only one slot ) Is switched between the SIM card program.
operating system - Android 6.0 Marshmallow (shell Xperia UI).
Additional devices - ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer, digital compass, an indicator of missed events.
Housing - entirely made of plastic (polycarbonate), back - laminated "under glass".
Dust and moisture protection - Standard IP65 / IP68
Dimensions - 145.5 x 72.6 x 7.3 mm.
Weight - 137 gr.
Colors - white, black, coral.
SAR values - 0.605 W / kg (near the ear); 0.633 W / kg (near the body)

Differences between the E2312, E2333, E2363, E2303, E2353, E2306.

Positioning and characteristics
Sony Xperia M4 Aqua - new model waterproof smartphone in the middle price segment from a reputable manufacturer. It is essentially a simplified version of last year's flagship Z3, although officially positioned as a continuation of the Xperia M2 / M2 line Aqua. As compared with the M2 / M2 Aqua, a Sony Xperia M4 Aqua - longer diagonal higher screen resolution, fresh platform, more RAM and main memory, and set decent photomodule: M2 and M4 comparison (thank inside! out )
Another feature of the model -openwaterproof connectors micro-USB and audio jack.

Device photos
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Reviews and Tests
Video review by Rozetked, - brief but quite informative
The first full reviewon GSMArena (Eng). short translationhere.
Overviewfrom Hi-tech.mail (with examples of photo and video)
Video reviewby Rozetka.ua
Overviewby Overclockers.ru

User reviews. Personal experience (Filled)
First impressions (Owners of opinion): tyts , tyts , tyts , tyts , tyts , tyts , tyts + a continuation , tyts + a continuation + still continued , tyts , tyts , tyts , tyts , tyts , tyts , tyts
* * * *
Performance : AnTuTu Benchmark v5.7.1 & Quadrant SE (date)
Autonomy : no stamina , with stamina
Test duration continuous video playback
Comparison M4 Aqua and Z3 Compact
Examples Using shooting : here , here and here
sensitivity of the screen is too high, touch works on the wire, cover, etc.>decision to enable or disable the mode in gloves -here


FAQ for our devices.

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Rep: (33)
Information from the website: "... Both SIM-card is constantly active and ready to receive calls in parallel ...". Does this mean that the 2 (!) radio? Because if 1, which has the parallel operation of two SIM-cards nafig?)

Rep: (2024)
* Abush, as well as to the younger model - cross forwarding. It works only one SIM, the second will not be available and a second call via the call forwarding.

By the way like 5 inches, not 5.2, as indicated on the off site and stated in the review of the Sony representative, but it is generally not an indicator, wait a working link to the White paper

I subscribe to this thread. Will follow, probably I take him instead of honor 6

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Rep: (2024)
Became available for download technical documents (White paper).

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Reason for editing: corrected link

Rep: (2024)
Anticipating questions like, "and he has a charge indicator and missed calls / SMS?" The answer IS
Attached Image

Rep: (58)
Global07 @ 03.03.2015, 12:21*
It raises questions include not quite clear engineering (or design?) Solution.
The front panel can be seen the two mesh - top and bottom. Top - of course, the earpiece. So the question is: what's under the mesh bottom, when you consider the fact that the calling speaker is located on the bottom, and there is also a hole-in microphone? The fact that this is not a second opening for the exit of sound - this is obvious (it is too far from the ring at the end of the speaker).
Or all of the same sound at the same time coming from two speakers - the bottom of the front and face?

I think that under the display that polosochka- is the main microphone for talking, and a small hole on the left - this is for shumopadavleniya (exactly as on the top). And another hole in the bottom of the right - is a music speaker. That's the whole otgadka: rolleyes:

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Rep: (58)
Global07 @ 03.03.2015, 13:57*
I do not think. Microphone for noise reduction in this model is located on the upper end. Yes, and do not have a second microphone so close to the ground, they are bred as far as possible from each other.

for shumopadavleniya in the flagship, and many are already used two microphone only the top and bottom. + Location is usually on such rapolozhenii since - and where even further? and because of the phone.

Rep: (41)
Global07 @ 03.03.2015, 12:21*
It raises questions include not quite clear engineering (or design?) Solution.
The front panel can be seen the two mesh - top and bottom. Top - of course, the earpiece. So the question is: what's under the mesh bottom,

In a video review it said, it's just a perversion of design for symmetry.
Well, the personal opinion of the TTX. The Sony stamina with a voracity everything should be ok, but all the same, if the sacrifice of thick slapped battery with magic 3k +, it would be a bomb. And so, given the fact that a segment of the 5 "HD is getting crowded, and Sony's price tag has never been humane, much success phone use will not.

Rep: (40)
dvolodia @ 03.03.2015, 16:06*
it's just a perversion of design for symmetry

I am also inclined to this view, the other (practical) meaning this kind of decision can not be seen. We have to wait in-depth reviews, all became clear.
dvolodia @ 03.03.2015, 16:06*
Sony's price tag has never been humane, much success phone use will not

I am sure that he will find a buyer: 2 simochny midrange unit with a normal design and a relatively reasonable price from a reputable brand - a rare phenomenon.

Rep: (2024)
* Global07,
* gleebat
Here is infoabout dynamics.

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Rep: (2024)
Xperia m4 aqua It became available for before ordering on Amazon.de . Price regardless of the color is 279 oyro. In the current euro exchange rate is the price of 19475 rubles. Vang price tag 20990r in the connected

Rep: (40)
* inside! out,
I think they are at the start and 24 sput can roll out ((

Rep: (2024)
* Global07, And there may be such a price will be, then I'll think about buying

still dug
but so far there is no evidence

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Rep: (105)
Global07 @ 04.03.2015, 14:50*
I think they are at the start and 24 sput can roll out ((

Well, it's hardly spoke within 20tki. And already there is a simpler easier vzyatZ1, Z2 or Z3c.
inside! out @ 04.03.2015, 09:52*
Vang price tag 20990r in the connected

Og: yes2: or 19990r.

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Rep: (40)
As for me, what the price tag will be smaller - the better (not to the detriment of functionality of course). Though I am a longtime sonivod, but too much to pay absolutely no longer want: yes2:

Rep: (2024)
Funny video -15 reasons to change M2 to M4

Official videos from SONY, a review of the main advantages (English):

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Rep: (33)
Worthy successor M2 Aqua and Har-kam surpasses much.
However, the indicator is usually less noticeable than the M2, and the speakers neponyatki.
Decorative lower front or did not? I want to buy this device. However, the price :-)
The euro will fall, hope

Rep: (40)
So far collected on the network, including of foreign resources, information filling cap, I took the liberty to make some preliminary conclusions in absentia.
1) Display . - Matrix of course not Triluminos, and the usual IPS c air gap. HD resolution - not a lot, but the minimum is sufficient for 5 "(according to experts, the pixels at a value of 300 ppi is almost indistinguishable look, while a subject - 294 ppi). However, the presence of an air layer in combination with at the highest resolution can lead . to a certain blurring of fine lines and small fonts (IMHO) However, all obzorschiki in one voice say in general good quality of the display - brightness, color reproduction and viewing angles.
2) Screen protection . - Immediately we can say that it was not a gorilla (as far as I know, Sony did not put on their smarts gorilla, even on flagships). But the glass is tempered, scratch-resistant, probably some kind of mineral alloy. I think that it is better to paste over the film or glass.
3) Housing . - Fully plastic, molded. On some resources (in particular Nothing Wired ) States that the back cover - glass. But it is doubtful, yet transparent plastic soon. Some fotah noticeably present on the cover film factory, or the conveying felts protective constant. Admire subject is better to pack in the bumper, and even better - in the case or cover, so as not to pokotsali too fast.
4) Iron . - It is clear, needs no comment. Only wanted to note that the Adreno 405 - is the same that the Adreno 305, but with additional power-saving technologies. 2 gig operatives - a symbolic nod to the upcoming Lollipop.
5) Autonomy . - Sure like to Accum was a little more, at least 2600-2700 max. But considering that iron is not a subject most energy-intensive (and screen HD), proprietary energy saving technologies sonkovskie really effective, and the optimization is generally excellent - in active mode (without heavy games) minimum hours of work subject must draw accurately.
Shl I want to emphasize here that all the above - only preliminary personal assumptions made on the basis of the correspondence information on a subject from a variety of sources, and can be very different from reality.

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Rep: (2)
Global07 @ 06.03.2015, 10:58*
1) Display. - Matrix of course not Triluminos, and the usual IPS c air gap.

Here is the account of the presence of an air layer doubt. How many reviews do not look, when the phone is always twist the picture on the display as if on the defensive glass. Well, at least I compare with your SP, which this layer available.

Rep: (2024)
* Atomsck, I agree, the display color is the same as in the comparison z3. Maybe all the same it is OGS or G + G

Rep: (102)
A stereo speakers? It does not say something ..
When he will appear on sale?

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